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Parallel Memory Chapter 217 lce Emperor Emerges!

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Chapter 217 lce Emperor Emerges!

"They are safe!"

Others might not understand the meaning of these words, but this was enough for Zero to understand everything Professor Mia wanted to say.

Additionally, at that moment, those words could only mean one thing to Zero. That is, his parents have been saved by Professor Mia.

Zero might have doubted these words if it was from someone else but he trusted Professor Mia almost at the same level as his parents.

He felt extremely relieved that he involuntarily smiled. If others knew that Zero was smiling under all those injuries, they might have thought that Zero has turned psycho. However, from the blood splatter all over his face, they could not make out anything from his expression.


Omar Noel was still dragging him.

Zero didn't hold a grudge against Omar Noel for attacking him but he did have a grudge against him for another reason. It was because Omar Noel was Ulv Sylvester's friend or maybe you can say it was because he is on the same side as Ulv Sylvester who kidnapped his parents.

He was not about to let them off after cooperating with Ulv Sylvester. Zero, first of all, used his Ice Energy to freeze all the cuts and injuries on his body and stopped the blood from coming out.

Immediately after, he released all of his pent-up killing intent and mana aura. The suppressed mana aura and killing intent surprised everyone.

Omar Noel, the one closest to Zero, immediately became frightened after having to withstand such a powerful killing intent from a blank point.

He even hallucinated death for a short period of time. Zero instantly freed himself from Omar Noel's hands and stood up.

People were astonished by this surprising turn of events. However, they instantly felt chilled all over their bodies when Zero glared at Omar Noel with killing intent.

Several audience members fainted, unable to cope with the killing intent. Even Professors from Top-5 Academies shivered and felt dread.


Omar Noel fell down with fear written all over his face. There was no single arrogance in his expression at that moment.

"No no no..."

Omar Noel cried. He could feel his death.

Omar Noel was the target of Zero's killing intent, which meant that his killing intent was not as powerful as those killing intent felt by Omar Noel. But everyone knew that if they also took on that killing intent, they would have fainted.


An angry and panicky voice entered Zero's mind.

" ( Don't you care about what happens to your parents I can still overlook this behavior if you just give up! ) "

" ( SHUT UP! Don't think your threats will work anymore. I will let you know what happens to those who threaten me! ) "

As said previously, he was determined to kill Ulv Sylvester with his hands. Everyone who threatened his family was his enemy. This was a single bottom line of Zero that people should never touch if they want to live.


Zero then lifted Omar Noel by strangling his neck. Omar Noel was so mentally scared that he could not even think of resisting Zero.

In the VIP area, Ulv Sylvester was trying his best to keep a straight face. He was getting extremely angry and wanted nothing more than to kill Zero's parents in front of him. He didn't think that Zero's parents had been freed because he asked two strong Rank-A to guard them.

However, he did not order because he still needed them to threaten Zero into joining the Dark guild. He thought that Zero didn't believe him right now and was too angry to accept the truth.

As for the threat given by Zero. He didn't even consider them. Not only was Zero weak in his eyes but he thought that Zero didn't even know his identity.

He immediately called out to the other participants.

" ( What are you doing Immediately use the Formation again! ) "

Ulv Sylvester instructed.

Other participants have recovered to a certain degree and could use Formation for a short period of time. They only came back to reality when Ulv Sylvester shouted in their minds. They were so scared of Zero that they lost the ability to think.

The formation was immediately deployed with Omar Noel enchanted. However, being enchanted didn't help as he was mentally attacked.

"Do you think that you could stop me with this Formation"

Zero asked in a chilling voice.

When he glanced at them, they could not help but sweat profusely.

Zero, with his body covered in blood, looked like Death God. They could see death in those emotionless eyes that viewed everything as mere ants.

Zero's eyes turned blue and black for a second. He released most of his remaining mana.

[ "Ice Shadow Formation" ]

Zero was using the combination of Ice Creation and Shadow energy. He would normally not use Ice Creation as Dual Art because Ice Creation was a skill that alone required high control over Ice Energy.

However, he knew that right now he could control these two energies completely and used this combination.

[ "Ice Age" ]

Immediately the Black Ice appeared from the ground as if they were bursting out and like that it continued to spread. A big dark point of ice rose out of the ground and attacked the barrier. It continued to spread and the attack reached the boundary of the barrier.

Right now, 8 students who were maintaining the barrier were suffering as their barrier was taking hits from all directions. Every part of their barrier was shaking and seemed to want to break.


The barrier could not handle the pressure from all those attacks and shattered. The Attack immediately struck these 8 students after they passed through the barrier.

The ring at that moment looked like a mountain made of Spiky Dark Ice. In the middle of that vicious attack was Zero with Omar Noel in one of his hands. The other students were all struck by an ice attack and lost consciousness.

Omar Noel also fainted from not being able to take the pressure from Zero's killing intent and mana aura. Zero flung him out of the stage after seeing that he had lost consciousness.

Only Zero stood in the ring with all others fallen. His emotionless eyes could give anyone who looked at them a creepy feeling. He didn't seem excited by the win and was behaving as if this was a natural outcome.


That was the word that came into everyone's mind when they saw him.

The audience turned silent for a moment. They still can't believe how fast Zero had ended the fight. They thought that this was going to be another long fight but Zero only needed one move to settle this.


"Did you see This is what a strong man should do. That should be the demeanor of the champion"

"I almost peed after he released his killing intent."

"He will surely win!"

"He is the champion of this tournament!"


The audience cheered and even people from different schools clapped at Zero. Even with all the rivalry taking place, even professors from different schools could hide their admiration for Zero.

"Sovereign of Ice!"

"This is the Ice Emperor!"

"The Ice Emperor has emerged!"

"Ice Emperor!"

"Ice Emperor!"

"Ice Emperor!"...-

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