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Chapter 111: How to Run Away with the Ball, Waiting for Answers Online, Urgent! 3.27


“Is someone bothering”

Shi Yan leaned closer to Luo Ling, and dangerously narrowed his eyes.

They dared to act against his man

They really didn’t want to continue living ah.

Resting his head on Luo Ling’s shoulders, Shi Yan breathed in the simple and elegant smell of laundry detergent.

The hostility that soared when he heard the news subsided.

Luo Ling pursed his lips and didn’t speak.

He had not yet understood the specific situation.

Shi Yan didn’t care about Luo Ling’s silence either.

He directly sent a message to Ge Yujie.

Luo Ling glanced at the other party, then glanced away.

He looked at the news that popped out.

#Acting as Male Lead on his Debut#

#Small Fresh Meat Unspoken Rules#


#Director Bai sternly stating that Luo Ling did not have the Main Male Lead role#

#[Seeking The Truth Against Heaven] Male Lead#

The trending topics were promoted, several of which made Luo Ling raise his eyebrows.

Just clicking on one…

[Introduction]: [Seeking The Truth Against Heaven] selected cast.

Mi Lin’er(v): I was fortunate enough to participate in the audition for [Seeking the Truth Against Heaven] and met a newcomer.

When he came over, he said that he was the determined Male Lead and wanted to act a scene with us.


Sister Shanshan amicably stepped forward to act with him.

Unexpectedly, that person deliberately made things difficult for Sister Shanshan.

A grown man making things difficult for a young girl, what a disgrace.

The Director didn’t respect us either.

Even disdaining our acting skills, he turned around and left, as if he was looking down on us.

I admit that my acting skills are indeed not very good, but it’s really annoying that I didn’t even get the chance to try.

It’s really maddening.

I can’t resist anymore, I’m just gonna spill the tea.

This is purely just complaining.

Don’t try to start a fight.

[Picture of Luo Ling with his back turned and Qi Shanshan looking at him as if he had harmed her]

[Picture of him taking his things and leaving.

Director Bai having a stiff smile as he looked at Luo Ling’s back, as if he was very dissatisfied]

Luo Ling didn’t read through the comments.

He continued to browse through the trending posts.

Entertainment Most Informative (v): The male celebrity in the audition for [Seeking the Truth Against Heaven] is Luo Ling, who has just returned to China.


Born as an orphan.

The clothes he wears are worth a lot of money.

He has been abroad for three years.

During this period, he participated in several dramas.

He has had countless scandals.

As a result, he has returned to China to develop his career.

[Various False Foreign Black Materials]

[Fictitious Sex Scandal News]

[Photoshopped Unruly Pictures with Various Models]

Luo Ling’s expression became colder.

What he hated the most was that some people indiscriminately spread news about him.

Luo Ling had paid attention to this when he was abroad.

He never got close to women, and even stayed away from men.

Since he didn’t want others to misunderstand.

Luo Ling also didn’t want his Baby to see these messy things that would affect his growth.

As a result, the few years Luo Ling spent abroad was quiet and peaceful.

When he came back, his reputation was smeared.

Did they think that Luo Ling had no foundation in the country and could be casually bullied

He calmed down and continued to scroll down.

Soon, he saw an acquaintance’s post.

Bai Tianxing(v): The Male Lead of [Seeking the Truth Against Heaven] has not been selected.

It is currently still in the casting process.


I am very sorry for the accident in the audition today.

There will be no such mistakes in the future.

In a few simple sentences, Director Bai told everyone, in disguise, that the news that Mi Lin’er reported was true.

“He was just playing big and even disrespected them.”


These people ah…

“Don’t be sad.

They are just some jumping clowns.

I’ll help you solve it.”

Shi Yan touched Luo Ling’s face and said in a very gentle voice.

Shi Yan gave a different kind of comfort.

Luo Ling shook his head.

This kind of matter, he could solve it by himself.

“Thank you, I…”

‘Knock knock knock”

Luo Ling’s words were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Luo Ling: “…” Was it inappropriate for him to speak today

Otherwise, why couldn’t he finish speaking every time (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

“Come in.” Shi Yan pretended not to hear Luo Ling’s words.

He took out the phone in his hand and threw it towards Ge Yujie.

“Deal with it, don’t spare anyone.”

Ge Yujie didn’t really think about changing his choice of words before opening his mouth to ask, “Bury alive or dump the body”


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