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Chapter 110: How to Run Away with the Ball, Waiting for Answers Online, Urgent! 3.26


Shi Yan just said that this trait did not come from him.

Luo Ling was puzzled for a while.

Immediately, he reacted with his face twitching.

Shi Yan didn’t think that he was a money grubber, did he

“*cough cough cough*… Mr.

Shi…” Seeing that the other person’s expression changed, Luo Ling changed his address in seconds.

“Shi Yan, don’t get me wrong.

The Baby is still young and doesn’t know much, so…”

“So he should be more responsible, Dad.”

Luo Luo wrapped his hands around his Dad’s neck, then put his face against Dad’s face.

He said very seriously.

Luo Luo was still a cub.

He needed to be raised by Daddy.

That kind of money support.

Luo Ling had nothing to say.

His son was too smart, which was also a happy problem ah.

Shi Yan didn’t refute it and nodded his head, “Indeed, I should be responsible.

From now on, you two, father and son, are my responsibility.”

After speaking, Shi Yan asked the Little Bun again, “Do you remember the agreement you made with me”

Luo Luo thought of the answer in a moment, “Remember.

What you said is to give all the money to Dad, so that Dad can have endless money even if he doesn’t work.”

“That’s right.

Now, I will take you to spend money.

Spend it and swipe the card as you like.”

Shi Yan, who was rich and had deep pockets, took out the wallet from his bag.

He took out the black cards inside, and handed them to the Little Bun.

This was Shi Yan’s main card.

Not to mention that the amount in it was as high as tens of billions, it could be said that the credit limit could reach hundreds of billions.

Even buying the entire City B wouldn’t be a problem.

He was tremendously rich.

Luo Luo’s eyes lit up when he saw the card.

He saw an introduction to bank cards in financial magazines.

Naturally, he understood that these cards were very loaded.

As a very wealthy man in his own right, Luo Ling just had a deep understanding about these cards.

Looking at all of them being tucked into the Baby’s pocket, Luo Ling’s heart trembled.

“Um… is this alright”

After considering it, Luo Ling said in a dry tone.

Shi Yan silently smiled.

Approaching Luo Ling’s ear, Shi Yan said with ambiguous words, “That’s the money for you to sell yourself.”

Luo Ling’s beautiful phoenix eyes slightly widened.


‘Ring ring ring…”

The phone suddenly rang, interrupting Luo Ling’s next words.

He wondered, ‘who was calling him at this time’

Luo Ling prepared to free up one hand to get his phone.

As a result, a big hand with a very high body temperature reached into his pocket first.

Luo Ling’s movement stopped.

Shi Yan didn’t seem to notice it.

He put the phone in front of him.

The word “Manager” was instantly displayed in front of the three people’s eyes.

“Dad, it’s Uncle Ernie.”

Luo Ling nodded his head.

Before he reached out, the other party already answered the call and turned on the hands-free mode.

Ernie’s voice immediately came over, fuming with anger.

“If a reporter finds you and asks something from you, don’t answer.

When you have time, just look at the internet.”

“Someone is picking a fight.

During the day, that beast was so satisfied with you.

However, when he saw that there was something wrong with you, he immediately said that the Male Lead wasn’t going to be you.”

“Does he really think that we care about that script So short-sighted.

By the way, have you gone home with the Baby”

The other side crackled and spouted.

Luo Ling was not stupid.

He had been in this circle for several years.

It wasn’t that he didn’t understand anything.

“I’ll go home with the Baby later.

There are still some things I need to deal with for the time being.

Let me take a look first.

You can help me investigate why Director Bai suddenly changed his mind.”

Director Bai was someone who paid attention to quality.

He wouldn’t just look at the surface.

This time, there was obviously someone who set him up.

Director Bai stepped on him at this time.

When Luo Ling cleaned up his name, his reputation would still inevitably be damaged.

Besides, Director Bai also knew Luo Ling’s status abroad.

Luo Ling didn’t think that Director Bai would do such a detrimental thing without benefiting himself.

If Director Bai really did it, there must be a reason.

After saying a few words, he hung up the phone.

Luo Ling opened the webpage to see the situation.

While waiting for it to load, a stream of warm air poured to him.


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