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Parallel Memory Chapter 181 Academy War! [2]

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Chapter 181 Academy War! [2]

While Misha and Zero were leisurely moving through the forest, in the east, war was on the verge of erupting.

In a large plain area, on either side of the area, two forces were ready to battle.

On the one hand were students from Ace Academy and Britelts Academy, with participants like Lisanna Lockser, Hiro Ernest, and Adamscat Phillipower. All were in Rank-C - and above.

The other side had the students from Arcane Academy, Demacia Academy, and Skyline Academy which is led by Omar Noel, Jeremy Vincent, and Luciano Elderik.

All the students on both sides seemed tense as they waited for the battle to start. The Ace Academy side was more nervous since the students on the other side of the place were more.

Their standoff was visible beyond that place through the drones that were recording their standoff live to the audience at the SpiritMeadow stadium.

Actually, one of the sponsors of the Tournament of Academies was Tech Genesis. The Tournament of Academies was a suitable event to advertise their products, and they also arranged for their latest mana drone to transmit the video to the audience.

Tech Genesis has grown beyond anyone's expectations and is one of the biggest companies in the world. Tech Genesis is known for their quality service, be it apps, websites, or other products like the Mana phone and their latest release Infinity Drone.

The products were all innovative and high-quality with exemplary customer service. The Authority which is hosting the Tournament of Academies has no problem with Tech Genesis providing the mana drones.

The drones made by Tech Genesis could last for weeks and their camera quality was also impeccable. Their materials for drones were also robust, so they don't have to worry about their drones getting damaged.

Tech Genesis was also getting a lot of benefits from the deal. Not only are they advertising their product, but they are also showcasing the service provided by their products. With millions of people watching the tournament, they were able to promote themselves extensively.

Anyway, Mana drones were spread across the area where participants were. Mana drones followed large crowds of people, or the drones could also be remotely controlled to show interesting content to the audience.

There were four high-quality screens placed in the middle of the stadium which could be clearly seen by anyone present in the stadium.

The big screen activated right after the last participants were teleported. Participants kept watching the audience and the most delightful content came from the east side of the venue as well.

Zero was really spawned at an abandoned place. There was not even one Mana drone stationed near the place where Zero spawned.

Participants on the east side were full of chaos and students were showing their power one after another. There was not a dull moment at that place since many students were stealing tokens from each other.

Audiences were kept entertained throughout the tournament with the big screen showing only the extremely interesting videos.

As of now, the audience's excitement has reached an all-time high since the tournament began. Because right now, a war is brewing among the Top-5 Academies.

Top-5 Academies was the school that had the most powerful students and this moment was one of the critical parts of the tournament which would eventually decide the winner.

The school that wins in this war will be able to obtain all the tokens that other schools currently possess.

Not only the audience, but even the students from other schools were also anxiously watching the standoff from a distance. They were not strong enough to participate with students such as Lisanna and Omar.

They could only watch the battle from a faraway place. However, they were not only there to watch them battle, but they were also hoping to collect the tokens if they get an opportunity.

They secretly hoped that both sides would fight with each other until no one could fight. That way they could steal the tokens when everyone from Top-5 Academies is not able to fight.

"Hand over all your tokens. You might still have the chance to advance to the next round if you go and steal the tokens from other schools."

Omar Noel spoke in a high and mighty way.

He was currently the strongest person there. Moreover, he outnumbers the students on their side.

Jeremy Vincent and Luciano Elderik sneered at Ace Academy and Britelts Academy.

They thought that they were on the winning side. With Omar Noel and three of the Top-5 academies teaming up, there was no way they were going to lose.

The Ace Academy side knew that they had to stick with defense. They had no choice but to admit that right now they were in a disadvantageous position.

Omar Noel alone was enough to give Arcane Academy a big advantage but now even the number of students present on their side exceeded theirs.

However, even Omar Noel could not recklessly act alone. Omar Noel could also lose since the other side still had 40 or so students.

That's why Omar Noel was more than willing to talk to them. He just needed the tokens.

"This is your last chance to decide. Either hand over the tokens or fight me! Haha…"


Professor Glinda gnashed her teeth looking at the big screen. She was absolutely worried about the outcome of the battle.

The majority of their students will be disqualified if they lose. Only one or two might be able to advance to the next round. This will be absolutely detrimental to Ace Academy and Britelts Academy.

"Looks like Ace Academy is going to lose this year!"

"Yeah! In addition to dealing with Omar Noel, which is a difficult endeavor, they also had to take on other students while being outnumbered. This does not look good for Ace Academy and Britelts Academy."

The audience was super hyped. Additionally, they were looking forward to Ace Academy being dethroned. Two decades of dominance were finally coming to an end today.

They were excited for that moment and all were hoping for Ace Academy to lose.

However, those people who were associated with Ace Academy had gloomy faces. The loss of Ace Academy would damage the prestige of the school where their relatives or children study.

"Zero would be alright, right"

Zero's mother asked worriedly.

"Don't worry! Zero is not in that group of students!"

Zero's dad reassured her.

They could see the faces of the participants, but they haven't spotted Zero yet. This means that Zero was not at the scene of the upcoming battle.

"Even Misha is not there!"

Sadie Kanon, the mother of Misha, expressed relief that her daughter was also absent there.

Elea's family and Kanon's family were sitting next to each other. With their long-time friendship and alliance, it was not weird for them to come together.

With Zero's potion, both his parents were at Rank-A and even Misha's mother had reached Rank-A. With how much the Kanon family had helped their family during the crisis, it was not a big deal to give one of the Rank-up potions.

Both families were extremely satisfied with their children who had performed above and beyond their expectations. Both Misha's and Zero's parents didn't expect that their child would be able to participate in the Tournament of Academies despite being a first-year student.

"Mom! Aunt Maidson, don't worry! Misha and Zero had both become strong. Even if they were there, they would not lose to anyone!"

Eleonore said.

Eleonore said those words not only to relieve the stress of the parents but also from her experience.

She had also participated in the Tournament of Academies when she was in school. The same type of standoff took place during her time, and as a Rank-D , she survived the battle.

She knows that her sister was more talented than her. Misha reached Rank-D when she was just a first year. Eleonore was gloating about Misha's talents.

She was like a proud big sister, who can't wait to brag about her sister. She had to come along with her parents to watch the performance of her little sister.

She frowned when she heard that Zero was also a participant. Even though she does not want to acknowledge Zero, she had to accept the fact that Zero was incredibly strong.

She knew that both of them would do well in the tournament.-

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