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Parallel Memory Chapter 130 Ice Griffin

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Chapter 130 Ice Griffin

"Ah! I already know where the boss is."

I said confidently.

This was something Professor Mia was unaware of. I had already deployed drones to survey the area ahead.

I would look at the monitor sometimes and see whether the drones have found the boss or not.

And I did end up finding where the boss was.

I didn't reveal that information to Professor Mia at that time as I was sure that Professor Mia would give up after some days. I needed time to persuade her to give up.

But contrary to that, Professor Mia became hastier as she began to push herself.

I didn't understand why she was doing this but I knew that I could not persuade her.

And she was getting close to the location of Boss. As far as I can see from the drone, Professor Mia would have reached the Gate Boss monster location in one or two days.

That's why I knew my time for persuading Professor Mia was up and I had to help her. If the Gate Boss monster is what I think it is, then the boss monster was not something Professor Mia could handle.

She would not be able to escape from the Boss monster once she caught his attention.

Therefore, I gave the Rank-S breakthrough potion to Professor Mia. With that, she might be able to win or at least the probability of winning is greatly increased by it. Even if she didn't win, she could at least run away with her stat as Rank-S.

Since I decided to help Professor Mia, revealing the location of the Boss monster was something I needed to do. She would only waste time and consumption of potions would only increase if we delay time to find the Boss monster.

"You know"

Professor Mia asked, tilting her head. She must be thinking how can I know something like the location of Boss monster. I had been with her all along and her sense was greater than mine.

She probably had no idea that I was using drones to secretly watch the boss monster.


I said confidently. Be stunned by what my company product could do. A product that will be useful to even Rank-S like yourself.

I should probably advertise this product like this once it enters the market. Though I need to make it out of the Gate to do it.

Opening the monitor, I showed the screen to Professor Mia. I pointed to the image of an Ice Griffin quietly sleeping.

Ice Griffin is a mythical monster mentioned many times in RPG games. It was similar to a normal Griffin, however, its wings were of Ice, unlike the normal Griffin.

It was also much stronger than normal Griffin. Normal Griffins are usually at Rank-A, however, Ice Griffin was Rank-S - monster. This was the Gate Boss.

We needed to defeat this calamity to escape from this hellish place. Even with Professor Mia's new power, I know it will be anything but easy.

Generally, 5-6 Rank-S Heroes were needed to defeat the Ice Griffin. Ice Griffin was a tough monster that was difficult to defeat if there was no strong individual.

Numbers were nothing as he could freeze thousands of Rank-B humans with just one of his skills, Icy Wind Storm. Unless the people fighting him were not strong, having many fighters were useless.

Though the fact that Professor Mia is Ice Mage may prove advantageous to his skill. His skill could not freeze Professor Mia and me, who is immune to Ice Skill. However, the same must be true for Ice Griffin, our Ice Skill may be useless to him too.

And the fact that Professor Mia was just a newly ascended S-Rank worries me.

"Wow! How can drones fly for so long in such cold temperatures"

Professor Mia was genuinely surprised by Zero's drones. Normally, many technologies do not work in dungeons or Gate. The machines are fragile and the environment inside Gate and Dungeon was so dangerous that the machine would easily break down.

Drones made by Zero were closer to an artifact than a mere machine. It could be said as a modern artifact that integrates technologies and mana core. The steel used to make the drones were also steel found inside the dungeon.

The drone could qualify as a Rank-E artifact from the material it was made. It would not break easily like other machines.

"It is one of the prototypes of my company. If you want it, I can preorder it for you."

Zero said proudly. While the inventor was a different person, the product was still from his company.

"Really I want three then."

Professor Mia said. She was an intelligent person and knew how useful this product was.

Sending them to collect data on unknown and dangerous places, this product could reduce danger in exploration. It could even be used to find Boss monsters like how it had done right now.

"If I get out of this Gate, I will definitely gift three drones to you."

With the help of drones, Professor Mia could see what type of Gate Boss was. She was greatly shocked when she saw Ice Griffin.

Even she knows what type of monster Ice Griffin was. It was regarded as a calamity monster, not because of his rank but rather due to his skill.

It was something that happened hundreds of years ago. When one of the dungeon outbursts happened, Ice Griffin was one of the monsters that came out of that dungeon. It instantly destroyed everything and every Explorer that came to subdue the monsters.

Ice Griffin alone annihilated millions of humans before one SS-Rank Hero showed up and defeated it. Due to its capability of such destruction, it is regarded as a Calamity.

She carefully looked at the location of Ice Griffin and also checked for other monsters in its vicinity. Unlike Spectral Lion, Ice Griffin was a solitary monster.

They don't like to have other monsters with them. Therefore, their territory usually doesn't have many monsters.

After thinking about some plans, Professor Mia decided to confront the Ice Griffin.

"Let's Go!"-

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