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Parallel Memory Chapter 121 Exterminating The White Fox

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Chapter 121 Exterminating The White Fox

I didn't start attacking the White Fox territory, right after breaking through the Rank-D . I needed some time to stabilize my new power.

And I was also watching the recording that the drones had sent. I was trying to figure out their behavior, when White Fox leaves the area or where the guards are positioned.

It took me additional two days before I decided it was time to confront the White Fox.

I slowly approach the territory of White Fox. I would stop from time to time to check on the drones. They were showing the position of the White Fox guarding the entrance to their homes.

Unlike other areas, this area was covered in trees and grass. Some trees had even evolved into low-ranked monsters.

Under the high density of mana, it was possible for even trees and plants to gain intelligence.

Though the trees present here were too weak to attack monsters like White Fox.

After approximately two hours of sprinting, I reached the White Fox territory. There were three White Fox guarding their territory.

Others might be resting in deeper areas of the territory.

After defeating those three, I need to fight with 12 more White Fox. Though the leader of White Fox would be busy guarding the Claxettle flower.

It would be a good idea to finish fighting here before the White Fox leader made his appearance.

Immediately, the first White Fox who was guarding the entrance came into my view.

Sneak attacks were difficult to execute as White Foxes could pick up any abnormalities in the environment with their sense of smell.

That's why I opted to use a powerful skill to kill them as soon as possible rather than choosing to take them out one by one silently.

[ "Dual Art: Glacier Shadow Slash" ]

White Foxes were Rank-C - monsters and without using my full power, it will be hard to kill them in one move.

I had to quickly take out as many White Foxes as I could before they got time to group together.


The three White Fox guarding the place, instantly notice the fluctuation of mana and put on their defensive skill.

However, the power that Glacier Shadow Slash has is not something a Rank-C can defend. Maybe those monsters who are Top-class in defense may be able to stop two or three such attacks.


Anyway, even with their golden-colored barrier, they can not stop my attacks.

The three White Fox were dead but my skill has surely alerted the other White Fox residing in this place. But this was what I wanted too.

I wanted them to approach me while I took them out one by one, or at least in small groups. If they all come to attack me together, the fight might turn very difficult for me.

[ "Dual Art: Shadow Cryo Bomb" ]

While waiting for the other White Foxes to show up, I planted Shadow Cryo Bomb on the various parts of my current area. It is likely that one or two White Fox would step into the trap.


I could hear the angry growl of the White Foxes. They must be making their way to this place after either sensing the blood of their comrades or from mana that I released.


The one who was leading that small group actually stepped into the trap that I set up just now. It seems that his luck is pretty bad.

The skill does not only freeze the target but also injures the target who is trapped in the ice. Even if you survive, the injuries are enough to make the person unable to stand anymore.

One White Fox from the 4 White Fox that was making its way to me was already taken out.


The approaching White Fox became even angrier as they saw their comrades fall to the enemy's cunning trap. They prepared themselves to attack the intruder.

Three of them opened their mouths to spit out their attack.

I had fought many White Fox since I had come into the Gate. This attack was one of the strongest and most frequently used attacks by White Foxes.

However, it was not something that I can't defend against. They shot out chilling Ice energy like cannon shooting the cannonball.

Three White beams were shot out of the White Foxes' mouths.

[ "Ice Wall"]

It was enough to reduce the force of the attack. The Ice energy that the attack contained could not do anything to me.

It might be enough to freeze a Rank-D with just its Ice energy but since I was immune to most Ice energy, it could not do that.


Their attack hit the Ice Wall and stopped. While their attack was not weak, it was not strong enough to break my barrier.

It was now my turn to attack them. The White Fox looked at me dumbstruck.

It might be from the fact that I was easily able to block attacks from three of them despite me showing a Rank-D mana aura.

Dashing towards their position, I was ready to take at least one White Fox out. Enhancing the sword with Shadow Style, I aimed my sword at the nearest White Fox neck.


I didn't give them time to react after their attack failed. When they were thinking deeply, Zero suddenly disappeared from their sight and reappeared in front of them.

The other White Fox became a little frightened after seeing their enemy easily kill one of them.


A roar came from the deeper area of White Fox territory. It looks like the rest of the White Fox is also coming here right now.

"Now then, Shall we finish this before the rest of your friends reach here"


The two White Foxes gave a glare that seemed like they were prepared to resist my attacks until the end.

( They must be waiting for reinforcement. )

Seeing their comrade come closer, the two White Fox became very motivated to defend themselves from Zero's attack until their friends reached here to fight with the enemy.

However, Zero's intention was quite the opposite. He wanted to finish these two White Fox before their reinforcement arrived.


It took Zero, a few swings before he managed to kill both of them. Now I needed to kill 7 White Fox plus their leader to get the Claxettle flower.


The White Foxes' sounds were able to shake the ground. With great momentum, they came.

I was a little surprised to find the White Fox leader among the group. It looks like they deemed me as a threat far greater than I thought.

I thought the leader would not show himself unless I went to his place. With their leader leading them, the White Fox showed no fear against the enemy who had exterminated 7 of them.

The White Foxes didn't waste their time, as soon as they got here, they started to attack me. Leading them was the Rank-C White Fox leader.

[ "Dual Art: Dark Ice Embodiment" ]

I had no intention to block the attack with Ice Wall like previously.

Not only was the White Fox leader's rank one sun rank higher than those three, but there were 5 more attacks compared to the earlier one.

There was no way I could risk my life. So, I used Dark Ice Embodiment to protect myself, in case something happened to me.


[ "Icy Shadow Wall" ]

Immediately, after deploying my defensive skills, I prepared to counterattack.

8 white beams came closer and collided with the dark wall.


Even those attacks were not strong enough to break my strongest defense.

It seems I don't need to worry about Rank-C attacks as long as I use my Icy Shadow Wall.

With 7 Rank-C and 1 Rank-C attacking me together, their attack power might be close to the Rank-B peak of Rank-C .

Since I could defend against these attacks, I might be able to defend against Rank-C monsters as long as their number is low.

Anyway, one-on-one, it might be difficult for any monsters below Rank-B -, to kill me.

[ "Dual Art: Shadow Ice Shard" ]

Since White Foxes were quite numerous, I was hoping this attack would at least take out one of them. Though, my real intention was to keep them occupied when I approach them.

I instantly launched myself in front of the White Fox after the attack.

Since I had the protection from Dark Ice Embodiment, I was not scared of dying immediately.

The White Foxes came together and deployed their barrier which turned into one big shield.


My attacks hit their shield but didn't manage to penetrate it.

However, it was fine since I had completed my objective.

[ "Shadow Cryo Bomb" ]

Since they were grouped together, it was a good chance to take all of them at once.


I used many Shadow Cryo Bombs but their shield appeared to remain without showing any sign of breaking.

It looks like I underestimated the power of the shield generated using 8 White Fox.

However, I knew that this shield would last only temporarily. Greater the power of skill, the more likely that the mana consumption is high.

I continued to attack their shield, though only to pressurize the White Foxes. I would only go all out when they disable their shield.

After a minute or so, White Foxes were struggling. It seemed their mana was running low.

"Now, let's end this."-

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