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Chapter 98 Pan Lei was a picked-up child


Pan Lei's mother couldn't bear the idea of them leaving.

She took Tian Yuan's hand in hers and reminded him over and over that he was her good son and that he should visit them frequently in the future.

If Leizi bullied him, Tian Yuan should tell him, "If you dare to bully me, your parents will thrash you."


Tian Yuan arrogantly raised his chin and looked at Pan Lei with his mother-in-law’s support: Do you dare to be rampant You should take a good look at who is backing me up.


Pan Lei turned around and complained to his mother.


“Are you sure I'm your son, Mom You have no idea how much he bullies me.

Look at how he pinched my waist.

He has used domestic violence against me.

You must not back him up.”


He unbuttoned his shirt and showed his mother the bruise on his waist, claiming it was proof Tian Yuan had pinched him the night before.


Father Pan coughed, pretended nothing had happened.


“Tian Yuan, if this brat continues to misbehave, please discipline him on our behalf.”


Tian Yuan was the ideal son-in-law, always modest and respectful of his elders.


“All right, dad.”


Pan Lei started the car, waved to his mother, and blew her a kiss, “Mom, Tian’er is shy.

When I’m not at home and he’s free, send a car to pick him up and let him stay with you for a few days.

Help me take care of my husband.”


Dean Dang Hong nodded repeatedly and assured him that she would take care of it.

After all, Tian Yuan was her son.


Pan Lei muttered as he drove out of the military compound, "I must have been picked up as a child.

I must have.”


Tian Yuan ignored him, grumbling to himself, What a greedy guy! It's wonderful to have such parents.


Father Pan sighed, “He’s a good child.

It’s a pity he’s not a girl.”


This was something he'd always regret.

Leizi would have had a happy family and children if Xiao Tian had been a girl.


“It's all your son's fault.

He's a good kid.

He's more than enough for Leizi.

Could Leizi have fooled him without using any tricks He's a fine young man.”


She was absolutely right.

Look at Miss Wang from Commissioner Wang’s family.

Didn’t Leizi delay her The girl waited two days after Leizi returned, but Leizi refused to leave the gate, causing the girl to cry.

He had owed that debt since he was a child.

The brat had tripped the blind, scolded the dumb, knocked on widows’ doors, and even dared to dig graves as a child… He had caused far too much mischief.

It was not easy for him to woo Tian Yuan.

With such a bad temper, it would be great if he could live happily with Tian Yuan.

He would have someone to grow old with.


After returning home, Pan Lei excitedly took out a small bag.

It was the small bag he'd used to store all the red envelopes Tian Yuan had received.

He couldn't wait to get back and find out how much money they made.


When he opened the red envelopes, he discovered that they had made a small fortune thanks to Tian Yuan.

Grandma Pan's red envelope contained a pair of jade carved mandarin duck pendants.

When clutched in his palm, the pendants were not even the size of his fist, but their texture was warm and shiny.

They were white and the same temperature as his hand.

They had to be made of warm jade.

The ducks were beautifully carved, their feathers detailed and lovely.

Pan Lei strung one on a red rope, drew Tian Yuan over, and tied it around his neck.

The pendant landed on his heart.


Pan Lei liked it immensely and looked at it repeatedly.


“Tian'er, I'd like to have my name engraved on this thing.

I'll be in your heart if you wear it over your heart.”


His name would be placed as close to Tian Yuan's heart as possible.

Even if he wasn't around, Tian Yuan would think of him as long as the pendant was present.

He would think of him every time he felt the pendant.

Soon, Tian Yuan's heart would be etched with his name.


“Can you please stop thinking about destroying an antique”


Pan Lei's handwriting was so bad that if you stained a spider with ink, its crawl would be a hundred times better.

Grandma Pan would definitely thrash them if they harmed such an antique.


“This is one of my grandmother’s dowries.

When I was young, I saw my grandma’s dowry.

The pendants are really antiques.

I’ll call her and ask her which dynasty they’re from.

We'll sell it if it's worth a million or two.”


“Get out of here!”


Tian Yuan kicked him angrily.

Grandma would be furious if they sold the pendant.

If she was enraged, even if Pan Lei was dealt with under military law, they couldn't make it up to her.


Pan Lei yelled, covered his calf, and threw himself on the bed, reaching for the phone.


“I’m going to call my mother.

I’m going to tell her that a certain someone bullied her son.”


Pan Lei looked at Tian Yuan as if he'd been wronged greatly.

Tian Yuan sneered as he grimaced and glared at Pan Lei: Looking at me like a Cheshire Cat and speaking in the pitiful tone of an abandoned child Can you get any more shameless


“No one loves me anymore.

I’m a picked-up child.

My parents love someone else now and don’t support me.

I can’t go on living.”


Tian Yuan laughed in anger.

He couldn’t help but play tricks on him, could he Tian Yuan sneered bitterly: Can someone tell me how someone in their thirties learned to act spoiled like a child Blinking at him like this, wasn’t he just waiting to be coaxed


What did he owe this guy Tian Yuan wanted to kick him again.


He knelt on the bed, held Pan Lei’s face, and kissed him on the lips with a chu~


“Come one, let’s wash up.

I’ll go to work tomorrow.”


Pan Lei laughed, rolled over, and held Tian Yuan in his arms, showering a few kisses on him.


“I’ll come with you.

I won’t go anywhere.

I’ll sit in your office.

If someone bullies you again, I’ll support you.

When you go to work tomorrow, the dean will convene an all-staff meeting.

This matter has been published in the newspapers.

It has caused a mess.

If the director of surgery defends his junior, I’ll call my second brother and have him arrested immediately.

Blame that moronic woman.

If it hadn’t been for her, you would not have suffered that incident.”


“If the dean doesn’t do justice, I’ll resign immediately.”


Anyway, his mother-in-law was waiting for him.

He would learn a lot if he worked with Dean Dang Hong.


Pan Lei nodded solemnly.

He supported his family’s decision.


Tian Yuan lay in bed, leaned against the pillow, and stared at the pendant on his chest.

In fact, it was quite big.

It was a priceless treasure.

Grandma Pan’s dowry must have been handed down by her ancestors.

It was a good thing.

Pan Lei was a sucker for money, but he couldn’t sell it.


“Let’s keep this.

When our adopted child grows up, we’ll give it to him, and it will be passed from generation to generation.

That is what a family heirloom means.”

“Are you certain you want to adopt a child Forget about it.

Don't be concerned about Mom's words.

Consider this.

I'm only thirty years old and can't afford to retire.

I'll be in the army for another twenty years at the very least.

How will you care for the children on your own I don't want you to be tired.

In terms of your body, I won't even let you bring me a cup of tea because I'm afraid you'll burn your hand.

Don't pay attention to them.

Let’s just spend the rest of our days together, just the two of us.

I love you.

I'll pamper and look after you.

You're my other half.

I'm willing to look after you as if you were a child.

What age are you Why do you want the children of my eldest brother Don't overthink it.

Let’s make our own decisions about what we should do as a couple.”


Another two decades of service Tian Yuan let out a soft sigh.

That is to say, for the next twenty years, they would be meeting and parting.

They'd be in their late forties by the time they had their real reunion, when they'd be able to spend every day together.


Tian Yuan turned around and hugged Pan Lei tightly.

How lonely would he be in the next two decades


Pan Lei kissed his brow, oblivious to Tian Yuan's lonely expression.


He adored Pan Lei.

He was deeply in love with him.

He desired to be with him at all hours of the day and night.

He could go a month without seeing him, but he would miss him.


He'd be extremely lonely.


“Baby, you’ve met my parents.

When are you going to let me, this ugly daughter-in-law, meet my mother-in-law”


He had imagined the perfect scenario.

His and Tian Yuan’s parents had accepted them as a couple.

And once everyone in the family agreed, they could show off to the entire world.

They would be a couple who could go home(their parent's home) together on holidays.

Their love was unconventional, but so what They loved each other more deeply and fervently than anyone else.

They would live and die together in this life, never give up, and grow old together.


They were not members of that circle.

There were no skeletons in their closet.

They were simply in love and wanted to be together forever.

Such pure love demanded that it be recognized in all aspects.

They were just like any other couple, except they weren’t a man and a woman.


Tian Yuan took a deep breath and gave Pan Lei a serious look.


“It’s almost time for my parents to have their half-yearly examination.

I’ll take you to see them at that time.

They’re very serious.

You should be prepared.”


“Are they more terrible than the drug lords in Myanmar Are they worse than a hostage taker Don’t worry, I’ve experienced many battles.

What kind of dangerous people have I not seen It’s a little fun to deal with them.

Look at me.

I’ll take care of them.”


Were Pan Lei’s in-laws someone to be dealt with Tian Yuan’s parents would immediately pass out in anger if they heard this.


Pan Lei patted his chest and assured him that everything would be fine.


“As long as you bring me to them, I promise to make them happy.

They’ll accept me as a second son.

We can handle anything if we work together.

They won’t be a problem.”


Tian Yuan was the ultimate BOSS.

He solemnly told Tian Yuan that he, who’d liked women, was obediently bent by him.

He even hugged him and kissed him now.

The two old things, pooh!, the old man and his mother-in-law, would be won over smoothly.


Tian Yuan, on the other hand, was pessimistic.

His hometown was in a rural and underdeveloped county.

His parents were both teachers who were extremely strict.

He'd been severely disciplined as a child.

Could they accept it with the same calm as Pan Lei's parents If he brought Pan Lei, a large and rough man, home without warning, his mother would most likely faint and then wake up to beat him.


There was no issue in Pan Lei's eyes.

He could solve any problem.

His education had been different since he was a child.

Even if there were problems, there would be no difficulties in overcoming them.

What could there possibly be to be afraid of Nothing was difficult as long as Tian Yuan was with him.


“Baby, let me say this ahead of time.

Regardless of your parents' reservations, you must support me.

Don't be concerned about anything.

I can handle anything as long as you stand beside me.”


It was said that as long as brothers were of the same mind, even gold(money) couldn’t separate them.

Now, it should be said that as long as a couple remained united, they would triumph in every battle.


Tian Yuan, oh Tian Yuan.

You're a goner.

You've fallen into the pit called "Pan Lei".


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