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Although it was just an idea that came to mind through the conversation with Elise-san, setting up a stall does sound like fun.

I could pay Alice to make the stall and cooking utensils, and the ingredients and the stall could be stored together in my magic box, making it easy to set up.

If I prepare the food in advance, I can also handle it even if the number of customers were larger than expected.



[……Elise-san, where do I make an application]

[The application is accepted by the respective districts’ general hall.

All you have to do is fill out a form and decide where you want to open your stall.]



The general hall is more like the government offices in Japan, and many of the certification documents that Aoi-chan and Hina-chan submitted when they became Adventurers were also issued at the general hall.



[Well, the most popular spots are no longer available at this time of the year.]

[I guess each spot would have differing popularities huh.]

[It’s quite obvious, but the most popular spots are the ones where many people gather.

The best spots would be the area near the big plaza in front of the Royal Castle where the Founding Festival Ceremony is held.

These spots are always held by lottery, but the odds of winning the spot are so low that it’s unusually impossible to acquire it.

The next best spot would be the main street leading to that big plaza.

After that would be the central streets, going to north, east, west, and south.]

[Fumu, can I open a stall in other places as well]

[Basically, as long as the land isn’t privately owned, but managed by the government, you can set up your stall as long as it doesn’t significantly obstruct traffic.]

[I see…… It’s better if there aren’t too many people around.

This would just be an amateur’s stall after all……]



To be honest, even if I could secure a spot in those best areas, I don’t intend to set up a stall in popular places.

I just want to enjoy the atmosphere of setting up my own stall…… Well, I kinda just wanted to get that Cultural Festival feel, so the number of customers should be moderate.



[If it’s areas off the main streets, they would be rather deserted.

Wait a moment.]



Elise-san walked to the back of the store and came back with a map of the royal capital.



[I think this spot and the area around here would be easy spots to get, and there shouldn’t be many people coming and going here, so you should be able to take it easy.]

[I see…… Thank you for telling me this.

I haven’t completely decided yet that I’m going to open a stall, but I’ll give it some thought for the time being.]

[Well, just do what you want.

The deadline for applications is 10 days before the event.

If you have any other questions, you can come and ask me…… Well, I’ll answer when I’m free.]



……As I thought, even though her tongue is filled with thorns, I think Elise-san is generally a kind person.

I mean, even though I came at a wrong time, just when she was temporarily closing her store and was about to make her preparations, she didn’t tell me to “get lost”, normally invited me in and made me coffee.

In fact, she may have always cursed at me, but she never turned me away.

I think the only time she would do that was when I happen to find Elise-san’s stall at a festival or something like that.

I mean, back at the White God Festival, she was really brimming with this aura screaming “get the heck out of here”……



[……I feel like you’re thinking something annoying.]

[T- That’s not the case at all…… Well, I don’t want to overstay your welcome and become a hindrance, so I will take my leave.

Thank you for today.]

[Yeah, yeah…… Ahh, I have some leftover chiffon cake, so take it home and eat it.]



She even gives me a souvenir to bring on my way home.

Despite her tone of voice, I really think Elise-san is a caring and kind person…… but she would probably get angry if I point that out, so I just thanked her and left the store.






On the way home from Elise-san’s store, I was thinking rather seriously about opening a stall.

If I were to open a stall, of course it would be difficult for me to do it all on my own, so I would like to secure someone to help me.

I would prefer someone who is good at cooking and seems dependable…… The one that quickly came to mind is Sieg-san, but it would probably be difficult because Sieg-san would likely be accompanying Lilia-san to the castle when the Founding Festival is held.



Hmmm, is there anyone I could ask……



[……You seem to be having trouble, Kaito.]




While I was thinking about this, Tre-san appeared a little ahead of the direction I was going, leaning against a nearby building with her arms crossed, giving off a cool vibe.

Putting aside the question of when she showed up…… Hmmm, just like that time in the basketball game, her timing of appearance is excellent, and her appearance and atmosphere is perfect…… but I really feel like all those times, she wasn’t able to be useful……

As I was somewhat astounded upon her appearance, Tre-san smirked and she declared.



[I’ve heard the situation! Why don’t I lend you my power!]




I was surprised at her words.

That is to say, Tre-san had heard the conversation between me and Elise-san from somewhere.

We should have been talking inside the store, but how in the world……



[Is that so, that was surprising.

How long have you been listening in on us]



When I asked her, astonished, a nihilistic smile appeared on Tre-san’s lips and spoke.



[……Nah, “I just wanted to say that line at least once”.

I haven’t actually heard anything, so “I have no clue what was going on”.

I mean, seeing Kaito’s reaction makes me think there’s really something going on, so I’m actually more surprised here.]




You were just randomly saying that! H- How should I say this…… Tre-san is just like usual.

Just like usual, she acts without planning and doesn’t think about the consequences of her actions.
















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