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543 Legend

“Die!” Himmel Soan ignored Unciens cry.

They didnt show his world any mercy when they slaughtered the people there.

Himmel Soan struck down the Emperor Sword.

Faint shadows of the ancient creatures appeared behind him again.

Unlike those that had died for him, these ones behaved more like infants.

They didnt know what was going on, nor did they have any power.

They attached themselves to the Emperor Sword and claimed Unciens life.

Not only that, but these creatures formed a subtle connection with the sword, which then changed drastically.

The creatures refined the sword, whose connection with the Emperor began to fade.

Himmel Soans energy filled it instead.

After killing all twelve Quasi-Emperors, Himmel Soan reached the Emperor stage.

He was an Emperor now.

Somebody laughed wholeheartedly, attracting everyones attention.

An old man holding a walking stick appeared.

The word “Patriarch” popped into Himmel Soans head.

All the creatures of this world felt the same way.

The Patriarch was born when this world came into existence.

No one in this world knew what he looked like.

The strange thing was as soon as he showed up, they all knew who he was.

“Are you the Patriarch of this world” Himmel Soan pointed the sword at the Patriarch.

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The sword had become his and would kill all his enemies for him, ending this tragic cycle.

“Patriarch I prefer to be called Extremity!” Extremity beamed at Himmel Soan.

Had they been in a different situation, Himmel Soan would have liked an old man with such a smile.

“Congratulations, Heart of the World.

Youve become an Emperor, Heart of the World.”

Those words perplexed Himmel Soan.

By the sound of it, Extremity wanted him to become an Emperor.

“Thats right.

Ive been waiting for this moment.

I sensed your presence as soon as you fought Nine Head, but I only watched in silence.

I wanted to make sure you were the one Id been waiting for, and I was right.

Youre the Heart of the World.”

That was the second time he mentioned that name.

Himmel Soan couldnt help asking, “Did you call me the Heart of the World”

“I see you dont know anything about it.

Let me tell you a story.

“Eras ago, the world wasnt like this.

Your world and mine were all part of the same big world known as the Immortal World.

“There was a celestial being known as Chaos.

He was the most capable being in the Immortal World, and countless powerful creatures were his subordinates.

“The world fell into a period of turmoil when a second celestial being appeared in the Immortal World.

The two celestial beings fought for thirty thousand years and eventually destroyed the Immortal World.

Countless powerful creatures died in the battle.

The two celestial beings also destroyed each other.”

Extremity recalled the legend from eras ago.

Himmel Soan could imagine how fierce that battle was.

Countless worlds formed the Immortal World, but the two celestial beings destroyed them all.

What a terrifying scene.

“A lot of worlds were birthed after the Immortal World was shattered, and because of that, the highest cultivation stage was limited to the Emperor stage.

No celestial beings appeared after that.

“The Heart of the Immortal World also disappeared.

Some speculated that it was somewhere in one of the worlds.

“99 eras ago, I finally found it in the deserted world.”

The deserted world was where Himmel Soan came from.

“You called me the Heart of the World.

What does it have to do with the Heart of the Immortal World” Himmel Soan asked.

“Each world has its own Heart of the World.

When the Heart of the Immortal World appeared in the deserted world, it combined with the heart there.

To be more precise, youre both the heart of your world and the Heart of the Immortal World.

“To become a celestial being, the Heart of the Immortal World is a must-have.

Its the only thing that can provide enough energy.

“To obtain that heart, Ive invaded the deserted world for 99 eras.

However, the Heart of the Immortal World became so intertwined with that world that I couldnt make it mine, even if I owned the entire deserted world.”

By now, Himmel Soan had realized what Extremity was trying to say.

According to him, Himmel Soan was the Heart of the Immortal World.

However, the latter had become a human being and came to this world.

Extremity must have something to do with it.

“That was why you invaded my world over and over again and annihilated the creatures there.

To protect that world, the heart became an intelligent being and gradually reached the Emperor stage just to kill you!” said Himmel Soan.

“Youre very clever.

Thats right.

Apart from the first era, I destroyed the deserted world another 98 times to make the heart stronger.

Itll follow me here to kill me.

Once it leaves the deserted world, its connection with that world will end.

When I kill the heart here, itll become mine.”

Extremity looked at Himmel Soan up and down in excitement.

“Youll only turn back to the Heart of the Immortal World after I kill you.

With its help, Ill become the only celestial being in this world!”

“Arent you afraid of losing the battle”

“Of course I am.

Were both at the Emperor stage, and maybe Im not your match.

Everything will be for naught if you kill me.

A young man almost did that a while ago.

“I think that young man was the hearts last resort.

It wont turn into a human being unless it has no choice.

It must have trained that young man so that he could end the cycle.

Unfortunately, he fails.

Thats why youre here.

“Im very well prepared.

Why do you think there are so many creatures in this world”

There was a crazy look in Extremitys eyes.

A black fog rose out of him, soon filling the whole world.

The creatures of this world melted as soon as the fog touched them.

Their essence was all absorbed by Extremity.


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