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Parallel Memory Chapter 136 Close Your Eyes

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Chapter 136 Close Your Eyes


In this life, I could not do anything but lead her to her death. If given a chance, I want to be able to repay her.

In this life, it seems impossible, but maybe in the next life, I would do my best to repay her.

I still kept looking at Professor Mia's face which seemed as beautiful as ever. She seemed semi-transparent right now, probably because of my poor vision.

However, I was at peace when I looked at her face.

My eyes had almost lost all of their vision. My end was really close to me.


Maybe it was because the world was pitying me or rewarding me for my suffering, either way, an item suddenly appeared from the sky.

It was the reward for killing the Gate boss, Ice Griffin. There will always be rare items appearing when the dungeon boss monster is killed for the first time.

And of course, when the Gate boss is defeated, there will always be a reward. In Gate, the Boss monster can only be slain once because once the Gate Boss is killed, the Gate will disappear. So it was no surprise that there would be a reward for killing the Ice Griffin.

However, it was not due to the appearance of an item that surprised me, but because of what the item was. It was pink in color and shone like a gem.

( Legendary Grade Rank-S Elixir! )

The item that the MC, Hiro Ernest was desperately trying to get in the dungeon where he found the system. An Elixir that is said to cure every kind of disease there is, as well as heal any kind of injury, no matter how severe.

Be it regrowing of limbs or even organs like the heart and stomach.

My Elixir landed directly in front of me. I quickly grabbed the potion in fear that it might disappear.

I immediately searched for Professor Mia's body. My eyes had already turned blind after I grabbed the Elixir, however, since I was near her I could know where she was by using the feeling of hands.


I quickly used my mouth to open the potion right after knowing where Professor Mia was. Opening a potion felt like a tedious task when I was in this condition. Fortunately, I still had my strong teeth.


I started to pour the potion on Professor Mia's body.

Even if her pulse and breathing have stopped, as long as the time of death is not much, this legendary potion has a chance to bring even the dead back.

It had not been even 10 minutes since she was injured, so the Legendary Elixir must be able to bring Professor Mia back to life.


Like someone who had finally completed his last job, I instantly fell down and no muscles were responding to me. Maybe it was due to me feeling relieved that at least one of us was going to live, that might be why I had completely lost control over every nerve after I had finished pouring the potion.

As my mind sank deeper into the darkness, I could feel my body breaking into thousands of pieces. As everything pulled further and further away at an incredible speed, I could hear faint voices calling my name.

I could hear the voice properly but it felt very familiar. It is a shame that I didn't have the strength to respond.

Even when I knew I was dying, I didn't feel scared. Rather it was absolutely peaceful.



When I regained myself, I found myself in a place that was all white. It was not a hospital room, as far as I was aware of because the white room was endless.

I looked at the surroundings and found that, aside from me, there were also two other figures who looked the same as me.

"Was it worth it You could have saved yourself with that Elixir."

One of the figures spoke in a domineering voice. His appearance was similar to mine, yet his voice felt like someone who had conquered everything. It made me feel like growling in front of him.

I had by that time pretty much figured out where I was and who those two figures were.

"As someone who knows everything about me, you should understand why I did that. Is it not for a similar reason that you had destroyed half of your world, Emperor of Destruction"


The figure became silent.

There was no doubt that I was in my consciousness, and those two were probably the memories of my other-self.

"My situation is different. My family member was killed. Yours were just someone who had too much information about you. It might even have been better for her to die there. You had a chance to save yourself and continue protecting yourself and your family. You had wasted that chance for a stranger."

The figure spoke as he started to emit a somewhat threatening aura. Even if this was in my consciousness, it still gave me goosebumps.

The Emperor of Destruction looks quite angry that I had saved Professor Mia instead of myself. It might be that the Emperor of Destruction thought that saving myself was a better option.

If I saved myself I would have been able to protect my family. In addition, the Emperor of destruction might have been able to fulfill the task in this world that he had failed in his world.

Since we are basically the same person, it was not too difficult to understand why he would be so angry.

However, I was also angry at him. It might have been acceptable if he said this about someone else but he was talking about Professor Mia.

"She was someone who would go to any length to save me. Even if she reveals my information, what difference does it make She had already done so much for me that I would not mind giving my life for her."

Zero gave a fierce glare to the figure. Even if the figure in front of him had a mighty presence, Zero could not stand someone badmouthing Professor Mia.

Spark flew between the two. The two of them were the same, but at the same time, they were both different people.

"Now, Now, there is no need to be so hostile to each other. We are one person, remember"

The other figure spoke as he put down something that looked like a book.

"Hmph! What about you Don't you feel bad about being sacrificed by him"

The figure asked the other figure angrily.

"I don't care about anything other than the development of the story. As someone who likes to read emotional books, I would say that sacrificing his life for his teacher was quite a good development. I am a little disappointed about not being able to develop Tech Genesis anymore. Haha…"

The other figure laughed as if he couldn't care less about anything other than his interest. He didn't look a bit worried about his life or even others' lives. He then pointed toward the other figure with his book.

"Anyway, why are you so angry about dying Isn't this what you always wanted"

The figure who held the book didn't seem to be afraid of other figures. Zero was kind of surprised that the figure holding the book was able to be this fearless.

As he recalled, that other self was from a planet called Earth where humans were basically powerless. For that person to stand fearless against someone like the Emperor of Destruction who even Professor Mia had to be wary of, showed how courageous that person was.

In view of the way he talks about how my life is part of the story, I wondered whether maybe he views this whole scenario as something like a story where we are just characters in that story.

( This crazy Tech Geek bastard. )

I was astonished at the level of mental strength that figure showed. He could view everything as a part of a story, even himself. Not everyone could do that. He seemed to view even dying as a part of a story.

"Humph! Even if I wanted to die, I did not want to die like that. It is pathetic that he is dying to protect other people who could very well kill him in the future."

"He was already dying due to your power. Didn't you know Maybe you should have controlled yourself instead of going out of control. Oh! I remember, you can't. Your story is boring and you don't seem to remember much about yourself. Without being here, you could not even think and speak properly"


The figure pointed his sword at the other figure. The other figure who was holding the book remained still while smirking at the other figure. He was really not afraid of anything. Another reason why he is so fearless might be because it was happening in our consciousness and was not real.

Even so, I had to admire his guts to provoke the Emperor of Destruction. Even in this place, I felt a bit of discomfort when confronting the Emperor of Destruction.

However, the Book figure seemed to have pointed out a valid point as the Emperor of Destruction had taken his sword back.

If my body had not been wrecked by the Emperor of Destruction using the power, then Professor Mia wouldn't have any reason to look for Ice Griffin.

However, I was not going to blame him like the book figure. He seemed to have his own issue and the Book figure also knew that but he might have pointed out those things to calm down the Emperor of Destruction.

I was thankful that the Book figure had calmed that figure down. But,

"What now"

Whether this was a dream or my own consciousness, I didn't know. But it seems that I will be stuck here for a while with those two.-

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