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Chapter 27: The Auctioneer Is Indeed Not Short of Money

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Wu Jin wanted to join in after seeing the people around him bid so fervently. However, Lin Mo looked disinterested.

“Young master, isnt there anything to your liking”

Lin Mo shook his head.

“I dont need any of these things. Its better not to waste my spirit stones.”

“The next item up for auction is a tier 4 top-grade movement technique, Dust Rising Steps. Starting price is 8,000 low-grade spirit stones.”

“This tier 4 top-grade technique is extremely special. In the right hands, it has the potential to reach tier 5. If one is able to master this technique to perfection, they can appear and disappear without a trace. No one can catch up to them unless its someone from the spirit gathering realm.”

Upon hearing that, Lin Mos interest was piqued. After all, he did not have a cultivation technique like this. It would be of great use to escape or chase after enemies.

“9,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

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Clearly, there were quite a number of people who were interested in this cultivation technique. They quickly placed their bids.

Lin Mo shouted, “15,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

The entire venue fell silent. Nobody expected Lin Mo to shout out such a high price. Some even recognized him because they were his previous patrons.

“Isnt he the new owner of that medium-sized auction hall I didnt expect him to be here as well.”

“Apparently, he auctioned off a tier 6 cultivation technique. Its a pity that I wasnt there. I really wanted to see the item.”

The crowd discussed fervently. Lin Mo was extremely wealthy and he was determined to obtain the cultivation technique.

Since the technique had the potential to reach tier five, the others did not want to give up either. Very quickly, another person placed a bid.

Lin Mos expression was calm as he said, “23,000 low-grade spirit stones!”

The moment this price was placed, the entire auction hall burst into an uproar. Even the auctioneer on the stage gave Lin Mo a sidelong glance.

“The auctioneer is indeed not lacking in money. Although this cultivation technique has the potential to reach tier 5, its still not there yet. Who knew it would fetch such a high price.”

“To me, its not worth it. However, its a different story for the wealthy.”

Lin Mos expression remained calm. It was as if he had only bid a few hundred spirit stones.

In the end, the “Dust Rising Steps” movement technique was sold to Lin Mo. He planned to use it before reselling it at his own auction house. Spirit stones were secondary. As long as he had the system, he would never lose profit.

The auction gradually came to an end. Lin Mo was not interested in the remaining items. Just as he was about to leave, he was suddenly stopped by someone.

“Owner Lin, please wait a moment.”

Lin Mo and Wu Jin turned their heads around. It was Du Wan. There was a middle-aged man standing beside him. Their facial features looked somewhat similar. They probably used some method to conceal their cultivation. However, the aura that they emitted had a little bit of pressure.

“What a coincidence. I didnt expect you to come. When I heard your bidding price earlier, I could not believe my ears. By the way, this is my father.”

No wonder the two of them looked somewhat similar. The middle-aged man was Du Wans father, Du Nanfeng.

“This is Lin Mo, the owner of the middle-sized auction house. Ive mentioned him to you before.”

Du Wan introduced the two of them.

Du Nanfeng nodded at Lin Mo.

“What a capable young man. Hes definitely not to be underestimated.”

Lin Mo did not expect Du Nanfeng to be so approachable. After all, he was the patriarch of the Du family. So, he was a little surprised.

“Originally, I wanted to visit Brother Lin again because I have a request.”

Lin Mo did not mind hearing him out. He had a good impression of Du Wan. Moreover, having more friends meant more opportunities. Since he had already offended the Miao family, it would be great to be on good terms with the Du family. This way, it would also be easier for him to establish a foothold in Qingyang City.

“What is it If I can help, I definitely will.”

Those words made Du Wan very happy.

“Brother Lin, my father has been looking for more demonic beasts. Theyre important for our familys black-blood tiger as food.”

Lin Mo was a bit puzzled.

“For your family, ordinary demonic beasts should be very easy to find.”

“Brother Lin, Ill be honest with you. Ordinary low-level demonic beasts are simply not enough.”

It turned out that the black-blood tiger had already reached the peak of level nine a few years ago. Recently, it appeared to be breaking through. Its appetite was huge and it needed to consume more high-level demonic beasts. However, high-level demonic beasts were not easy to find.

Everyone in the Du family who knew about this was worried. Naturally, it would affect the Du familys future. Thus, they could not afford to make any mistakes.

The black-blood tiger was Du Nanfengs natal beast pet. If it could advance successfully, Du Nanfeng would make a lot of profits and other benefits.

In fact, the Du family would become the most powerful force in Qingyang City. The other three families could no longer be compared. The structure of the city would change because of this.

“My father and I came here today because we wanted to see if there were any high-level demonic beasts. Unfortunately, there was none.”

Du Wan shook his head.

“So, how can I be of help”

“Since Brother Lin was able to take out a rare tier 6 resource, I guessed that you must have some connections. Maybe you can get high-level demonic beasts as well. Furthermore, you own a very powerful demonic beast.”

After hearing this, Du Nanfeng became a little curious. The Du family had always focused on raising demonic beasts. Du Wan had seen many of them, but he had never praised someone elses demonic beast so highly.

“Are you free to visit the Du familys estate for a short chat There are too many people here. Itll be easier to talk in private.”

“How could I refuse Master Dus great hospitality”



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