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Parallel Memory Chapter 15 What Happen? [2]

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Chapter 15 What Happen [2]

[ [ "Professor Mia!" ] ]

The person that helped them was professor Mia. She used her Magic Art to form an Ice wall similar to Zero Ice Wall but it was more powerful and the size was twice that of Zero's Ice Wall.

[ "Are you okay Where are other members of your team." ]

[ "We are fine. Others are hiding in the forest. Professor Mia, how did you find us" ]

[ "Kale where is Zero " ]

Suddenly, Isabel interjected. She along with Daniel and Lizbeth was running towards them.

[ "Oh. You were the one to bring professor Mia. Zero is in the forest being protected by Misha. We need to immediately him send to the hospital." ]

Sylvia said.

[ "WHAT What happened " ]

[ "No time to explain, you three bring other students and escape while we defeat the last enemy. With professor Mia, it will be easy for us to defeat him." ]

[ "No need. You two are seriously injured, go retreat with them." ]

Professor Mia said to Sylvia.

[ "Professor we can endure it." ]

Kale responded.

[ "Just go. It will not take a minute for me to eliminate him." ]

She then condense her mana and changed into Ice energy.

( SH*T, it is Ice Enchantress. Mission has failed, looks like I need to escape. )

[ "Do you think you can run away from me after what you did to my students" ]

[ "Ice Spear" ]

Multiple spears appeared above professor Mia which contained destructive Ice energy. She then waved her hand and all the spear was shot at the Mage Devil Contractor.

[ "Mana Shield" ]


[ "T-this can't be. I can't be killed." ]

All the spears pierced the Mana Shield like it was made out of thin paper, then the spears all pierced his body. The Mage had more holes in his body than Swiss cheese.

[ "Humph. Trying to kill my students. This is what you get for acting without thinking about consequences." ]

She then turned around and signaled them to follow her.

[ "Let go. We need to move the injured as soon as possible." ]

Sylvia led them into the forest. They quickly followed her. They soon arrived at the place where other students were lying on the ground.

[ "Sylvia!" ]

[ "Misha! Are they Okay" ]

[ "They are all alive but Zero needs medical attention as soon as possible. I don't know what is happening but his body is becoming colder and colder." ]

Misha said in a panicky voice. She had been treating Zero by giving him potions but his condition was not improving. His face became paler as time passed. Misha was getting more and more worried as time passed.

[ "Please make some space. I will see what is wrong with his body." ]

Professor Mia immediately put her down on Zero's body and channeled her mana to his body. After some time, she had an astonished face.

[ " What happened to him He is already seriously injured outside and inside his mana are in conflict. "]

[ "P-professor, can you save him" ]

Isabel asked in a panicked voice.

[ "I don't know but luckily his energy is Ice. I can at least absorb his Ice energy and solve the conflict of his mana. However, he suffered too much damage I don't know whether he can be saved." ]

The statement made everybody stiff. They were all thinking different things but everybody had one realization that is they weak, too weak. They were all clenching their hand so hard that it was bleeding. Zero had to fight for their life because they were too weak to help him.

[ "So What happened to him I don't think that Rank E enemy is enough to injure him to such a state. I know he is at least Rank E-." ]

Even though the student info has Zero as Rank F student but from training with him, she was certain that he broke through and his rank is at least Rank E -.

[ [ "Rank E-!" ] ]

Isabel, Daniel, and Lizbeth were surprised to discover this information. Rank E - means his abilities are within the Top 50 of all first year. They thought that only Kale was Rank E - in their team but turns out Zero was also Rank E -. But they soon accepted it as they know he had killed Rank E Devil Contractor by himself.

Kale, Sylvia, and Misha were not surprised by this as they saw him fight Devil Contractors. They would not even be surprised if the professor told them he was Rank E because he had the ability to kill Rank E .

Soon Kale and Sylvia explained what happened. Kale explained how they encountered Devil Contractors and saw Sylvia's team fighting which led to the separation of their team. Sylvia explains what happened after Kale was knocked out. How he used a strong Art that killed multiple Rank E in an instant.

Isabel, Daniel, Lizbeth, and even professor Mia were shocked by their story. He was fighting alone with multiple Rank E and they even had Rank E but Zero had killed most of them and almost won by himself. It would not be an exaggeration to call such combat power Rank D or D .

[ "We need to get out of this place. I will carry Zero, I need to constantly absorb his Ice energy. You three carry the other students." ]

Isabel, Daniel, and Lizbeth nodded. They were the only students with enough energy to carry others. Sylvia, Kale, and Misha were all seriously wounded though not as bad as Zero but still bad enough to see that they had a tough battle.

They continued running for 10 minutes until they all reached BloodyWolf Entrance where the Medical staff was all busy attending to injured students. Zeros' and Sylvias' teams were not the only ones that encountered Devil Contractors, at least a hundred students had a battle with Devil Contractors though the most dangerous enemy was encountered by them and Hiro's team.


[ "Hiro, I think we will encounter another group of enemy." ]

Alva said to Hiro. While returning after the successful hunt, they had encountered three Devil Contractors who seem to be dead set on killing them. They had a tough battle, Hiro fought with one Rank E Devil Contractor while others took on the other two Devil Contractors. Hiro killed his enemy after a few rounds of fighting. After that, it was easy to eliminate other Devil Contractors but during the process one of the teammates was seriously injured.

They are now moving to the Entrance of BloodyWolf Forest where professors are stationed.

[ "Yes, I don't think they send just three Devil Contractors to kill the students. We are moving through the forest where it is difficult for the enemy to notice us. Even so, we should be on our toes." ]

[ "Humph. If we encounter them, we can kill them like those Devil Contractors. What Is the number 1 student of our grade scared of enemies" ]

The one who replied was Zarek. He is an arrogant young master of the Diamond guild. He was always pampered by people around him because of his status until he came to Ace Academy. He was only ranked 416 and no one paid attention to him as there was numerous student more influential than his guild. This led to his resentment toward Hiro who was just a commoner but was always the center of attention.

A frown appeared on Hiro and his teammate's face.

[ "We already have one teammate who is unable to join the fight. If we encounter another group of Devil Contractors we may lose another member. We should avoid unnecessary battles. " ]

Remus said to Zarek angrily. He was already upset with Zarek's attitude and lack of cooperation. Remus was also a young master of Diamond graded guild and he was more talented than Zarek with a Rank 375. Their teammates were injured as a result of Zarek letting the enemy attack their teammates when she was preparing Magic Attack. Let alone apologizing for his mistake, Zarek blamed Lavinia(Mage) saying that she was useless and can't even dodge the enemy attack, even though it was his job to keep the enemy from attacking Lavinia.

[ "Humph. Words of a coward. You are as weak as that girl." ]

[ "Z-zarek. You brainless fool. Don't cross the line. You are the one dragging this team down. Don't call others weak when you can't even do your job properly." ]

[ "Humph. I alone would have killed that enemy. Lavinia was the one dragging me down, it is good that she is knocked out and won't disturb me next time." ]

Zarek was arrogant thinking he could kill Devil Contractors since Hiro was able to kill them. He has still not accepted the fact that there were others who were more powerful than him. He would always accuse others of cheating in the exam which resulted in him having a low rank. He would blame his mistake on others thinking he was always right.

[ "Zarek doesn't insult Lavinia. She was helping us defeat Devil Contractors. What were you doing Suddenly rushing to attack Devil Contractors without any strategy. Lavinia protected you from their attack and instead of thanking her, you are insulting her. Apologize to her" ]

Hiro Ernest was one to say to the Zarek. He had endured his arrogant behavior during the hunt but he is still acting arrogant when they are facing a crisis with their life on the line. He was angry at him for insulting Lavinia and blaming her for his mistake.

[ "Apologize Me To her Don't joke with me. Who gave you the authority to order me. You are just a commoner. Don't forget your place." ]

[ "Zarek, Hiro is our leader. Listen to his order. If you want to do want you, get out from our team. That way you don't have to listen to the leader but when you are in a team, listen to the team leader." ]

[ "Humph. Do you think I need your help You should be grateful for being on the same team as me. I should have already gone my own way." ]

Saying that Zarek speed-up and went in front of them. Hiro tried to stop him but was stopped by Remus's hand.

[ "Let him go. It is better this way for him and us." ]

Hiro wanted to say that it is dangerous for him to go alone but remembering Zarek's attitude he knows Zarek will not come back. But after a few minutes, he comes to greatly regret his decision.

After going through the forest for a few minutes, they were out of the forest. When they were out of the forest, what they saw great surprised them.

On the ground was Zarek's dead body.-

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