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Ye Zhi looked into Gu Ren’s eyes and saw his deep thoughts surging like a tide.

She bent her lips and put her hand on his.


The two looked at each other and smiled.

After answering the call, Gu Ren turned off the phone and stopped worrying about all his troubles and problems.


The night was dark but the pure white snowflakes were illuminated by the light of the street lamps.

With those by the sidelines, the car started and drove into the heavy snow.


Gu Ren took Ye Zhi back to his home .

He lived in a high-rise condominium and there are many celebrities and celebrities in the community.

The security was very strict, which forbidden the paparazzi from taking pictures.


Ye Zhi has never been here before.

She looked around carefully, trying to remember every place that was related to Gu Ren, “Is this where you lived in your previous life”


Gu Ren snorted and looked straight at Ye Zhi.

His eyes followed her, as if he was afraid that she would dissipate and become nothing but an imagination in the next second.


Ye Zhi noticed Gu Ren’s saddened eyes and she turned to look at him, “Don’t worry, we will never be separated again.”


Gu Ren’s eyes were dim.

As he started remembering the previous incidents, he walked towards Ye Zhi, looking down at her, “Let me have a look at the current you.”


Ye Zhi was very obedient.

She continued standing still, looking up at him.


Gu Ren’s eyes swept across Ye Zhi’s current eyebrows.

In his previous life, he had thought countless times about what kind of face he would see if he regained his vision.


He closed his eyes and the surroundings became dark, but when he opened his eyes again, he saw Ye Zhi.


He repeated this several times, just like the way he did in his dreams.


Ye Zhi really stood in front of him— her existence was as real and beautiful as his dream.


Ye Zhi stretched out her hand and touched Gu Ren’s eyes.

Her ten fingers were slender, fair as white jade and they caressed his eyes gently, as if she was afraid of hurting him.


“Your eyes are so beautiful.”


This face overlapped with the patient in her memory as Ye Zhi’s memory gradually became clearer.


Ye Zhi suddenly noticed that the grip on her wrist was tightened.

Gu Ren’s strength was not heavy as he took her hand with just the right amount of force.

He lightly wrapped his own around her wrist and moved her hand downwards.


Gu Ren slowly opened his eyes and met Ye Zhi’s eyes.


With little effort, Gu Ren pulled Ye Zhi into his arms.


Gu Ren’s hands wrapped around Ye Zhi and his palms landed on her shoulder blades.

He could feel that she seemed to have lost a lot of weight these days because her entire body was extremely thin.


He involuntarily tightened his arms, adding some more strength to the embrace.


The total time that had passed with them being in this world was no more than a week, but because they had been blindly searching for each other the entire time, they felt as if they had been separated for a very long time.


The backlog of emotions that they had suppressed for a long time finally found its outlet.


He slid down her neck starting from her delicate and beautiful collarbone before marking it with a light kiss.

Her long hair was fragrant, but with how tightly he held her, her entire frame was enveloped with his own scent.


He stretched out his arms around her slender waist and pulled her into his embrace.


Gu Ren’s delicate and soft touch was both distracting and ambiguous.


Their warm lips kissed each other passionately and the lingering deep kiss caused every inch of the air in the room to be stained with scorching temperature.


It was still snowing outside the window, and yet, the house was warm like spring…


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