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Chapter 3: 10,000-Fold Return: Heavenly Recovery Pill!

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Lin Mo made a prompt decision and prepared to hold the first auction. After all, the auction house in Chuxin Village had not been open for a long time. Firstly, he wanted to let more people know about this auction house. Secondly, he wanted to try out the auction rebate system.

Upon hearing Lin Mos decision, Uncle Wang was a little surprised. He could not help but ask, “Young Master Lin Mo, are you sure We dont have anything to auction. This auction house has been empty for a long time. In fact, its essentially an empty house.”

Lin Mo nodded.

“Dont worry, Uncle Wang. I know what Im doing. Ill handle the items for auction. You just need to help spread the news around. Make sure that there are as many people as possible attending the auction.”

Even though Uncle Wang still had some doubts, he followed Lin Mos orders and did as he was told. On the other hand, Lin Mo received another visit from the village chief.

The village chief hurriedly went up to him.

“Arent you tired from your journey Why are you looking for me”

Lin Mo did not beat around the bush and went straight to the point.

“Village chief, I wanted to ask you about Chuxin Village.”

“I thought it was something important. Is that it”

The village chief casually poured two cups of tea and its faint fragrance filled the room. Lin Mo had never smelled this fragrance before. It was very refreshing.

“These tea leaves are homegrown. They cant be compared to what youre used to. I hope you dont mind it.”

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Lin Mo took a sip. It tasted a little bitter. Then, a slight sweetness followed and it spread around his mouth, giving off an endless aftertaste.

“You should have already noticed the situation in Chuxin Village. Theres no need for me to say more. Other than some bandits and robbers, the only forces that visit this place are the famous Dragon Tiger Mercenary Group and Wolf Mercenary Group.”

Although Chuxin Village was small, it happened to be located at the intersection of several large cities. There were also some fine resources nearby. The place was quite remote but sometimes, mercenaries would stay there temporarily.

The leaders of these two mercenary groups were around level six. They were definitely not weaker than the village chief.

When the village chief heard that Lin Mo was going to hold an auction, he also did not think that it was a wise decision.

“You want me to invite them over”

The village chief shook his head.

“Their strength is about the same as mine, so they might not be willing to listen to me. Unless there is something good, they wont be interested.”

Lin Mo said confidently, “There will definitely be something good. Village chief, you just need to spread the word for me. Everything will be fine.”

The village chief thought to himself,Since he came all the way over here to take over the auction house, he should have brought some things with him. I guess it wouldnt be a problem.

Thus, he agreed.

Shortly after, the news of an auction being held in Chuxin Village was spread to all nearby factions. This was all thanks to the village chief and the other villagers.

The villagers were more or less ordinary people. It was rare for someone like Lin Mo to come to the village and hold an auction. In fact, they had never encountered such a situation before. It almost felt like a hoax.

All of a sudden, the deserted village had become much more lively. Everyone was doing their best to promote Lin Mo.

“I heard that theres going to be an auction at Chuxin Village. Are you going”

“Theres an auction at Chuxin Village Are you kidding me What can they sell The villagers arent very strong. Dont tell me that theyre just going to sell some crops If that happens, theyll be making a fool out of themselves.”

“Who knows. They might use the auction as a way to fool us.”

“I heard that the Lin family sent someone to take over the auction house.”

“Really Thats not a lie, right If its really held by someone from the Lin family, then theres no harm in going to take a look. Just treat it as a show.”

Time passed quickly and soon, it was the day of the auction. Thanks to Uncle Wang and Lin Mos hard work, the originally dilapidated auction house turned out looking decent.

After publicizing for the past few days, more people came than Lin Mo had anticipated. The rumor of the auction being held by a member of the Lin family helped. More than half of the rooms were filled. However, the cultivation levels of these people were generally not high. This was not unexpected. Besides, why would people with high cultivation levels appear here

Under Lin Mos signal, Uncle Wang started the auction.

Lin Mo cleared his throat.

“The first item to be auctioned is a body refining pill. For cultivators, theyll be able to quickly recover their strength after eating it. For those at levels 1 and 2, theyll be able to increase their spiritual energy rapidly. The starting price is 100 low-grade spirit stones.”



There were not many medicinal pills in the border regions. Hence, even though the body refining pill was nothing out of the ordinary, people quickly placed their bids. In the end, it was sold for a thousand low-grade spirit stones.

Spirit stones were divided into low, medium, high, and top-grade. Low-grade spirit stones were the worst, but they were also the most commonly used currency. Ten thousand low-grade spirit stones equal one middle-grade spirit stone, ten thousand middle-grade spirit stones equal one high-grade stone, and so on.

Following the successful auction, a mechanical voice sounded in Lin Mos mind once again.

[ Ding! Host, youve auctioned the body refining pill. ]

[ Successfully triggered 10,000 times return. ]

[ Acquired low-grade tier 9 pill. Heavenly Recovery Pill! ]

Lin Mo took a deep breath.

Fortunately, he was currently backstage. Thus, no one could see the shock and astonishment on his face.

Tier nine pill! As the name implied, one could tell how powerful it was. A Heavenly Recovery Pill!

This was previously what the god-devouring body needed. If one were to go berserk, this thing could save their life.



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