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Chapter 58.1

A Tool

Translated by boilpoil

Edited by boilpoil


What should one prepare when trying to propose to a xiongzhu

At the very least, the complete list of financial assets to prove that he could support his xiongzhu, and then, the proper proposal, before going to register with the agreement of the male himself.

That’s how the shemale proposal normally works.

So what steps have he taken Wei Zhuo goes into shock once more seeing the ‘Married’ status on his ID.

Has he gone mad Or has the world itself Why, how, wh-what in the world He’s married

He doesn’t normally react this slowly.

It’s just that, all of these have been so dreamlike he doesn’t understand anymore.

Even he, an unromantic, boring shemale, knows there must be a time period when they’re consolidating their relationship, with some time set aside to see if they suit each other in every day life.

Then he should plan a proposal as meticulously as possible.

Then, finally, when Cheng Zhaoci agrees, they’ll choose a special, commemorable day to get married.

“Should it… have been so simple” Wei Zhuo mumbles, “is this really…”

No one else gets married like this.

He might be single, but he’s seen enough of his fellow soldiers get married.

He knows the whole rigmarole because they often pestered him about it when they thought Wei Zhuo would never get married, using themselves as good examples.

Wei Zhuo didn’t entertain the idea at all.

It’s even more troublesome trying to court a male than fighting a war.

However, he stopped thinking like that once he met Cheng Zhaoci.

If it were Cheng Zhaoci, he doesn’t mind giving him the world.

Trouble No.

These are trials to love.

Then it turns out, there are no trials.

It’s already done.

“Eh Oh, I didn’t expect to have to pay the $50 to get the marriage certified.

It’s quite the unreasonable expense, don’t you think Has no one ever said anything about it” Cheng Zhaoci can see how flustered Wei Zhuo looks, and teases him, “don’t you think so, my cijun”

Hearing the address ‘cijun‘ makes Wei Zhuo stumble and the grade S shemale almost fell flat on his face.

It must be seen to be believed.

“I, I, I…” Wei Zhuo is now covering his mouth with his hands, “sorry, I’m still not used to this.”

“Used to what, my cijun” Cheng Zhaoci then shamelessly gives Wei Zhuo a big hug.

His waist is slender but also powerful.

It feels so great to the touch, “do tell me, so I can help you.”

“Plea-kuhum, please drop it,” Wei Zhuo is trembling greatly.

Maybe he’s spooked, maybe he’s too happy.

Having brought Wei Zhuo along means Cheng Zhaoci didn’t bring any guards; an enemy that would give Wei Zhuo trouble would need a whole platoon of guards anyway, so he might as well not.

This means that all a passing shemale can see is the two insectoids getting lovey-dovey; the male is quite handsome and mysterious.

He saw them leave the Department, so they’re probably newlyweds.

The male feels young, and his reaction suggests this might be his very first concubine, or even his cijun.

The shemale, quite taken with Cheng Zhaoci’s appearance, clears his throat and straightens his clothes.

He starts walking forward, interested in being a concubine, or at least a very pleasant night together.

Yet, not two steps in and the shemale soldier hugging the male is glaring at him.

Wei Zhuo hears footsteps headed right for them, and sees a shemale with eyes glued to Cheng Zhaoci.

Almost immediately, all the coquettishness and blush fades from his face.

His gaze is so cold that the shemale feels like if he dares to take another step, this shemale soldier wouldn’t mind playing football with him, with his head as the ball.

When his interaction isn’t with Cheng Zhaoci, Wei Zhuo’s aura remains utterly intimidating.

At least, the shemale takes a few steps backwards, then makes an awkward smile as he walks away, acting like nothing has happened.

As soon as that happens, Wei Zhuo’s coldness fades in no time, “uh, xia–xiao-Ci, what are you doing” The identity change is so sudden and drastic; he finds it too awkward to say xiongzhu for now.

Cheng Zhaoci is rubbing his head all over Wei Zhuo’s chest area, and looks up to answer, “I just feel like I’m going to miss you so much when you return later in the afternoon.”

The presidential decree for his private spaceship still needs time to be implemented.

The current ETA is a few days, and Wei Zhuo can’t wait here with him; he has to return to his post by night.

It’s just for a few days, but Cheng Zhaoci still can’t stand separating from his love right after marriage.

It really is a disadvantage for his love being a shemale soldier.

“It’s ok, I’ll be waiting,” Wei Zhuo smiles at Cheng Zhaoci, giving him a big hug, “it won’t be long.”

BombInMyPants has married.

Which isn’t all that surprising, because BombIn has already announced he was seeing someone some time ago.

Of course, insectoids would still pay close attention to his relationship’s developments.

In the afternoon, some time before 2pm, he posted a photograph with two hands with fingers crossed.

Both are appealingly slender, but one is larger and the other is slimmer and more white.

The fans immediately conclude the smaller hand must be BombIn’s xiongzhu‘s.

They are already taken in with only the hand.

Oh, how beautiful it is!

There are even insectoids asking BombIn if his xiongzhu is accepting concubines.

Yes! It’s just a hand, but some of those who fetishises hands think they’d be happy even if the appearance of BombIn’s xiongzhu isn’t quite up to par!

Some males are also taking note of Wei Zhuo’s hands while commenting that BombIn has a powerful hand.

They can see the rather prominent veins, and believe BombIn might actually be a shemale instead of a demi.

Oh, a shame! If only BombIn was marrying them instead.

And typical male confidence shows, with most of them saying they think they have better-looking hands than that male in the photo! BombIn, why not take a look Give them a few extra updates and they’d be happy to show some clandestine hand pics!

Is there not an excitement in moral degeneracy More updates and they’d be happy to provide the titillating feeling!

Somehow, these normally haughty males have managed to make themselves come across no better than the rumoured mythical roadside prostitutes in Cheng Zhaoci’s past life, except they don’t ask for money, and ask for updates to comics instead.


Cheng Zhaoci feels like his hair is turning green just reading all those males’ bull**.

Do these dumbass males even know they’re not flirting with their beloved BombIn, but BombIn’s wife! Too bad no one believes Cheng Zhaoci is male even if he’s made it absolutely clear.

In fact, when the males’ flirting get more and more out of control, Cheng Zhaoci can’t hold back anymore from retorting their outrageous claims!

Meanwhile, Cheng Zhaoci’s close friends and family have come to see him.


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