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Parallel Memory Chapter 160 Power Of TwitFlick!

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Chapter 160 Power Of TwitFlick!

For the next day, the intelligence department was busy getting evidence of Fal being a bully and girls being paid to say that thing on the news.

Zero has been busy sorting the information that he is getting from the intelligence department. The information about Fal was so much that Zero didn't know which information to use.

This guy was someone who would commit a crime every three days. To think Zero thought he needed to put some effort into digging into some of his evil past.

He was looking through the evidence of Fal committing many of his misdeeds. Choosing those which would most likely incur the wrath of the people.

It was almost time to attack the enemy. As long as sufficient information was there, he could easily make it into a big deal.

It was time to make use of TwitFlick to clear his name.


During the time Zero was absent, many students started to believe that Zero had been punished for the things that he did in the news.

Even the professor who had been in the conference hall was shocked to find out that Zero had been suspended.

They believed that the Vice-Principal had meted out punishment in private.

This news led to professor Willian smiling from ear to ear. According to him, Zero was removed from the tournament as a rumor as a result of his persuasion.

He had initially thought that the Vice-Principal was trying to help Zero during the discussion but did not expect that Zero would be punished by the Vice-Principal.

He almost started to respect the Vice-Principal though for only a few seconds. There was no way that a prideful person like Professor William would respect someone for real.

People started to make lots of assumptions when the actual truth was that zero was taking some days off to deal with the news.

People forgot that Zero is a participant of the tournament which means that he has the perk of staying absent if he wants to as long as it is for a short period of time.

The reason is that, during this time, news articles were slandering Zero and he appeared to be either punished by the school or too embarrassed to attend class.

Either way, the reputation of Zero among the students was reaching rock bottom. Even the people who had favorable thoughts about Zero were starting to think differently after listening to so many terrible rumors about him.

That's when a piece of news started to spread.

As TwitFlick became popular and was considered a place both for information and entertainment, most of the students of Ace Academy were using it. They would generally get the news from TwitFlicks nowadays.

There was a post of the journalist using his backing of Titan Storm to threaten other people into saying the things that he wants.

Additionally, he was Rank-D which was a high rank for a journalist. He uses his rank as a means to blackmail the powerless citizen.

This sent a shock to people around the world. To think that there was someone as weak as him to behave as arrogantly as the young of big guilds and clans. If they didn't see it with their own eyes, they would have never believed it.


The post has photos and videos of the person in the act. His information was also written down professionally.

The photos and videos were all taken by the Zero Information Gathering Team. This could have been taken by the victim who recorded the image and video themselves or from a CCTV camera.

The news quickly spread since Zero had this post advertised instead of other advertisements for the whole day on TwitFlick. At least 1 million people have seen the post since it was posted.

Later, some people who are good at verifying information pointed out that the journalist in the post is the same one who was the victim of the news a few days ago.

This again has confused the people. The person that they thought was powerless was actually Rank-D and the person himself was not a good person. This caused the people to rage as they finally realized that the journalist had fooled them.

Another post which was of some girls was published. It was only about the girls of red district light which was not interesting unless you were a pervert.

But people quickly link that post to the previous article about Zero. They quickly realized that the girls in the post were the same as in the news which proclaimed them as victims of harassment from Zero.

Due to their fame which was all from the news, people quickly recognized those people in the post. The pity they had from the news has turned into anger.

A few people realized that the two articles were about supporting Zero after they saw the post about the prostitute girls. After all, why would those posts about those two appear together

There was a chance that it was all a coincidence but they begged to differ. There is no coincidence in the world.

They realized that they were tricked by the news into thinking that Zero had wronged them. Only realizing that the news had fooled everyone.

Was the girl working as a prostitute and claiming victimization by Zero harassment

The journalist who bullied others was actually the one who was committing all kinds of crimes using his rank and his guild as backing.

It was clear from this two news that Zero was the victim of false news. The post didn't say that Zero was innocent or anything but people conjectured from those posts that Zero was innocent.

Zero intentionally didn't proclaim himself innocent. He didn't want to pursue anyone into thinking that he was a victim or anything.

He didn't want to prove that he didn't do all those things. He never wanted to claim himself as a hero who only does the right things. More than that he was more interested in his revenge.

It was fine for him as long as the people who messed with him suffered.

He had never cared about anyone's opinion.-

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