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Parallel Memory Chapter 197 Arcane Academy Secret Weapon!

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Chapter 197 Arcane Academy Secret Weapon!


"Is someone thinking about me Or is it the effect of all those students' curses!

I looked at the numerous Ice Statues that I made. Some people made funny expressions while being frozen. They must be cursing me.

Anyway, it took some time but finally, I can see the end of this war. Only a few small groups of people are left.


However, before I could rest, a student suddenly came running toward me. He was not an enemy judging by the uniform so I didn't do anything.

Since I didn't know who he was, I assumed him to be a third-year student. He seemed quite worried about something.

I quickly moved toward him.

"Huff… Puff… Zero! Emergency!"

"What happened"

I asked.

I have taken care of most enemies and I didn't think there was anything that could threaten the victory of Ace Academy anymore.

"Omar Noel and that Rank-B girl had been taken by someone!"

He said nervously.

"Tell me the details!"

We quickly went towards where Hiro was fighting while I listened to the senior.

Actually, Hiro was fighting with Rank-C and needed more help than anyone. But considering he is the Main Character, I thought that it would be an opportunity for him.

Who knows he might unlock something like Super Saiyan if he was pushed to his limit. That is the reason that I don't really like to help or interfere with him unless necessary.

Hiro Ernest was someone who would emerge stronger the more he struggled.

I would have certainly stepped in if the situation was dangerous. However, considering this was just a tournament, I know that he would not die even if he was defeated.

That was the reason I left him alone. I didn't think that something would happen to him even if he was exhausted after fighting Omar Noel.

Not to mention, he has support from Lisa and other students.

At first, he didn't have support from other students because others were also fighting. However, after I entered the battle, the number of enemies decreased.

They quickly went to help Hiro after their opponents were defeated.

"We had won against those guys. Hiro had managed to defeat them with our support but we didn't expect that there would be another Rank-C hiding behind us."

The senior started explaining.

Apparently, Hiro and his team didn't lose to those students. They had been ambushed after they had taken care of those students.

The ambusher rank was C - which they could not deal with. Hiro, the only person who would have been able to fight with him, was busy fighting with that Rank-B girl.

Looks like I underestimated Arcane Academy too much. I didn't expect that they would keep one of the Rank-C hidden until the last moment.

He must have helped that girl when I was busy fighting with other students.

However, I don't think they can do anything even if they ran away.

Those two had already lost all their tokens. The goal of this entire war was to get as many tokens as one can by defeating the other school.

In terms of that, they had already lost. All the tokens that the other three of the Top-5 academies have collected are all in the hands of my allies.

For this round, they could not change anything. It is Ace Academy victory!

They might get into the next round but I didn't care. What can they do Even with the advantage in numbers, they were not able to do anything to me.

Would their power increase after getting to the next round I don't think so.

Nevertheless, there must have been a reason why the rescuer chose to save them. I will find out if they still have any schemes left.

Soon, we reached the area where Hiro and the other students were.

"Where are they"

I asked as soon as I got there. Hiro was injured, probably from fighting with that Rank-B girl. Luckily, their sole objective was to save Omar Noel.

Ideally, I would like to see the face of the person who had managed to rescue Omar Noel and that girl. So that I could be wary of him in the next round.


Lisa pointed in the direction of the west forest.

"Sorry, I let them escape."

Hiro Ernest apologized.

His expression was full of guilt. It must be because he thinks that all the hard work had been destroyed because he could not stop them.

"It is nothing. It was my fault that I didn't keep an eye on that girl. Anyway, what is done is done! We should just be more cautious in the future"

After saying that I concentrated my mana on my eyesight and looked in the direction where Lisa had pointed. In the distance of about one km, I could see Omar Noel and Ruelle who were both heavily injured, and another person who was completely unharmed.


"SH*T! To think that I lost to that upstart!"

Omar Noel shrieked with anger.

He was totally humiliated by Hiro. All the fame and glory that he had imagined had gone down the drain.

"And how can you just lose to that guy I thought you were strong. Turns out the school invested in you for nothing!"

Omar Noel blamed Ruelle.

He even begged for help, but it never came. He thought that he was an idiot for asking for help from her. Omar Noel has lost some of his respect for Ruelle.


Ruelle shouted.

She had already been humiliated by Zero to the point that she would not be able to show her face to anyone. Now, Omar Noel dared to remind her again.

She realized after watching Zero defeat many students after their battle that he had not even used all his power fighting her. She had been belittled by a Rank-C boy!

"It was your fault in the first place! If you weren't so stupid to fight Hiro Ernest without recovering your strength, I wouldn't have to show my face in the first place."

Ruelle also blamed Omar Noel.

Though both of them know that they lost because of their lack of strength, they were not willing to admit that.

"I would not have shown myself if you had taken care of Hiro Ernest. Now, not only did you ruin the plan made by the school but you also resulted in many of our students losing their tokens. You have decreased our strength for the next round."

Ruelle bellowed.

"Senior Ruelle, I didn't expect you to be so quick to blame others for your mistake. I admit that I underestimated Hiro Ernest but what about you losing to a nameless boy We would have won as planned if you didn't lose."

Omar Noel said.

In his opinion, Ruelle couldn't be called a trump card if all she accomplished was defeat. Academy had done so much to get her in and she didn't manage to do anything worthwhile.

"Huh Do you want to fight Do you think that you have become great after beating some weak students"

Ruelle directed her killing intent to Omar Noel.

While Omar Noel was at Rank-C , which is lower than Ruelle's rank but it was not a vast difference that would make him scared or pressured. He could escape from Ruelle if he wanted and didn't fear going against her at all.

"Okay, okay, you two! Stop fighting!"-

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