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Chapter 30: Youre Really Good!

In the middle of the night, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

The fields that had been dry for a long time finally welcomed a rain.

The rain continued to pour until dawn.

The Shen family.

Shen Yao looked at Ji Zhao, who was lying on the bed, with a complicated gaze.

“Ah Tao still hasnt woken up” Zhao Lanhua asked with concern as she walked into the house with the medicine.


“Ah Tao, this girl, really has a hard life.” Zhao Lanhua sighed faintly. The heartache in her words was self-evident. “Although what she did when she first came to our house was a little dishonest, she has really repented now.”

Shen Yao pursed his lips and remained silent.

When Zhao Xian swung his branch at him, it was Ji Ah Tao who stood in front of him.

At that moment, Shen Yao was very surprised.

“Sanlang, you and Ah Tao...”

“Mother, weve already divorced.” Shen Yao suddenly interrupted her. “Its getting late. Ill accompany Father to work in the fields. Ill leave her to you.”

Before Zhao Lanhua could answer, Shen Yao had already left.

Zhao Lanhua looked at his back and angrily scolded him in her heart!

At that moment, Ji Zhao had already woken up.

However, her back felt like it was being pulled.


“Ah Tao Youre awake Thats great! Quick, drink the medicine!” Zhao Lanhua quickly went forward and helped her sit up. She then handed the freshly brewed medicine to her. “Drink it while its hot!”

“Thank you, Mother!” Ji Zhao smiled gratefully and drank the bowl of medicine in one gulp.

Ji Zhao felt the bitter taste on the tip of his tongue. Suddenly, she felt her heart ache and tears fell.

“Good child, dont cry!” Zhao Lanhua hurriedly comforted her. “That damn Zhao Xian was arrested by the officials last night! The doctor also said that the stick didnt hurt your bones. You still have to rest well.”

“Mother, I...”

“Dont say anything else. Lie down obediently,” Zhao Lanhua advised gently. “Theres bone soup stew in the kitchen. Ill make you a bowl of bone soup noodles later!”

“Mother, theres no need.” Ji Zhao hurriedly waved her hand and refused. “I...”

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“You what Listen to me! Go back to your room and rest!”

Before Ji Zhao could refuse, Zhao Lanhua forcefully covered her with a thin blanket and turned to leave.

Ji Zhao sighed helplessly.

In the end, she gritted her teeth and got up from the bed.

The moment she walked out of the door, she raised her eyebrows in surprise.

The air was filled with a long-lost freshness, and there were actually water droplets on the eaves.

“The rain last night was too timely!” Second Sister-in-law Shen held her waist as she walked out of the door. She happened to see Ji Zhaos stunned expression and could not help but be amused. “I say, Ji Ah Tao, youre quite interesting! Werent you preparing to elope with your lover previously Why did you suddenly turn against him You even sent him to prison Youre really something!”

Second Sister-in-law Shen gave her a thumbs up in admiration and clicked her tongue in wonder.


“Even the steamed buns this morning couldnt stop your mouth” Zhao Lanhua, who was busy in the kitchen, lifted the curtain and looked at Second Sister-in-law Shen coldly as she asked in a low voice.

“Mother...” Second Sister-in-law Shen shrunk her head silently and muttered softly, “Im just curious!”

“Second Sister-in-law, I dont have an improper relationship with Zhao Xian,” Ji Zhao said with a magnanimous smile. “I dont know why there were so many ridiculous rumors previously, but theres nothing between Zhao Xian and me.”

“Then why did you take away your in-laws money on the second day of the wedding and even ask Zhao Xian to meet you” Second Sister-in-law Shen looked at her suspiciously.

“Because I was cheated.”



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