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Parallel Memory Chapter 142 Saintess Amelia

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Chapter 142 Saintess Amelia


A sweet voice came from inside the building. A girl rushed out of the building and immediately hugged Professor Mia.

"Saintess Amelia!"

The person was the one that Professor Mia was trying to find, the Saintess.

"Humph! I already told you not to address me in such a way. Just call me Ames like you used to."

Saintess Amelia pouted in a childlike manner.

"Ames, you really need to maintain your image. Your followers might leave you if you behave like this."

Professor Mia spoke as she saw that there were many followers behind Saintess Amelia.

"Let them leave if they want to. I don't care whether I have any followers or not."

Saintess Amelia said, seemingly dissatisfied with the role of Saintess that was forced upon her.

She didn't care about her image as Saintess and had never bothered about acting like a kind and elegant person.

She and Professor Mia were childhood friends who used to play together often when they were kids. Until she was recognized as the next Saintess by the previous Saintess.

She was taken in by the Church to be nurtured to inherit the power of Saintess. She was not allowed any freedom and all her decisions were decided by the Church.

Her parents didn't go against the Church's decision as being Saintess would bring honor and wealth to the family. Rather than disagree, her parents happily gave away their daughters.

She hated the Church for this. The fame and wealth that she earned from it, as well as her powerful skills, she was not content with those things.

She had always been a free-spirited child since young and long to live her life as she used to when she was just a kid. Playing around, roaming wherever she likes without needing to follow any orders.

Therefore, she was more than happy to leave her title as Saintess and live like any other person. Other people might envy her position but the person herself didn't like it.

She had lost many friends due to being the Saintess and the only one who would visit her would be Professor Mia.

Many people tried to befriend her but all of them were only drawn to her due to her title as Saintess. They all wanted the benefit of being the friend of Saintess and many tried to take advantage of that.

Professor Mia didn't maintain her friendship with her due to shallow things like benefits.

Even with her position as Saintess, it didn't mean her fame and position were higher than her friend Mia Frostine.

Rather Professor Mia is recognized as someone who had the potential to reach Rank-SSS which might be more influential than having a Saintess title.

"Anyway, what's the rush"

She glanced toward the people who were frozen by her friend. She didn't scold or become angry at the fact that her friend had frozen all those people.

She was rather happy and curious. She didn't like those guards whose intention was to gain fame and resources through the Church.

They also didn't let her go out and would monitor her like some kind of prisoner, so she secretly held a grudge against those guards and Holy guards.

Though she knows that they are just following orders from the Pope and their superiors, it didn't change the fact that she didn't like them.

She was also curious because Professor Mia has never behaved in such a way. She was a model student through and through even as a child.

She would not break any rules and was serious in all the things she did. Even for small things, she would not lie or do anything against the rules.

She was also called the 'Iron Lady Mia'.

Saintess Amelia would never have believed that the same Mia had forcefully entered the Holy Ground.

"I want you to heal someone."

"Heal Someone Is it that serious"

She asked, knowing that Professor Mia would have never reacted in such a way if there was another way to solve her problem, asked her.

As a person who hated being indebted, she would not ask for someone's help easily. If she came to her in such a hurry like this, she knew the problem was quite serious.

Professor Mia nodded to Saintess Amelia.

"Where is she I will heal her right away if I can."

Saintess Amelia knows about her friend. There were only a handful of people for whom Professor Mia would go to such a length. Therefore, as long as she could help, she was willing to.

"Let's go somewhere private. He is with me."

"Ok, let's go into my room. Nobody will disturb us there."

Professor Mia nodded.


Saintess Amelia snapped her finger and instructed her followers to listen to her orders.

"You all heard me. Don't allow others to enter my room without my permission. And also take care of this mess."

Saintess Amelia spoke while pointing towards the frozen guard. While her voice with Professor Mia was friendly and adorable, it was the complete opposite for other people.

Her voice sounded distant and domineering while she spoke with her followers.

"Yes, Saintess!"

The maids who were following Saintess Amelia replied solemnly.

"Now, let's go to my room."

***Inside the Saintess Private Chamber***

Unlike many people's expectations, the room was not decorated with gold and holy objects. It was not that grand either.

It was a normal room that every girl had. With every item placed in an orderly manner. Only that, now that room has two of the most famous women in the world.

"So, where is the person that you want me to heal"

Saintess Amelia asked right after entering the room. She could see that Professor Mia was in a hurry.

Professor Mia took out an object from her storage ring.

The object was an artifact that was in the form of a scroll.

It was actually a kind of storage ring but unlike storage rings, it didn't restrict living things. In other words, it was an artifact that could be used to store humans.

Professor Mia opened the scroll and Zero, who was frozen in the Ice, came out.

"This is the person you want me to heal"

"Yes. I hope you could do me this favor."

Saintess Amelia can feel the desperation in her friend's voice. Professor Mia kept staring at the body sealed in the ice.

She began examining the body from the outside. While she could not say for sure but looking at the person's body, she knew that it was in pretty rough shape.


She could not say for sure whether her healing power was strong enough to heal the person on the ice.

"So… Can you heal him"

"Not sure. Your ice is obstructing my examination. However, if you have frozen him to slow down the damage on his body then I can say that this injury is anything but simple."


Listening to the Saintess, Professor Mia became gloomy. She knew that Zero was in a dangerous state but to think that even the Saintess was not sure about being able to heal him.

"But I think I can try. I can only say for sure after seeing his whole body."

Saintess Amelia was not sure since the Ice was interfering with her senses.

Once the ice melted, she should be able to see for sure whether the injury is beyond her capabilities or not.

Professor Mia started to melt the ice surrounding Zero. She knew that Zero's life would be in Saintess's hands after this.


Right after melting the ice, Amelia was scared off by the presence of Dark Energy. As a Saintess, she was able to see the type of mana each person had.

And inside Zero's body, she could feel the Dark Energy.

That is also not a weak Dark Energy but rather something that is on the level of a demon prince.

Saintess Amelia began to tremble after sensing that Dark Energy.

It was not that she was a coward or anything, it was because she was once left on the verge of dying by one of the demon princesses.

Demon Princesses were equal to Rank-S heroes. And Saintess Amelia at that time was just Rank-D, so she could not do anything even when Demon Princess was just playing with her group.

She could not forget the dark energy that she felt that day. A huge number of humans that were fighting with demons were instantly burnt to a crisp by her.

She killed not only the humans but even her fellow demons.

If not for the timely arrival of some Rank-S Heroes, she was sure that she was going to die in that demon princess's hands.

Therefore, she was involuntarily scared by the Dark Energy of Zero.

"Ames, What happened"

Professor Mia immediately rushed to help Saintess Amelia. She didn't know why her friend had screamed.

"Th-That boy i-is Devil…"

Saintess Amelia said while pointing her trembling finger at Zero's body. She was sure that the person on the ice was a Devil, not a human being.-

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