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Parallel Memory Chapter 126 Multiple Personality Disorder?

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Chapter 126 Multiple Personality Disorder

"Are you a Devil Contractor"


I was extremely dumbfounded by Professor Mia's question.

I don't know why she was asking something like this the moment we met.

( Don't tell me… )

However, it didn't take long for me to realize why she would ask this. Vague as it might have been but I saw the memory of the Emperor of Destruction.

I didn't know what his Art or those skills were but it was akin to using Dark energy, though obviously, I didn't have any contract with the Devil.

I just happened to be a human or I hope, who had the ability to use Dark energy, something that is impossible in this world.

I looked at Professor Mia who was right now covered in wounds.

I felt guilt piling up in my heart as I saw the wound on Professor Mia.

Previously, I thought that Professor Mia was injured because she fought some terrifying monsters, but looking at the injuries carefully, it was more of an injury caused by humans than a monster.

I don't know what exactly happened here but it looks like it was all my fault.

I might have subconsciously used Dark Energy when I was getting my new memory.

"No, not really."

I put my head down as I answered truthfully. As far as I know, I have never signed a contract with Demons. Though I can't say the same about my other self ( Emperor Of Destruction.)

If I really had used Dark Energy, it would not be weird if I was killed by Professor Mia. I don't know exactly how I managed to cause such injuries to her.

I don't know why she kept me alive despite what I've done. She should have killed me if I had used Dark energy, not to mention if I was the cause of her injuries.

"No… Really"

Professor Mia said as if to convince herself that what I said was true.

I don't know why she was asking me. It could be as I thought but it could also be another reason. No reason to think of such things when I can directly ask the person in question.

"Why are you asking me"

I already had my guess but I want to make sure that my guess was correct. Additionally, it didn't make sense that I hurt Professor Mia.

I was unconscious at that time and I am sure that I would not have fought with Profesor Mia. Even if we did fight, I was an ant in front of Professor Mia's power.

"That is…"

Professor Mia started to talk about what happened when I was unconscious. She also wants to know how Zero could use Dark energy.

She didn't know whether Zero truly didn't remember what happened or was pretending to not know. Though, when she fought with him, he had forgotten about her or who he was.

Even if Zero signed a contract with a Devil, it was not possible for Zero to forget who he was. So, she thought Zero didn't have the faintest idea of what he had done that time and decided to iterate the story.

I was utterly stunned by what I heard. Me, being out of control and fighting with power on par with Rank-B.

I don't remember doing this but perhaps, while I refuse to believe this, it might be the side effect of Parallel Memory Skill.

Only with this, could I have become so different. I must have been overpowered by the Emperor of Destruction's emotion and memory to the point that I lost control of my body.

I don't know what other changes happened to me that I was unaware of. Since, even after inheriting memories, I felt like the same person I always was.

The difference might be noticeable as time goes on. I might not notice but those close to me might, especially if the Emperor of Destruction corrupts my thinking.

However, I won't lose to a mere skill. Even if I gain other memories of an alternative universe, I will continue to stay who I always have been.

Though obtaining even a small part of the memory of the Emperor of Destruction was extremely dangerous. It was very different from when I first had a memory from Earth's self.

Getting all the memories from modern Earth was easy, probably because he was weak while the Emperor of Destruction was very strong, maybe equivalent to Rank-SS Hero.

"Zero, you might be suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder."

Professor Mia said after she finished telling about what transpired here.

Previously, she had seen that sometimes Zero's personality changed like he was completely a different person.

She suspected him of having a split personality or some kind of mental disease like that.

However, her encounter with Zero in the Gate convinced her that Zero has multiple personality disorder.

How can one go from being able to kill her to listening and obeying whatever she told him

Even if he was hiding his real intention and expression behind a fake face to deceive her of his real motives, since Zero had already revealed his Dark Energy, he should not need to hide those things anymore.

Zero would have tried to kill her as soon as he regained his consciousness judging from his previous killing intent.

However, right now she didn't feel even a speck of killing intent in Zero. It was like all the things she saw when she encountered him were just a dream.

He was Zero that she knew. She was relieved to see that Zero hadn't become someone else. However, she thought Zero suffered from a mental illness.

"Multiple Personality Disorder"

Zero was once again baffled by Professor Mia's question.

Though it was understandable that others watching Zero might find it weird when Zero acts totally out of character. This is because there were not many who were close to him to tell the difference except one person.

For months Professor Mia had been observing Zero. She knows more about the current Zero than anyone else. So, she was able to notice those abnormalities in Zero's behavior sometimes, not to mention that Zero was like a completely different person when fighting with her.

Therefore, she concluded that Zero was suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder since Zero was showing the traits of someone who suffers from that.

Though she can't find the answer to how he was able to release the Dark energy. It was impossible to use Dark energy without getting the contract from Devil.

However, Zero had denied that he was a Devil Contractor. She knows that he was telling the truth but it didn't make sense for him to use Dark energy.

"I… I don't think that I have a multiple personality disorder."

Zero hesitantly said. He wanted to say it might be the side effect of his skill but he didn't want to reveal his skill. And lying was not very suitable in this situation since Professor Mia knows that there are not any known skills that cause one to have Multiple Personality Disorder.


Professor Mia got lost in her thoughts.



That was embarrassing. It looks like my stomach has become empty. I don't know how many days have passed since he was unconscious but it was obvious that quite a few days had passed looking at the state of my stomach.

"Okay, let's stop talking for now. I will prepare the food, you just sleep there."

Professor Mia said as she took out delicious-looking meat from her storage ring. By simply looking at the mana emitted by the meat, one can easily determine that it is monster meat that is also of very high rank.

She started cooking the meat as I lay on the bed. A pleasant smell started to fill the area. My already hungry stomach was growling louder than ever.

"Let's Eat"

I started to gobble down food faster than normal people can see. If someone was looking at me right now, they might wonder where the food that I put in my mouth had disappeared to.

Professor Mia was surprisingly very skilled at cooking. She must be one of the best chefs in the world. At least that is what I feel when I am eating the food.

Possibly the food tastes better because I am starving, but another reason could be the fact that this meat is filled with high-quality mana.

As I started eating, my worries also disappeared along with the food.

It is not that I don't trust Professor Mia but the fact that I had used Dark energy was enough for me to be killed by any human, including Professor Mia.

From the novel, I know that she has killed lots of Devil Contractors and absolutely detests them. There are many reasons for that, one of the reasons being the BloodyWolf incident where many students were killed.

I might have been spared because I was her student but the fact I used Dark energy could mean that I was either a spy or someone who is seeking to harm the students.

Even in the novel, some students of hers become Devil Contractors and try to kill Mc and his friend. Professor Mia does not show mercy and kills them despite being her student.

So, I don't think that me being her student is the reason.

"Why didn't you kill me"

I stared at Professor Mia as I asked. It was very odd that I was not killed. I could not help but feel uncomfortable not knowing why I was spared despite using Dark energy.

"I… "-

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