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Chapter 24: Counter Soldiers With Weapons, Water With Earth

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“When was the lookout fish released!”

Wu Jin cried out and fled in a sorry state, avoiding the lookout fish.

Lin Mo and Du Wan could not help but laugh out loud. Of course, the lookout fish was only fooling around with Wu Jin. If it actually wanted to harm him, it would have done so long ago.

The lookout fishs speed left Du Wan in awe.

“Ive never seen a fish that can move so fast. It can even survive in the air.”

The atmosphere was filled with joy. However, Lin Mo did not know that he had attracted the attention of several major factions.

Once Butler Zhang returned, he immediately sent a message to the royal family.

At the same time, the Miao family members were gathered in the meeting hall.

Other than Miao Yan, there was also his father, Miao Jian. A few important elders of the family were there as well.

“Yaner, didnt you just return from that auction house Why do you have such a hurried expression on your face You even said that you had something important to report. What is it”

Miao Jian was puzzled. He did not know why Miao Yan had requested for so many people to gather.

“Father, didnt you ask me to check out the situation at the auction house Not only was there a Chaos Pill that would affect our auction houses business, but there was also a tier 6 top-grade martial art.”

This was the reason Miao Yan reacted so strongly when the Chaos Pill was brought out. Not only did he provoke Lin Mo, but he even mocked him. It turned out that the Chaos Pill was almost an exclusive resource for the Miao familys auction house. It was very rare for other auction houses to obtain such a thing.

The Miao family was tyrannical. It was better to avoid unnecessary trouble with them. If someone managed to obtain a Chaos Pill, they would choose to auction it at the Miao familys auction house over any other. Lin Mos action was equivalent to slapping the Miao familys face.

“What He actually brought out a tier 6 resource! Wont this affect the business of our Miao familys auction house”

The chaos pill was still considered a small matter. After all, the Miao family did not only rely on that sole item to earn money. Instead, the more important thing was the latter.

Even their auction house had limited tier six resources. Lin Mo auctioning the “Frost Sword Manual” attracted everyones attention. Furthermore, it laid a solid foundation for his popularity. Basically, he had killed two birds with one stone.

Regardless of whether he would have such good resources in the future, his reputation had already been established.

“What should we do”

The Miao family had extremely overbearing traits. They would not let others overshadow them.

Although they could not directly stop the other smaller auction houses, they would use every method at their disposal to suppress them.

Lin Mos appearance undoubtedly displeased them.

The first elder looked at some information that he had just gathered.

“So, Lin Mo comes from the Lin family.”

Miao Yan had obviously heard of the Lin familys name.

“The Lin family from Lin City If thats the case, then we wont be able to do anything to him.”

The first elder laughed coldly.

“Lin Mo isnt favored by the Lin family. Hes just trash thats been abandoned. In fact, if we get rid of him, the Lin family might even thank us.”

The second elder was puzzled.

“Then how did he obtain the tier 6 top-grade martial art The Lin family members arent fools. Why would they give it to him”

The first elder was evidently displeased at the second elders doubts.

“This news came directly from the Lin family. If you dont believe me, send someone to investigate.”

“Maybe he had a fortuitous encounter on the way.”

The Miao family was clearly not fond of Lin Mo. A ruthless look flashed across the first elders eyes.

“Lin Mo can only blame himself. Qingyang City is our turf!”

In the next few days, Lin Mos auction house was visited by an abundance of people. Most of them wanted to auction off their items.

Wu Jin said excitedly, “Since our first auction was a huge success, many people are already aware of our existence.”

Furthermore, Lin Mos commission fee was much lower compared to other auction houses. A person would be able to earn more profit. It was not that complicated.

However, Lin Mos actions had broken some unspoken rules. In this city, the auction houses power and position had long been fixed. Since he was a new member, he did not belong to any major power and was supposed to remain at the lower end.

Although the major families did not make any movements yet, Lin Mo believed that they would not sit idly.

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“There might be conflicts in Chuxin Village, but its still relatively harmonious. However, things are different in Qingtang City. Its easier to cause trouble.”

Wu Jin understood the meaning behind his words.

“Young master, are you worried that someone will come and cause trouble for us”

Lin Mos eyes had a hint of solemnity in them.

“Try to recall Miao Yans actions. He definitely wont let things go so easily.”

Upon thinking that, the joy on Wu Jins face gradually faded away and was replaced by concern.

“Then what should we do next”

Lin Mo was extremely optimistic.

“Well deal with it as it comes. If anyone wants to pick a fight, just bring it on. I am not afraid.”

Lin Mo had never been a timid person. Moreover, he had the system on his side. He could easily adapt to any situation. Additionally, they were not in a lawless city. Those people would not dare to go too far.

Unfortunately, Lin Mo had underestimated the sinister nature of the human heart.



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