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Chapter 6: Auction Items Received

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Uncle Wang led Lin Mo to the room where the auction items were stored.

The room had many shelves. Some of the paint had peeled off, making them look mottled. However, their surface had been polished well. They were smooth and shiny. It was probably Uncle Wangs handiwork.

Only a few of the shelves were filled with items, making the room seem somewhat empty. Lin Mo was confident that one day, this room would be filled with a dazzling array of items.

Lin Mo followed Uncle Wang to the front row of the shelves. There were a number of items.

“Young master, these are the four best items Ive obtained in the past two days. First is the worry-free grass, a low-grade tier 4 herb. It can treat chronic illnesses and also help in cultivation. This grass was picked by a young man in the ancient forest nearby. Its effective for cultivators below tier 6 foundation establishment and helps them reach the peak of tier 6.”

The grass on the counter looked no different from the wild grass by the roadside. It was very ordinary, but it had a few extra leaves. Most of the people here were below tier 6 and many of them could use it. Lin Mo believed that it would catch most peoples attention.

“The next item is a 4th rank top-grade martial art.”

If Lin Mo was unable to bring out the tier 5 top-grade martial art, Uncle Wang was going to use this piece of article as a replacement. It should be fine. At least, not everyone would be angry.

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Uncle Wang got lucky. This article was originally someone elses family heirloom but due to their familys decline, they had no choice but to sell it to clear off their debt. Coincidentally, they heard about the upcoming auction. Thus, they reluctantly sent it over.

Lin Mo casually flipped through the piece of article.

“Its quite a good sword technique.”

“Moving on. This is a tier 3 top-grade qi essence pill. Ive obtained it from the most outstanding local alchemist. It can quickly recover and nurture ones vitality as well as solidify their foundation.”

There were also alchemists around this place, but their level and strength were not high. A tier 3 top-grade qi essence pill should already be beyond their expectations.

“Lastly, heres a tier 3 top-grade black fish egg. Its from the leader of the Dragon Tiger Mercenary Group residing at Black Water Lake. Originally, he planned to sell it when he arrived in the next town. However, when he heard that an auction was going to be held here, he immediately sent it here instead.”

The small fish egg was placed in a transparent glass container. It was as thick as ink and did not have any impurities. In fact, it looked just like a black jade.

There were also a few second rank miscellaneous items. Nonetheless, they still exceeded Lin Mos expectations.

Since this place was remote, Lin Mo did not expect to come across any good items. However, there were actually decent resources. The key was knowing how to excavate them.

It was rare for there to be an auction. To boot, a tier 5 top-grade cultivation technique would be the finale. Almost everyone decided to join in and brought out their best items. Besides, the handling fee was very little. If they could sell off their items for a decent price, then they would make a huge profit.

With these items, Lin Mo began to plan for tomorrows auction.

Other than those four items, there was still the tier five Dragon Elephant Fist technique. Lin Mo had already learned this technique. He could clearly remember it in his mind. Hence, he could auction it off. The auction houses reputation would definitely increase.

“Tomorrow, well auction off the 2nd and 3rd rank items first. The last item will be the tier 5 cultivation technique.”

Uncle Wang nodded and said, “Thats for sure. If we start with the tier 5 cultivation technique, there wouldnt be any suspense.”

Once people were heated up, the auction would truly begin.

Suddenly, Uncle Wang thought of something and said, “Oh right. Young master, we still lack an auctioneer. Dont you think we should look for someone After all, neither of us are suitable.”

Although Uncle Wang and Lin Mo were the hosts of the previous auction, they were still amateurs. Lin Mos modern speech skills were alright, but he was no professional. It could work temporarily. However, in the long run, they needed a better solution.

How could an auction not have a professional auctioneer This only happened because Lin Mo had just arrived and did not have time to make the full preparations.

Anyway, Lin Mo decided to leave this matter to Uncle Wang.

“Uncle Wang, Ill let you handle it. Im willing to pay a high price to hire an auctioneer, so please keep an eye out for someone suitable. The auctioneers skill doesnt have to be the best. That can be attained through experience. Whats most important is honesty. Of course, the person also needs to be reliable as well.”

If the auctioneer turned out to be a thief and ended up stealing everything, Lin Mo would be in a pickle.

Uncle Wang nodded.

“I understand. Dont worry, young master. I wont let you down.”



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