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Parallel Memory Chapter 172 Rivals Meets Each Other!

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Chapter 172 Rivals Meets Each Other!

The hotel we are staying at is a rather expensive one. Since the tournament got lots of sponsors from different guilds and businesses, it does not lack the fund to treat the participants lavishly.


Getting inside the hotel, the hotel was spacious and the ceiling was at least 10 meters high. The hotel was decorated with lots of flowers and ornaments.

The material of the Hotel is not regular either. It is probably the metal found in dungeons and could at least withstand the power Rank-A. This hotel is perhaps one of the safest places to stay.

If you need to stay in a hotel like this, it would normally cost around 10,000 Ethan for one night.

The hotel was impressive indeed but what caused us to be more alert was not the lavishly made design, it was the students of other Top-5 schools.

It looks like the last school to come to this place is our school. Truly the protagonist's school, making the last entry is always their thing.

The students of different schools were glaring at us. They might also be observing their opponent.

I also looked around. They all will be our opponents in the tournament. Just when we were walking, a middle-aged woman stood before us.

From the attire she wore, it seemed that she was also a professor. The only thing that made her unique from other professors though was that she was wearing a hat. Probably a witch hat that increases mana. She should be a Mage.

"Hello, Professor Mia! Good to see you again!"

The professor blocking us greeted Professor Mia. Looks like she knows Professor Mia and had come to meet her.

"Professor Glinda! I see that you are here."

Professor Mia and Professor Glinda started talking to each other. They seemed to know each other well seeing how they didn't seem to be wary of each other.

"Students, she is the professor of Britelts Academy. I will need to discuss some things with her. You all can go and receive your room key from the receptionist and rest in your room."

Listening to Professor Mia, Students went to the receptionist and got the room key for their respective rooms.

The students seemed to have become tired after sitting on the bus for too long. Even with a strong body, the tiredness you feel from sitting in one place for many hours will always be there.

Zero was also going to go to his room to rest.

"So you have finally come, Professor Mia."

I turned my head as I heard a familiar voice from Professor Mia's direction. And the person who was arrogantly calling Professor Mia was Professor Frey whom I met at Sophia's birthday party.

She was a pretty dangerous person. Not only because I know that she is a member of a dark guild but because she had killing intent when I met her last time.

I was only Rank-E back then and she used her bloodthirst which made me quite scared. She will also become the Vice-leader of the Dark Guild.

I stayed where I was and started to listen to their conversation.

"Professor Mia, I didn't think that you were going to come seeing how busy you should be. Oh, and let me congratulate you on Ascending to Rank-S."

Professor Frey said with a smile on her face.

If one does know the relationship between Professor Mia and Professor Frey, they might even see them as friends. Unfortunately, Professor Frey was someone who detest Professor Mia completely.

In the novel, because of her hatred for Professor Mia, she will target Hiro and other students of Ace Academy. She will make everyone who is related to Professor Mia suffer.

"Thank You, Professor Frey! It seems like you are also going to ascend soon."

Professor Mia replied.

I don't know whether Professor Mia said it with kind intention or to provoke Professor Frey but it seems like Professor Frey took that in a negative way.

She probably thinks that Professor Mia is provoking her and showing off that she has ascended before her.

Though I don't think that is the case because while Professor Frey seemed to have a grudge against Professor Mia, Professor Mia does not have many grudges against Professor Frey.

She just finds her annoying because Professor Frey always seems to go against her and she also knows that Professor Frey hates her.

"Professor Mia looks like you have brought your little lover to the tournament."

Professor Frey said that while glaring at me.

( Looks like she didn't forget me. )

I don't know whether to be happy or sad that she remembers me. Happy that such a powerful character remembers me or sad because she hates me due to Professor Mia.

"I didn't bring him, he earned himself. He is going to be one of the participants from the Ace Academy."


Professor Frey had a surprised look on her face.

Though in actuality she already knew that because she had already collected the information about who all are going to be participating from Ace Academy. That's why she told Omar Noel to beat Zero if he got the chance.

"Then, I have to remind Professor Mia to warn him carefully. Our Omar Noel is a little cruel. Who knows what he would do if he meets Zero in the tournament."

Professor Frey told.

She was trying to make Professor Mia nervous and scare her a bit.

"Thanks for your warning. I would also advise you that you tell Omar Noel to be careful when he meets Zero. Omar is said to win the tournament, it would be embarrassing if he gets easily defeated by Zero."

Professor Mia said.

She was not a bit scared of Professor Frey's words. While she knows that Omar is strong and cruel and that he might target Zero but knowing who Zero was, she doesn't panic.

Zero is the most talented student that she knows, there was no way that she would think that Zero would easily lose against Omar.

Even if winning was not possible, she believes that Zero would not be harmed even when going against Omar Noel.-

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