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Parallel Memory Chapter 155 What Is My Crime?

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Chapter 155 What Is My Crime

The journalist was one of those journalists who had pestered Professor Mia during the Gate. He also suffered at the hand of Professor Mia.

He had come here to take revenge on Professor Mia. Though it was not possible to fight Professor Mia with his fist, at least he could drag her name down with his news article.

He could have easily done it if he had the cooperation of Zero who is the personal student of Professor Mia. He had many ways to twist the news article into making Professor Mia look evil.

Even if Zero would not say directly that he could have conned him into admitting that Professor Mia is a terrible person rather than a genius. But he had not expected that Zero would not even want to talk to him.

Many people, especially the young, would be extremely happy to get to be in the news. Who would say no to fame

Moreover, they were from one of the greatest new channels in Edolas, not to mention that Titan Storm was backing them up.

Now, Zero had once again made the arrogant journalist realize that they could not do everything they wanted.

His hatred for Professor Mia has been transferred to Zero who has reminded himself of the time he was suppressed by Professor Mia.

He had made up his mind to make trouble for Zero. This is also in line with what he was here for. Zero's bad reputation will indirectly affect Professor Mia's reputation as well.

Unknown to Zero about the intention of the reporter, he went to class like normal.

He looked around to find that his classmates were more excited than ever. It might have to do with getting an opportunity to get interviewed.

It seems that no matter how powerful one becomes, he/she will always seek fame and glory. It was no different for the students of Ace Academy.

They seem to dream of spreading their name across the whole world.

I also get it that they want to make themselves famous but I don't think answering journalists will do that. All they care about right now is getting the information about Professor Mia.

It was the same for the audience, who would care about a person who appeared for one minute to talk about someone else.


One could easily become famous as long as one becomes strong. What's the point of temporary fame when you could have all the fame when you ascend to Rank-S

Right now, what we should focus on is getting stronger. Fame and other things were all useless things that could easily be achieved with power.

Everything proceeded as normal. The only problem was journalists roaming outside the Ace Academy. Can't the school administration do something about this They are destroying the Ace Academy peace.

I can't go outside to train since the gate is filled with journalists. I decided to train here at school today.

Only at night did I go to sleep.


The next day, I walked down the road to my class. There were many news reporters around which made the school atmosphere quite chaotic.

"Look, he still has the audacity to come to school."

"I never expected him to be so arrogant. Just because he is strong, does it mean he can do whatever he wants"

"Disregarding the law, I can't believe him. He is truly fearless."

"I already knew he was a flirt but to go so far. He is truly shameless."

Walking to class, many students were glaring at me. I don't know what happened but it looks like they hate me.

I don't do anything to earn their disdain but I guess there would be some who would always hate me no matter what.

Ignoring those students, I continued to head toward the class. The other students were also showing me the same kind of attitude as the previous group of students.

I also realized that students were paying more attention to me than usual.

Moreover, they seem to look at me with hostility rather than respect and fear which is usually the case.


As I opened the door to the class, my classmates' reactions were similar to those of students I had encountered earlier. While walking towards my seat, I heard a voice.

"Humph! Despite all that, he is still acting so casually. If I were him, I would bury my face and never show it to others."

One of my classmates whispered but it was clearly aimed at me. With our hearing better than normal people, how could you possibly try to whisper in front of Rank-D I knew he deliberately said that to be heard.

I glared at the classmate. He immediately lowered his head and tried to make it seem like it wasn't him who said that.

One look was enough to scare him this much. I don't know who gave him the guts to say such things to me.

Still, something was definitely up which was not known to me right now. I know from the reaction of the students when they see me but I was not that worried.

Even if they hate me to the point of wanting to kill me, they don't have enough courage or strength to do so.


While I was making my way to my seat, one of the professors entered the class.

"Zero Elea, you have been summoned to the Professor conference hall."

I thought that the problem was not that severe until I was summoned to the Professor's conference hall.

I don't know what type of problem is brewing but it looks like something happened with me being involved.

I tried to ask the reason but got no answer. I silently followed the professor.

"Zero, Do you admit your fault"

As soon as I stepped into the conference hall, a familiar voice shouted at me. It was Professor William, typical of him to blame me as soon as I entered the room.

Ignoring his gibberish words, I looked around the conference hall to see many professors present. Looks like something serious has happened.

"For what reason did you all call me"

I said.

If they think I am going to cower before them then they can continue to dream. They might be trying to show their domineering side but it was only rude, rude to call me without telling me the reason.

Just because I am a student at Ace Academy does not give them the right to push me around. If they want to discuss something useless, I would just leave from here.

I could see Professor William gritting his teeth. But what can he do I was not under any obligation to answer him.

"Zero, we have called you to discuss something important."

The Vice-Principal solemnly said.

Even the Vice-Principal was present, which made me think that it was more serious than I thought.

"What is that"

I asked.

"Don't try to fake ignorance. Just admit your wrongdoings and you will save us some time."

One of the professors said, Looking closely I know who he was. He was one of the professors that followed Professor William.

Looks like Professor William wants to take revenge today. Though I still don't know why I am called here.

"I admit that you are stupid. Now, may I go"

"Y-YOU! Know your place. Is this how you talk to your professor"

"And is this how a professor behaves Just tell me the reason why you have called me here."

I replied angrily. Does he think he can get respect by treating me with contempt I only respect those who respect me first.

"You think that just because Professor Mia is backing you, you can act so arrogantly. I wil…"

"STOP! Professor Yoel if you are done, I would like to ask Zero Elea some questions"

The voice of the Vice-Principal, which contained his aura vibrated through the conference hall. Professor Yoel backed away without hesitation seeing that the Vice-Principal was getting angry.

"Did you see the recent news"


( What does that have to do with me. )

I don't know why he asked me the question but it might have to do with me being called here.


"I guess we should start from there."

The Vice Principal flicked his hand and one of the professors came forward and started to speak.

"At 8:00 pm yesterday, a news article started circulating that one of the students had attacked a journalist who is weak. Disregarding the law that powerful people are not allowed to suppress the weak people"...

The professor started stating the news and things became a little clearer to me. The reason why everyone around me was looking at me like a criminal.

"It is also said that Zero was harassing some girls. The girl gave their testimony to the news company."

The professor finished speaking and backed away.

"Zero, did you understand the situation"

The Vice-Principal asked.

I nodded.

Basically, the news article was published talking about how I have used my power to beat a powerless citizen. An article in the news shows me smacking a journalist's hand with my full strength.

In addition to the news article about me harassing girls in the town, the girl gave an interview to substantiate the report.

"Zero, do you admit your mistake"

Professor William blabbered again.

"So, what is it that you call me here for"

Once again, I ignored Professor William and asked the Vice-Principal.

I know that talking to Professor William is just a waste of my time. I would rather get rid of whatever the problem is.

I could see Professor William fuming with anger since I have ignored him twice. But I don't care. He has already taken me as his enemy and I would love nothing more than to upset him.

"As you have heard, the news is quickly spreading and it is hurting our school's prestige. Since you are our student, we have to handle your crime. Zero Elea, do you have anything to say in your defense"

Vice-Principal asked.

Anything to say in my defense OF COURSE! Are these people idiots Don't they see that the news is fake and manipulated by the news company Do they seriously believe that the news is authenticated


I took a deep breath to calm down my mind. Dealing with stupid people is always stressful especially when they are in a group.

"I would like to ask a question."


The Vice-Principal gestured for me to go on.

"What is my crime again"-

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