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A large number of invading lord troops swarmed out from the invading lord territories in front of them.

They quickly dived down and charged towards Lu Yan and the others, wanting to block them.

However, these invading lord troops were still not enough for Ren Qi and the others,

ren Qi and the otherstroops swarmed forward and instantly surrounded the invading lord-class troops that surged out from the invading lord-class territory.

The battle did not last for long.

The invading lord-class troops that surged out from the invading lord-class territory were all killed.

An invading lord-class troop could not cause even the slightest ripple in front of Ren Qi and the others.

After destroying the invading branch army in front of them, Ren Qis group did not hesitate and directly arrived at the invading Lords territory in front of them.

Very quickly, the recruitment pool in the invading Lords territory was destroyed, and all the resources in the territory were taken out.

Soon after, Ren Qis group quickly left the territory of the invading Lord.

Zhao Yuhengs undying blood phoenix spat out a large amount of flames from above, directly enveloping the territory of the invading lord below.

In an instant, it ignited into a raging fire.

Under the burning flames, the entire territory of the invading lord was quickly burned to ashes.


The surrounding newborn lords became excited.

They quickly charged forward and continued to head towards the next territory of the invading Lord.

This opportunity to destroy the invading Lords territory was too rare for them.

As long as they were fast enough, they would be able to destroy all of the invading Lords territories in this direction.

When that time came, the invading lords who had invaded the Lords Alliances headquarters would know and wonder what kind of expression they would have.

While Ren Qi and the others were crazily attacking, the new lords alliance from the other three directions had already destroyed the invading lords and troops that had come to support them.

They began to attack the invading Lords territories.

Very quickly, the invading lordsterritories from the other four directions were all attacked.

A large number of the invading lordsterritories were destroyed one after another.

Soon after, they were covered by a large fire and were instantly burned to the ground.

Ren Qi and the new Lord Alliance had the same goal for this operation.

They wanted to cut off the invading lordsreinforcements and burn the invading lordsterritories to the ground.

They wanted to leave nothing behind for them.

While Ren Qi and the new lord were busy attacking, Li Fuqing was arguing with a few invading lord captains in the main camp of the invading LordsAlliance.

Li Fuqing looked at the few invading lord captains beside him and said unhappily, “The situation is very clear now.

Our reinforcements havent arrived yet.

Its very likely that something has gone wrong.

We have to take action now!”

The few invading Lord Captains had ugly expressions on their faces as well.

“We dont know the exact situation yet.

Lets not be so agitated.

Lets wait for a while.”

“Thats right.

You also know that theres a new Lord Alliance eyeing us like a tiger eyeing its prey.

If we act rashly now, Im afraid that something unexpected will happen.”

“Thats right.

From the looks of the current situation, we should still wait for a while.

Perhaps the reinforcements have been delayed because of some matters.”

Li Fuqing said unhappily, “Delayed The reinforcements this time have four directions.

What do you think are the chances of all the reinforcements from all four directions being delayed because of something”

“When I asked the reinforcements to come, I already told the reinforcements that when they were about to approach us, they would first send some troops to deliver the message.

Then, we would send some troops to receive them, in case anything unexpected happened.”

“What about the current situation” “According to their speed, they should have already arrived at the position close to us.

At this time, some troops should have been sent over.

However, we dont have any troops to come over to meet them.

Is this normal”

“If we dont check the situation now, it will be too late!”

Li Fuqings heart was burning with anxiety.

He had not expected such a situation.

He had not expected such a situation to happen when the reinforcements arrived.

Now that he could not contact them, it made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

The eyes of the surrounding crowd leaders also flickered slightly.

At this moment, they also realized that something was wrong.

However, the current situation made them want to choose a safer approach.

After all, from the current situation, there was a new Lord Alliance eyeing them like a tiger eyeing its prey.

If they were to make a move now, they would definitely do so.

“You should also know the current situation.

With the new Lord Alliance in front, our strength has also been damaged.

Under such circumstances, we can only wait for reinforcements.”

“Thats right.

Under the current situation, acting rashly is extremely disadvantageous for us.

We should wait first.”

“Just like this, under the current situation, what kind of method can you come up with”

The few invading Lord Captains looked at Li Fuqing and spoke one after another.

Hearing these words, Li Fuqings expression became increasingly ugly.

Looking at the surrounding invading lord captains, his expression became extremely ugly.


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