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Ill Always Get What I Want

Sang Pengcheng and Sang Minglangs faces were black, each looking uglier than the other.

Han Shangrong said calmly, “President Sang, were friends, after all. Thats why I came to see you in person. If it were anyone else, they wouldnt get such privilege.”

Sang Minglang said sternly, “My father doesnt need this honor. Hes just a competitor to you, and weve never had any relationship!”

“Minglang, you used to call me Uncle Han when you were young. So why are you becoming more and more impolite as you grow older” Han Shangrong said lightly.

Sang Minglangs face was ashen from anger, holding back words.

“Im grateful youre willing to look for me, President Han,” Sang Pengcheng said slowly. “But the Sang family already has plans for the land in the east. Not to mention that President Han is only buying it at the original price; even if you pay ten times the original price, I wont sell it.”

“Im truly impressed by how unyielding you are, President Sang. However, please dont say I didnt warn you. After all, the Sang familys mobile market is no longer on par with the Han familys.”

Han Shangrong smiled. “Ill always get what I want, no matter the price.”

His gaze fell on Sang Qianqian, who was standing at the door. He looked at her meaningfully and then left.

Sang Minglang was so angry that he slammed his fist on the coffee table, “Han Shangrong is going too far!”

This was a blatant threat!

“Han Shangrong has always been like this, and what he said is the truth. At least in the mobile market, the Han family is better than the Sang family.”

Sang Pengcheng said in a low voice, “Han Shangrong wont let the land in the east go. He might come up with some tricks. So we must be careful in the future.”

The development of the land was now under Sang Minglangs charge.

“That piece of land belongs to the Sang family. What can they do to us if we dont sell it”

Sang Minglang didnt think much of Han Shangrong, but he still accepted his fathers instructions with an open mind, “Dont worry, Father. Ill gather all the people in charge for a meeting. Well be on high alert and not let Han Shangrong find anything he can use against us.”

He waited for Sang Minglang to leave in a hurry.

Sang Qianqian calmed down and told Sang Pengcheng about the card and Shen Hanyus suspicions.

Sang Pengcheng was furious. “Han Shangrong, youre really evil! You actually set your sights on my daughter!”

“The car accident is most likely Han Shangrongs doing. He paid the repairman to do something to Xia Zhixins car, and after it was done, he killed the repairman to silence them.”

Mr. Zhong said, “If the police were to investigate, theyd only be able to find the transaction records on the card. In the end, everything would point to our Sang family.”

“But my card was in Han Tianyis hands. So Han Tianyi can testify that Han Shangrong took my card.”

Sang Qianqian believed that the police would be fair and just. “Why dont we just call the police”

“Its not that simple,”

Sang Pengchengs expression was cold as he shook his head, “Since Han Shangrong dared to be so fearless, he mustve prepared a foolproof response. Besides, Han Tianyi only has the supplementary card, while the main card has always been in your hands. So he cant possibly testify against his father.”

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From the beginning to the end, someone deliberately planned this car accident to frame the Sang family.

As Uncle Zhong had said, the real murderer must be related to the Han family.

One had to admit that Han Shangrongs tactic of killing with a borrowed knife was ruthless. They were putting the blame on the Sang family, but the Sang family couldnt defend themselves.

Additionally, Han Shangrong was probably the mastermind behind the Shen familys bankruptcy. If Shen Shaofeng was willing to sell the chip, the Han family would be able to do him a favor.

Sang Pengcheng pondered for a moment. “Are you sure that Shen Hanyu wont tell the police what he knows”

Once the police were informed, the Sang family would be hit by public opinion again, and the loss would be immeasurable.

Sang Pengcheng didnt want to experience such a disaster again.

Sang Qianqian wasnt sure either. “He only said that the evidence at hand wasnt enough to convict the real culprit. So I think hes still looking for evidence.”

However, hed never expected that the real murderer wasnt the Sang family but the Han family.

“Then we still have time.”

Sang Pengcheng had already made up his mind. “Qianqian, dont tell anyone about this. Dont even tell your brother. For now, Ill have Ju Wei secretly arrange for someone to investigate.”

Sang Minglang was young after all, and his personality was still a little impulsive at times.

If he knew that it was Han Shangrong whod caused him to be wrongly accused, he might cause some trouble.

The most important thing now was to find evidence that Han Shangrong had planned the car accident.

As long as he could find the evidence faster than Shen Hanyu, the Sang family would have absolute power.


Kexing Groups Presidents office.

Han Shangrongs assistant, Weng Tong, lowered his voice. “Mr. Han, Sang Pengcheng is already investigating the car accident in secret.”

“Let him investigate; Ill see what he can find out. Since I dared to do it, Im not afraid of him investigating.”

Han Shangrong twirled the teacup in his hand, looking calm and collected. “Hows the land in the east of the city”

“This month, there were two cases of workers falling to death. As a result, they were ordered to stop work by the relevant departments.”

Weng Tong laughed and said, “After receiving our anonymous tip-off, the Fire Department, Industry and Commerce Department, and Tax Department all had to re-check. Itd be impossible for them to start work again in half a year.”

For such a large project, the losses would be hundreds of millions or even billions if they stopped it for a day.

No matter how big the Sang family was, they wouldnt be able to last for half a year.

If Sang Pengcheng had been a little more sensible, he wouldve known that the best choice was to give up that land and not be dragged to death.

“Half a year, thats too long,”

Han Shangrong furrowed his brows. “I cant wait that long.”

He thought of something and put on a fake smile. “Doesnt Sang Pengcheng treasure his daughter, Sang Qianqian So why dont we use Sang Qianqian to urge Sang Pengcheng”


At the airports arrival gate, Wen Xu saw Sang Qianqian and rushed over excitedly. He hugged Sang Qianqian and spun her around. “Sister Qian, I finally get to meet you!”

Sang Qianqian was lifted high by him, and the people around her were staring. She felt uncomfortable. “Quickly put me down.”

However, Wen Xu refused and raised her even higher.

Sang Qianqian was so angry that she pulled his ear. “Wen Xu, youve truly grown up. You dont even listen to me now!”

Just as the two of them were having a good time, Wen Xu suddenly stopped and put Sang Qianqian down. He looked coldly into the distance. “Sister Qian, enemies are really bound to meet on a narrow road.”

Sang Qianqian turned around and saw Shen Hanyu in the crowd. Beside him was Wei Qinghua, who was carrying his luggage.



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