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In the early morning, there was just a glimmer of light on the horizon, and the sound of the alarm clock on the head of the bed was melodious and gentle.

After a rustling sound, Ruan Sixian opened her eyes in a daze and rubbed her forehead.

Then she got up to walk to the window, opened a crack in the curtain and looked out.

The sky was terrifyingly heavy, and the dark clouds seemed to hang overhead.

It looks like today is another day destined to have a delay.

Suddenly, there was the sound of clothes rustling behind her.

“Are you awake”

Ruan Sixian turned her head back and said, “Won’t you sleep for a while longer”

Fu Mingyu lifted the quilt and got out of bed, then said: “I will take you to the airport.”

“No, I am fine.”

Ruan Sixian ran back hurriedly and pressed Fu Mingyu back to the bed.

“You came back so late yesterday, and there’s no business to take care of today too.

Just sleep a little longer.

The driver will take me there.”

Fu Mingyu never had the habit of going to sleep again after waking up.

He just sat at the head of the bed for a while and watched Ruan Sixian get dressed.

Then he got up and went into the bathroom with her.

“Are you going to see Zhu Dong and the others this afternoon”

Ruan Sixian brushed her teeth as she spoke.

“Don’t drink.”


Fu Mingyu took a towel to wipe the foam on her chest and said: “I won’t drink.

I will come back after dinner.”


Ruan Sixian spit out the foam and said vaguely: “You’d better be at home when I come back, already change your clothes and take a bath.

Don’t let me smell the alcohol.”

After speaking, she rinsed her mouth and hurriedly ran downstairs.

When Fu Mingyu came downstairs leisurely, Ruan Sixian had already sat down to eat breakfast.

The chandelier in the dining room is shining brightly and warm, the newly placed fresh flowers on the table are blooming, and the freshly ground soybean milk smells fragrant.

If one doesn’t look out of the window, it seems that it is a sunny day.

“I am almost late.”

Ten minutes later, Ruan Sixian got up.

The aunt handed her the hat and the flight box.

“Have a safe trip.”

Fu Mingyu got up to help her tidy up her neckline and kissed her forehead lightly, “Tell me when you land.”

“I know.” Ruan Sixian pulled up the flight box, held her hat, and walked out of the dining room.

She couldn’t help but look back and smiled, “There should be a delay today.

If I come back late, don’t wait for me and rest early.”

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After she went out, the aunt came over to clean up the dishes and chopsticks and said casually: “Madam is getting more and more gentle now.”

Fu Mingyu looked at the aviation magazine and smiled without saying a word.

Has she become gentler

There seems to be a little bit.

Especially at night.

After lunch, Fu Mingyu’s mobile phone rang several times.

Ten minutes ago, the military news channel announced the latest fighter jet.

In addition to the aviation information app, it also exploded suddenly in WeChat.

Fu Mingyu got up and went to the living room, then opened the international news channel, which happened to be broadcasting the news.

He buttoned his shirt as he watched.

The test flight scene is being broadcast live on the TV screen, and the host is interviewing relevant experts to interpret the relevant situation in detail.

The aunt handed over the ironed jacket.

Fu Mingyu’s attention was all on the TV.

After he took the jacket, he swung it back a little bit.

Maybe the strength he used was a little bit too much and he felt that his jacket had caught something.

Immediately, a smashing sound came from behind him.

Fu Mingyu didn’t care at first, and his mind was still on the news.

It wasn’t until he put on his jacket that he realized something was wrong.

The sound on the TV suddenly became smaller.

When he turned around, the aunt was already cleaning the ceramic debris on the floor.

“Oh, be careful.

Don’t step on it!”

Fu Mingyu stared down at the fragments, and his eyebrows suddenly twitched.

He is done for.


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