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Chapter 30 Repairing The House (3)

Although everyone ate as much as possible, there was still a large portion of vegetables, and nearly one-third of the flatbread was unfinished.

After the meal, Zhou Ying washed the dishes and boiled a pot of Hawthorn tea. Each of them drank a bowl and rested for half an hour before returning to work. They were obviously more hardworking than they were in the morning.

As for Zhou Ying, she went to the front with Gu Chengrui to use sorghum stalks and hemp rope to weave the mat used for building the roof.

At the Qian familys house.

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The village chief was sitting in the house drinking his tea. When he saw Mrs. Bai bring back a large clay pot of meat and vegetables, he asked in surprise, “Is this the lunch prepared by Gu Chengrui and his wife”

“Yes, and she made quite a lot. She had asked me to bring some back for you to try her cooking.” Mrs. Bai said happily as she placed it in front of him.

“I dont even need to taste it to know its tasty by just smelling it. Im feeling full just by looking at it. What a lovely couple. By the way, what do you think of her after talking to her this morning” The village chief asked.

“At the very least, shes a capable girl. Most importantly, shes sensible. Weve been chatting for a long time, but she didnt say a single bad thing about the Gu family. ”

“Then its definitely worth being friends with her just based on these two points. In the future, we should hang out more and introduce her to the people in the village.” The village chief decided.

“I understand, father. Ill go help out in the kitchen.” After Mrs. Bai finished speaking, she turned around and walked out.

At the Gu family.

After everyone was seated, Mrs. Qiao looked at Mr. Gu and said, “Darling, I heard that your third son bought an old house from the Qian familys fourth son. Is that true”

“Its true. They started to fix the house this morning.” Mr. Gu replied.

“Lets not talk about the house. The land alone will cost a lot of money, not to mention renovating the place will cost at least five taels of silver.

“Where did they get the silver from Could it be that they secretly hid it back then “Mrs. Liu angrily said.

“Do you even believe what you just said” Mrs. Qiao rolled her eyes at her.

When Mrs. Liu heard this, she immediately shut her mouth in embarrassment. To be honest, she knew that they didnt have any money on them when they left their family. She was just a little curious about the origin of their money.

“I heard my third brother and his wife have been digging up medicinal herbs in the mountains for the past two days. They have earned some money from selling them.” Gu Chengxi said.

“If you hadnt mentioned it, I would have forgotten. Zhou Ying is Imperial physician Zhous daughter. Its no wonder she recognized some herbs.

“If they dug up some ginseng or Lingzhi, wouldnt they be rich “Mrs. Yao said with a regretful expression.

She then looked at Gu Chengxi. “Chengxi, go find them to guide you. Maybe you can really dig up something good.”

“What are you thinking about Lets not talk about how hard it is to find precious medicinal herbs. The season for a good harvest has already passed. Unless you are fortunate, how can it be so easy to find them” Second uncle Gu glared at her and said.

“Lets start eating. No matter what, they finally have a place to stay. We can also breathe a sigh of relief. “After Mrs. Qiao finished speaking, she picked up her chopsticks and began to eat.

When the others heard this, they also shut their mouths and heaved a sigh of relief.

The rumors spreading throughout the village were really terrible. If the couple did not have a place to stay, their family clan might have to intervene in this matter.

On the other hand, the Gu familys leader put down his bowl and said to his eldest son, Gu Chengen, “Youve heard about Gu Chengrui and the others repairing his house, right”

“I heard Gu Chengrui saved the village chiefs eldest grandson, Tieniu, from the river yesterday afternoon. The village chief then sold his old house to him and helped to find materials for him to renovate the house.” Gu Chengen put down his bowl and chopsticks and replied.

After a moment of hesitation, he asked with uncertainty, “Father, do you want us to go over and help But the workshop ...”



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