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Parallel Memory Chapter 146 A Funny Guy!

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Chapter 146 A Funny Guy!

"Yes! Yes, I will be there tomorrow."

Professor Mia sat on the bed as she ended her call.


Professor Mia had been receiving many calls lately. From news channels that would like to interview her to The Authority who want to confirm certain things like her rank and the type of Gate that had emerged.

She rejected those news channels while she postponed her meeting with The Authority agent.

She needed to eventually register herself as Rank-S and it was crucial for humanity peace to share information about the Gate.

She waited for Zero to regain his consciousness. Since he had already woken up, she decided it was time for her to get back to her duty.

"Mia, are you already going Can't you stay for a few days more"

Saintess Amelia asked Professor Mia. She had been quite happy to spend time with her friend after so long.

She didn't want Professor Mia to leave so quickly.

"I have already postponed my duties for too long. I can't keep them waiting for too long."

Saintess Amelia noticed that Professor Mia was back to being that stern lady she was.

Always following the rules and laws, it looked like she had changed for a bit when she forced her way into the Holy Church.

She realized that Professor Mia had only been neglecting her duties and ignoring law and order due to Zero.

( That Boy. )

Saintess Amelia became annoyed when she thought of Zero. Saintess Amelia didn't dislike Professor Mia's change but to think that it was due to Zero has made her angry.

She didn't want her friend to be sullied by that rude boy who called her an old woman.

Whether it was because Zero has Dark Energy or because of the fact that her friend was showing more concern for him, she didn't have a favorable opinion of Zero.

Even when Professor Mia denied the rumor between her and Zero, Saintess Amelia didn't believe that nothing was going on between Professor Mia and Zero after listening to their story.

At least she felt that their relationship was better than most people.

Who would not think like that when they know that Professor Mia and Zero were ready to sacrifice their lives for each other

Saintess Amelia felt that Professor Mia was at risk of being taken away by Zero. She didn't want to lose her friend to a leecher.

"I will be leaving Zero in your care for a few days. I will come back to bring him back. I hope you can take care of him for me."

She initially wanted to bring Zero back to the Ace Academy but feared that he might not have fully healed.

With Saintess by his side, she believed that even if there were some side effects, he would be healed as long as Amelia was with him.

Saintess Amelia thought for a while before revealing a smile.

"You don't need to worry about him. I will make sure to 'take' care of him."

"Thank you!"

With that Professor Mia disappeared from that place like she was never there, to begin with.

"Hehe…Yes, I will make sure he is taken care of."

Saintess Amelia revealed an evil smile which was unbefitting for her status as Saintess.


Breakfast was already prepared and delivered to Zero's room when he awoke.

( At least she still treats me like a guest. )

I thought that Saintess Amelia would leave me hungry all by myself but the Saintess unexpectedly was still treating me like a guest.

The food was luxurious and all the cleaning was taken care of by the maids.

I feel like a rich person who had all the work done by others.

Though I really am rich enough to afford this kind of lifestyle. However, I would not want to live like this.

Though I enjoyed doing this once in a while, I feel like I will turn into a lazy person once I get used to it.

After eating breakfast, I was in the mood for a walk.

It had been days since I last moved my body and I wanted to know whether there was any problem with my current body.

Not to mention that it was kind of a rare chance to explore the Holy Church. The Holy Church was not accessible to everyone, at least not the inner part of the Holy Church.

I confirmed with the maid that was assigned to look after me whether I could explore the place.

"Can I go for a walk"

I asked her.

"There are certain restricted areas. Other than those places, you are allowed to go anywhere. I can guide you if you want."

"Thank you, that will be a big help."

With that, I was taken on a tour of the Holy Church. The maid explained the history of the Holy Church as we went and explored the place.

The Holy Church was a huge place with a large garden outside. It might even be possible for people who don't stay here to get lost.

"Oie, who is that"

In the middle of touring, a man interrupted us.

He seems extremely arrogant with many followers behind him.

I don't know whether he is a member of the Church or not, but it seems that he is an influential person.

I mean he could come into the Holy Church with so many followers, so I guess he is not just a random person.

"He is a guest of the Saintess."

The maid answered emotionlessly. I wondered whether the maid is a robot or not with how little emotion she has shown so far.

"Saintess Amelia's Guest I have never seen him before. Who are you"

The man asked as if he was the owner of the Holy Church. His voice seemed like he was ordering me.

"And why should I answer you"

Zero unintentionally became a tad annoyed at the man since Zero felt the same vibe of Professor William from that man.

"You don't know who I am Heh, let me introduce myself to you ignorant child. I am Christian La-Minnings."

Rather than getting pissed off at Zero's response, he seems to pity Zero.

Maybe he really felt that Zero was a pitiful man who didn't even know a man as magnificent as him. Perhaps it was just Christians' narcissistic nature to think like that.

"I am Zero Elea."

Zero answered. It was only polite for him to introduce himself since the other party had already introduced himself.

"Zero Elea, huh Does not ring a bell. How did you get in here"

"He was brought in by the Ice Enchantress and the Saintess Amelia has decided to look after him."

The maid escorting Zero told Christian.

( Wait a minute, why are you making me sound so pathetic Like I am someone who is riding on others' coattails.)

"I thought you were some bigshot. So, someone who knows Ice Enchantress gets the privilege to be a Saintress guest I didn't know that even maids would take care of him."

He shot a glare in my direction. When he spoke, he showed a bit of hostility.

I don't know why this type of guy seems to hate me the moment they see me.

Could it be my handsome looks Nah, who am I kidding

But it did seem like those types of people don't like me the moment they see me.

"Anyway, where is Saintess Amelia She wasn't in the room either."

It looked like Christian came here to meet the Saintess.

I looked behind Christian to see that his followers were carrying a lot of flowers. I can guess why he made his appearance here. Looks like he is here to pursue the Saintess.

Saintess Amelia, whether it was her appearance, talent or background was second to none.

There were countless men who were courting Saintess Amelia.

Naturally, men are attracted to a beautiful woman and Saintess Amelia was one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Not to mention being in a relationship with her can get lots of benefits. Like the backing of the most influential organization in the world, the Church.

No matter what, there were plenty of men in pursuit of Saintess Amelia and the man in front of Zero also seemed to be one of them.

"The Saintess room is being used by this gentleman."

The maid replied to Cristian.


Christian almost sounded like he could not believe his ears for a while. He looked stunned by what the maid said just now.

I was also stunned by her words. Whether it was intentional or unintentional, the maid was making a feud between me and this Christian guy with her words.

"Oie, Oie, Oie, what did I just hear You are saying this boy has been staying in Saintess Amelia's room."


The maid said emotionlessly.

"Oie, Oie, Seriously"

Christian guy seems to be drifting away from reality. His two followers came from behind to hold him.

"What did you say your name was"

( This guy. He asked my name and then forgot it the next minute. )

"Zero Elea"

"Zero… Zero I will remember your name. Today I am not feeling well, so I have to retire for the day. Next time, let us have a man-to-man talk."

Unexpectedly, the Christian guy simply walked away without creating any problems with me. I thought he might ask his followers to attack me or at least threaten me.

( Did he really have to react like that just because I was staying in her room )

Christian seems to have been shocked by what the maid said and had left the Holy Church.

I expected him to be like Professor William who would be relying on force and status to fight with me but it seems like I was mistaken.

He did act arrogantly but it seemed like it was his normal attitude.

I tried to remember whether there was any character with the name Christian in the novel but I could not remember him being mentioned.

An interesting character like him would definitely be remembered by me.

Anyway, it didn't seem like Christian had any malicious intentions against me which I was grateful for.

I think that I have had enough of making enemies with someone who I don't know at all.

"What do you think of Mr. Christian"

The maid asked me.

( This maid! )

She is surely a dangerous being, at least to me. Whether it was deliberately or not, she could have made me the enemy of Christian.

Maybe she knows what kind of man Christian is, and therefore didn't consider her comment to create problems for me.

Anyway, I could not see through her intentions at all. However, there was no harm in answering her question. I might also know what her real intention is.

"A Funny Guy!"-

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