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029 Family photo

But Tan Rou knew that Tao Zheng was not incompetent.

In her previous life, Tao Zhengs biggest dream was to be an exceptional photographer.

His entries also won awards, and he was known as a rising star in the photography industry.

Unfortunately, in his previous life, such a rising star was made a fool of by fate and was used by Tan Rou. The Tao family has also been torn apart because of her.

The mess in his life and family gradually made Tao Zheng lose the desire to dream. The last time Tan Rou saw Tao Zheng in her previous life, he was exhausted and had become a walking corpse.

Thinking of this, Tan Rou felt particularly upset. Tao Zhengs life should have been successful and bright, but he ruined it.

Tan Rou quickly took out a set of the latest professional camera from the pile of gifts and handed it to Tao Zheng, “Im kidding brother. This is for you!”

Tao Zheng was so happy that he was at a loss when he saw the camera. “Oh my god! Am I dreaming”

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Tao Zheng wiped his hands on his clothes before carefully taking the camera. He held it in his hands and instantly fell in love with it. “How did you know”

Previously, when Tan Jing came back with gifts and gifted him the latest model of mobile phone, Tao Zheng was really not interested.

Photography was his biggest dream. He poured all his energy into it and did not care about any other material goods. Even in his dreams, his room was filled with a plethora of HD lenses.

But Tao Zheng had never shared his dream before. Photography was too expensive to get into. Every lens was so expensive. Tao Zheng did not want his parents to tirelessly just to support his dream. He just saved money bit by bit and persevered with his dream.

Looking at the camera in his hands was like a dream come true, Tao Zheng was extremely excited.

Tan Rou saw that her brother loved it and was very satisfied, “Im your sister. Of course, I would know.”

Tao Zheng hugged the camera tightly and smiled at Tan Rou proudly. “This investment is the best you will ever make. I will definitely produce the best work. When the time comes, I will invite you to my photography exhibition as a Thank-you Guest!”

Tan Rou smiled. “Alright, I will wait for you then. You will definitely succeed.”

Mother Tao looked at the two children with gratification, and her heart softened.

Tan Rou was back, and she was still so sensible. The family was finally complete.

However, Mother Tao still said with some regret, “It would be great if your big brother and fourth brother were here too. They havent seen Xiao Rou before.”

Tan Rou knew that she still had an older brother who was already working and a younger brother who was studying outside. However, in her previous life, she rarely interacted with the two of them, it seemed that the place where they worked and studied was more strictly managed and did not allow them to leave easily.

Tan Rou also looked forward to meeting the two family members as soon as possible. She hugged Mother Tao and comforted her, “Mom, theres no rush. I am not going anywhere.”

Not long after, Father Tao also returned home.

Tan Rou gave Mother Tao a set of high-grade skincare products while Father Tao received tea leaves.

Father Tao was so happy that he even couldnt close his mouth. He said that he would invite his friends over tomorrow to taste the top-grade tea his daughter gave him. His friends would definitely be envious.

The family used Tao Zhengs new camera to take the first family photo. Although it was short of two family members, it was still very heartwarming.

In the photo, Tao Zhengs parents were sitting on chairs with smiles on their faces. Tan Rou was hugging their necks intimately behind them. Tao Zheng was also standing beside Tan Rou with a smile on his face. The family was very happy.

Tan Rou looked at the photo on the camera. The more she looked at it, the more she liked it. She instructed Tao Zheng to develop the photo as soon as possible. Then, she impatiently took a photo with her phone and shared it on social media platforms.

Looking at such a beautiful photo, Tan Rou became even more determined. Tan Jing would definitely not let the matter rest. She did not know when she would up to her tricks again. She could not let her guard down.

Tan Rou understood that no matter what, she had to be strong to protect her family. Otherwise, she would implicate her family and make them pay for her mistakes.

How could such a good family end up in such a tragic end in her previous life

Yet, villains like Tan Jing and Chen Yi could enjoy the adoration of others as they pleased. Could it be that a good person didnt get a good return, while the scourge would always get the last laugh

The more Tan Jing wanted to destroy Tan Rou and the Tao family, the more Tan Rou had to make sure that she and her family lived a glorious life.

On the other side, Tan Jing had suffered a setback at the Tao family home and had been sulking at home. She couldnt figure out what had gone wrong.

At this time, a message notification came from Tan Jings phone. When she turned on her phone, she saw the family photo that Tan Rou had posted on the social media platform.



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