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Chapter 109: How to Run Away with the Ball, Waiting for Answers Online, Urgent! 3.25


Just as Shi Yan was about to have a taste, there was a knock on the door again.

‘Knock knock knock’

Shi Yan’s face instantly sank.

The air pressure on his body was so low that it could freeze the air.

Who was it that had no eyes and was spoiling his fun

Damn it.

Luo Ling actually breathed a sigh of relief.

He was extremely grateful to the person who knocked on the door.

If the other party came any later, Luo Ling was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to stand it.

Fortunately… Fortunately…


Shi Yan held the person in his arms as he walked to the sofa and sat down.

However, his hand didn’t move away from Luo Ling’s waist.

Shi Yan’s tone was chilly as he answered the door.

“Come in.”

Standing at the door and carrying a lot of things, Ge Yujie came in with two people following behind him.

Ge Yujie’s body trembled.

He seemed to have come…

…At the bad time

After hesitating, Ge Yujie bit the bullet, twisting the door knob with difficulty, opened the door, and walked in.

There was a smile on Ge Yujie’s face as he spoke in a flattering tone.

“Boss, this was what you asked to be bought.

It’s all very suitable for the Little Baby.

Take a look, is there anything missing If there’s something missing, I’ll go buy it right away.”

For the sake of being considered very diligent, obedient and very useful, the Boss should forgive him.

Ge Yujie placed the things on the coffee table and sorted them out one by one.

Things to eat, play with, and use.

There was everything.

In this short period of time, the preparation was so complete.

It could be seen that Ge Yujie was indeed very diligent.

Shi Yan was in a bad mood, but the expression on his face became a bit better.

He reluctantly nodded his head, and waved his hands.

Shi Yan drove the people away as if he was swatting away flies.

Ge Yujie didn’t dare to stay much longer, so he immediately turned around and closed the door, all in one breath.

Luo Ling looked at the closed door, and held the Baby’s hand, trembling a little.

“That, Mr.

Shi, I…”

“Shi Yan.”

Luo Ling’s words were strongly interrupted.

Luo Ling was momentarily in a daze and his expression showed it .

After returning to his senses, Luo Ling tentatively opened his mouth, “Shi Yan”

Shi Yan nodded his head in satisfaction.

They were not outsiders, so why should they be so polite

“Now that you’re back, stay at home.

We will go eat a meal later, then I will take you two shopping.”

There was no intention to discuss it with Luo Ling at all.

Shi Yan was domineering and tough.

Luo Ling slightly frowned, “I…”

“You have to remember.

You’re my person now, so there are only two choices.”

“What choices”

Luo Ling subconsciously asked.

He had a very bad premonition in his heart.

Shi Yan stretched out his hand and lifted the ends of Luo Ling’s soft hair.

Shi Yan carelessly said.

“One, come back with me yourself.

Two, I will bring you back.”

Luo Ling was silent.

He heard the intense danger from Shi Yan’s words.

Obviously, if Luo Ling was not obedient, the other party would take extreme measures.

This was distressing.

Luo Luo leaned into Luo Ling’s arms.

He looked at his Dad without understanding it.

Then Luo Luo looked at his Daddy with distrust.

“Is Daddy going to buy a house for Dad No, I live in a very good place with my Dad.

Daddy, you can give the cash in the house to Dad.”

“Oh, also, those things and the other things, let’s turn them all to cash.”

“Daddy’s things must not be too cheap.

Otherwise, you will lose your identity.

So, just give a few hundred million.

We won’t disdain it.”

Shi Yan paused as he fiddled with Luo Ling’s hair.

With a wooden face, Shi Yan bowed his head to look at the son with wide round eyes, which were looking at him.

Shi Yan really wanted to fling Luo Luo’s RMB face.

Shi Yan had seen fraud, but he had never seen such fraudulence.

He should casually give a few hundred million.

When this business was done, there was really no need to be afraid of losing money.


Luo Ling pursed his lips and his eyebrows turned up.

Luo Ling couldn’t help laughing.

Seeing the two of them staring at him wide-eyed, secretly evaluating each other, Luo Ling kissed his Baby on the cheek and laughed.

“The Baby is right.

We won’t regard it with disdain.”


It was all money.

If they didn’t take it, it would be their loss.

Shi Yan raised his eyebrows and said in a playful tone, “Really”

Luo Ling very sincerely nodded his head, “Yes.”

It was foolish to not want money.

“Sure enough, the child inherited this from you.”

Shi Yan said.


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