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Parallel Memory Chapter 188 Battle Between The Strongest!

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Chapter 188 Battle Between The Strongest!

Hiro from his wild sense already got the danger level of the opponent that was approaching him. It was red in color!

The red color means that the opponent is extremely dangerous. Omar Noel was orange which was a great danger but since he was already exhausted, Hiro was able to win though it took great stamina and mana from him.


The person quickly appeared near Hiro and was only 10 meters away from him.



However, the person was stopped in his tracks by another person that had approached from the other side.

"I didn't expect you to show up so early!"

Zero said while grinning.

He was waiting for something to happen because it was certain that if the other side didn't do anything then their leader would be defeated by Hiro. He expected some kind of interference from the other side, especially from the person he was keeping his eyes on.

So, Zero was waiting to make his move the moment someone from the other side interfered.

Then, it happened and the person launched himself toward Hiro presumably to stop Hiro. He was wearing a hood on his head and that's why Zero could not see his face.

Anyway, Zero also rushed towards him. Hiro has next to no chance of defeating the person who he sensed is dangerous. More so when Hiro had just finished fighting with Omar Noel.

A great clash happened between the hooded person and Zero. So much so that it was comparable to that of when Omar Noel and Hiro were at their best.


"Move OUT!"

The hooded person shouted.

She had come to save Omar Noel and didn't expect someone to be able to react to her sudden action.

From the start, she didn't expect that she would need to make an appearance here. She didn't think much of Hiro's strength, so that's why she was not against Omar Noel fighting with Hiro Ernest.

She was planning to stay low as long as possible. But now she had no choice because Hiro was about to defeat Omar.

She figured that if she just posed as someone who took an opportunity to surpass Hiro's speed and help Omar without revealing her strength, no one would pay attention to her.

In a sense, she wanted to be like Zero when he saved Lisanna, but she would disappear from the crowd's attention unlike Zero, who made everyone yell at him.

However, just when she was about to accomplish her objective, Zero appeared and blocked her attack. She was annoyed and at the same time, a little surprised that she was stopped by someone.

"Oh, A girl! Mind telling your name to me!"

Zero said almost like flirting.

"Move aside!"


"What's the hurry Why don't we chat for a while"

He wanted to find out who she was. How come she was not mentioned in the novel He thought that she might be a significant character that appears in the future.


The two clashed again with their swords. They immediately caught the attention of other students on both sides. Following the battle between Hiro and Omar Noel, their attention naturally turned to Zero and the hoodie girl fight.

Both of the fighters were unknown, especially the hoodie girl as her face can't be seen and also because she was trying to lay low. Zero, on the other hand, was comparatively famous because of his seemingly cowardly action earlier.

"Lady, I don't know who you are but beat that guy!"

"Teach him a lesson!"

"Kill him!"

The nearby students started cheering for the girl in the hoodie. They didn't know who she was but they cheered for her because they didn't like Zero.

They think of Zero as a weak person because of his earlier actions. They can't wait for Zero to suffer.

Only Ace Academy students laughed inside. They didn't know the identity of the hoodie girl and her strength but they did know Zero's strength.

'A random girl defeating Zero That would be funny!'

'Looks like we are going to win this round!'

All the Ace Academy students thought like this. Earlier they were mortified due to Lisanna's defeat but Hiro ended up winning which lifted their mood. They knew that they were going to win!

And about the hoodie girl They didn't care as they didn't expect her to stand a chance against Zero at all. They just thought of her as a person who was trying to stop Hiro from beating Omar Noel.

The audiences in the stadium were also looking forward to how the first round of the tournament would end up. They were not as excited as earlier because both Zero and the hoodie girl were unknown students, or at least not as famous as Omar Noel and Hiro Ernest.

Then also the audiences were not bored because it seemed that the hoodie girl was trying to help Omar Noel. If she manages to do so, Omar Noel would make a comeback.


The two continued to fight with the hoodie girl increasing her strength bit by bit. Initially, she just showed the power of Rank-D which she thought would be enough to defeat Zero.

As they clashed, she began to struggle, so she increased her power. From Rank-D to Rank-D and then to Rank-D peak.


( Even Rank-D peak strength is not enough. How strong is he Was the information given by Professor Frey wrong )

She thought as she struggled. Zero is known by Arcane Academy students due to Professor Frey personally asking them to teach him a lesson. It was stated that his power is around Rank-D to Rank-D .

But now she was even struggling when she used her Rank-D peak strength. She realized that their information was wrong.

It is also worth noting that even a person at Rank-D peak, or even a person at Rank-C - might have struggled against her if she used her Rank-D strength.

Now, Zero was dominating her even when she used her Rank-D peak strength which speaks of his strength.

"Who are you"

She said, surprised by Zero.

How could a person in the first year be so strong She knew that only Hiro was the person who had managed to reach Rank-C - in the first year.

"Don't you know I, for one, thought that Professor Frey had already given you my information. Now, I'm hurt!"

Zero joked.

He was serious when he said that they should know his information. He knew that Professor Frey had already formed a grudge against him because of Professor Mia.

How can a petty person like Professor Frey spare him He knew her character well to know what she would do, at least to a certain extent.

"Humph! Don't think that only you have hidden your strength!"

The hoodie girl snorted.

She felt that Zero was showing off in front of her.

The hoodie girl increased her strength to Rank-C -. She knew that exposing this much power would gain the attention of others. However, she was already getting a lot of attention from confronting Zero, so she thought this much would not matter.

"Hiro! Quickly defeat Omar Noel and also take his tokens!"

Zero quickly shouted.

He didn't think that defeating Omar Noel would mean winning this war but he thought that it might somewhat distract the hoodie girl.

She had only begun taking action when Omar Noel was losing, so Zero thought that attacking Omar Noel might make the hoody girl impatient.

Hiro quickly nodded and moved to defeat Omar Noel. He almost forgot his objective and was busy watching the fight like many others.

He needed to defeat Omar Noel. In this way, the morale of the enemy side will decrease and it might give them the edge when the all-out battle starts.

However, he was more worried about fighting on Zero's side because the girl Zero was fighting was more dangerous than Omar Noel. Although he became less concerned once he realized Zero had a black danger level that was higher than a hoodie girl.

Similar to Hiro, Zero also knew that defeating Omar Noel alone would not suffice. More than Omar Noel, the enemy in front of him was far more dangerous. She might be the real key to Arcane Academy winning the tournament in the novel.


The participants remained silent at the moment. Although the power is shown right now was not to the level of Hiro and Omar Noel, it was still far more powerful than Rank-D fights.

Even more surprising was the fact that the person they labeled a coward demonstrated the strength of Rank-C.

The one cursing completely shut their mouth and stepped back in fear that Zero might remember their face.

Whether Zero was more powerful than Omar Noel was not relevant, it was important to know that Zero was far more powerful than them. If Zero decides to take revenge, there is no way that they could defend themselves.

The more power Zero showed the more they prayed for the hoodie girl to win the fight.

Unlike them, other students are more interested in the outcome of the battle. They were surprised to find the strength of two people who were fighting right now. Both were displaying the power of Rank-C -.

They all just thought that two weaklings were going to fight but it all changed when they started to fight.


The hoodie girl frowned. She was showing the power that even most Rank-C could not resist but still Zero has a little advantage over her. She didn't think that there was someone stronger than Lisanna in Ace Academy.

She was proven wrong twice. Once, by Hiro, who had managed to take down Omar Noel, and now by the person in front of her.

"I never thought I would need to show my abilities!"-

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