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Chapter 99 Mother-in-law helps out


Pan Lei strutted to work with his family the next day.

When they arrived at the emergency department on the first level, they were confronted with the ER doctor.


"Hey, are you okay I see your skin has smoothed out considerably.

What good things are you eating these days It's becoming smoother by the day."


Pan Lei puffed his chest out.

It was due to him.

Tian Yuan was fed one bite at a time.

Naturally, his complexion had improved.

When they paid a visit to his family, his mother lavished them with supplements.

He'd also cleared out the majority of his father's warehouse.

They brought back five cartons of old ginseng from Changbai Mountain, as well as therapeutic winter and summer insects.


Pan Lei, according to his father, was a bandit who plundered them.

Worse, he was a bandit who had looted his own house.

All of those excellent things had been provided to him by his subordinates, and he was hesitant to give them up in normal circumstances.

But what difference did that make It was all beneficial to Tian Yuan.


Look at him, he knew how to care for others.

He couldn't raise children, but he could raise his family well enough to keep him healthy.

He would address the long-standing issue of low blood pressure.


"Nothing special.

I simply relaxed for a few days."


The ER doctor teased Tian Yuan with a smile "Dr.

Tian, this member of your family is quite brave.

A large number of special troops were summoned in a single phone call.

He took over the police and rescued around 20 captives on his own.

What a hero he is."


Tian Yuan grinned and looked proudly at Pan Lei.

He was a hero, but in his heart, his heroism came second.

He was his first and deepest love.


"Keep an eye on him.

He has become a hero of our hospital.

Don't you notice how those little nurses are staring at him They claim that beauty adores heroes.

Don't let anyone rob you."


"They can't," Pan Lei said quickly, wrapping his arm around Tian Yuan's shoulders.

"In my heart, he is the only one.

He's the best, and no one can even come close to his toe."


In the emergency room, a young nurse began to shriek. He confessed in public and boldly expressed his love.

What a lovely scene!


The ER doctor lifted his eyebrows at Tian Yuan and noticed the same pair of rings on the couple’s fingers with his sharp eyes, saying while dragging out a “Oh~~, I see.” Tian Yuan and this guy made a lifetime pledge after a week's vacation.

They were both wearing rings.

Wasn't this a form of silent propaganda


Tian Yuan reddened at his mockery and changed the subject, asking, "Is Dr.

Li here"


The ER physician: "Pah! Shit, I'm so pissed off at her.

That b***h still has the audacity to show up for work.

She's so conceited.

She has advertised herself as the savior and has flaunted it to the entire world.

She claims she gave up her life for more than 20 captives, despite the danger.

I'd like to beat her.

I really want to stomp on her."


She was so vexing.

She took all the credit.

So, how about Tian Yuan Why was there such a scumbag in the world People like her should not be spared.


Pan Lei erupted in rage as soon as he heard this.

The dean, according to this view, should convene a commendation meeting today.

Would he give that woman a reward in front of all the doctors What was it His family was far away, therefore had her misfortune turned into fortune Was she going to be rewarded rather than punished Was this world devoid of logic and reason


"Where's the director of surgery"


"When she was flaunting around, naturally that jerk supported her."


Tian Yuan's face sank as he thought to himself: That moron! I resign, I no longer care!


"I quit.

I don’t believe this.

What the f**k is going on That horrible woman doesn’t have a shred of remorse.

If the Dean really wants to commend her, I'll resign immediately."


Tian Yuan was going to march away when Pan Lei grabbed him.

He couldn't just walk away.

It was far too unjust.

If he fled, how could he get justice It was far too illogical.

He couldn't stand by and watch them bully people like that.

What exactly did this mean Who praised the villains while ignoring those who worked hard Tian Yuan couldn't merely turn a blind eye to this hypocrisy.

He could quit whenever he wished, but only after first battling for justice.

Tian'er didn't have an opinion when they addressed it at home, but he needed to speak up for himself.


"Resignation is not an option.

At least not at this time.

Tian'er, even if we lose, we must do so after a fair fight.

We cannot accept such a heinous loss.

Wait a minute.

Let’s call mom.

Unless we teach these horrible people a lesson, they’ll think you’re easily bullied."


"Don't make matters worse.

I’ll simply resign and go work with mom.

As a doctor, I’d like to work in a hospital where the work is done ethically."


The ER doctor almost burst out laughing. Were they children If you can't fight, just call your parents Call your mother over Would that be of any use


This subject was debated jointly at the mahjong table.

The Pan family as a whole stated that they could not spare the woman.

They couldn't simply ignore her gross misconduct.


"Mom, your son has been bullied.

No, not me, it’s Tian'er.

It's all because of that horrid woman.

She said that she traded her life for more than 20 hostages and is bragging about it to the world.

It seems that the hospital will honor her.

What do you think of this"


Dean Hong remained calm and collected.


"Ask Tian Yuan to wait for me.

Mother will help you."


Dang Hong dialed Lin Mu’s number through the intercom.


"Lin Mu, please contact your relative in the Health Bureau and accompany me to the city’s No.

1 hospital."


Some Mu family members worked at the Health Bureau.

Even if she brought Lin Mu and the Health Bureau with her, the lineup would be ineffective in making the desired impact.


"Pan Ge, take your people to the city's No.

1 hospital."


What did they talk about at the Mahjong table The Health Bureau would be called in to investigate the medical mishap.

The culprit would thereafter be apprehended by the police.

Pan Zhan would hire a lawyer to sue and imprison the heinous woman for a few years.

She liked to trample on her son and thought she could get away with it, right


Then wait and watch.


Pan Lei hung up the phone, a sour expression on his face.


"Wait for my mother.

She'll show you how it’s done.

My mother has always been polite, but when she gets furious, she erupts like a volcano."


Tian Yuan liked to do things the traditional way, didn't he Yes, he was a man who used force to get his way with others.

His mother, on the other hand, was unquestionably cultured.

She employed the most logical techniques to render them half-dead.

Tian Yuan just had to wait and see if he didn't believe it.


Dang Hong arrived at the city's No.

1 hospital half an hour later, accompanied by two Health Bureau officials, Lin Mu, Pan Ge, and two police officers.

She walked quickly through the surgery ward, passing by numerous doctors.

Some of the doctors knew who she was. Wasn’t that the Dean of the Armed Forces Hospital What brought her here


Dang Hong entered Tian Yuan's office and smiled gently at her boys as usual.


"Tian Yuan, don’t be afraid.

Mom will help you.

See how mom takes care of her."


Tian Yuan was crying without tears, complaining in his heart: Dear mother, you’ve always been a gentle person in my eyes.

Gentle lady, please don't act like a bandit.

You’re destroying your holy image in my heart.


Pan Lei didn't say a word.

Tian Yuan couldn't possibly suffer now that Mighty Mother had arrived, could he He and Tian Yuan only had to wait to see the show.


No one could ever provoke the Pan family.

For over thirty years, they had been a gang of soldiers and outlaws.

The gentle lady had turned into half a bandit woman after living with them.

It was going to be an entertaining show to watch.


It was reported to Dean Zhao that Dean Dang Hong had arrived.

Dean Zhao was perplexed.

What was the matter Why was Dean Dang Hong here Despite the fact that they were both deans, their hospital did not have the same prestige as the Armed Police Hospital.


When Dean Zhao trotted into Tian Yuan's office, Tian Yuan and Pan Lei were talking with a group of people.

Dang Hong was introducing her son-in-law to the Health Bureau officials: “This is my son and my only student.

I’ll bring him over to see you soon.

Please take good care of my son.”


"Dean Dang Hong, I see you've come all this way.

Why didn’t you come to me if you needed something"


What was this situation Why were the police and the health department here


Dang Hong smiled slightly: "I’m here to see my son.

When I heard that the Health Bureau was here, I came by to see what was going on.

I hear you're holding a plenary meeting What's the content Is it related to my son's vital interests in being a doctor here You should understand that a mother always worries about her child.

I don't care how old he is.

I simply want him to listen to me and advise my son on everything."


President Zhao choked when he realized that Dean Dang Hong had come to visit Tian Yuan with so many people.

She was there to support Tian Yuan as a backer.

She was making it clear that if he was treated unfairly, the situation would be dire.

Not only Dr.

Li was involved, but his position as Dean would be jeopardized as well.


Could anyone tell him if others would believe that Tian Yuan had such a great ability


He had to return the director of surgery’s red envelope(bribe).

His junior had to be fired.

If he kept Dr.

Li, he would ruin his future.


Dean Zhao had believed that the matter could be swept under the rug.

The family member of the deceased was arrested.

Despite being threatened, the hostages were safe.

After issuing a severe warning and deducting a few months' salary, the matter would blow over.

Who would have guessed Dean Dang Hong would come forward and involve the Health Bureau and police This situation was difficult to handle.


The dean of an armed police hospital was not terrible.

What was terrible were the forces behind her.

How much power did it take to mobilize the police and the Health Bureau simultaneously


Dean Dang Hong had made her position clear by stating that her son was a doctor at the hospital.

Wasn’t it obvious what result she desired When she arrived, she went straight to Tian Yuan's office.

If the situation was not handled appropriately, he would have to suffer the consequences.


"The meeting will be held shortly.

Dean Dang Hong, please listen in and make a few passing remarks.

Can I also request that you guide the cardiothoracic department All of them worship you tremendously."


Dang Hong shoved Tian Yuan and said, "Isn't your guide right here He is my son and my only disciple.

He is the only legitimate disciple who has kowtowed and worshipped me as a teacher.

Dean Zhao, don't go looking for treasure all over the place when you have one right at home.

In a few years, Tian Yuan will undoubtedly be able to support the beam of your cardiothoracic surgery."


Ah What kind of situation was this Tian Yuan had a teacher He’d become the only direct disciple of this authority That was a true treasure.

He’d become a real talent.


He couldn't let Xiao Tian be harmed just for the sake of this future pillar of cardiothoracic surgery.

Who would have guessed Tian Yuan was the most beneficial.


"The meeting will be conducted immediately.

I will definitely give an explanation to all doctors, patients, and their families.

We must not allow this black sheep to continue to tarnish the hospital’s reputation."


Dang Hong continued to smile politely: "Then we'll wait and see."


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