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Parallel Memory Chapter 229 The Semi-Final

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Chapter 229 The Semi-Final

"Let's start the semi-final! On the left, we have Adamscat of Britelts Academy and on the right, we have Jeremy Vincent from Skyline Academy."

There was no need for rest because the participants had rarely lost their power fighting with the earlier opponent. It was almost a one-shot kill.

The first fight was between Adamscat of Britelts Academy and Jeremy Vincent of Skyline Academy. They don't get along at school as seen in the first round of the confrontation.

According to the rank, Adamscat was one sub-rank higher than Jeremy. So, technically Adamscat should be stronger than Jeremy. But Jeremy is a tank and it will not be easy for Adamscat to eliminate him.


The referee signaled the start of the match. The referee was different from the previous one. Most thought that he was removed due to the bad decision that he made previously.

However, he was detained by The Authority who wanted to question him as they suspect him to be the ally of Ulv and a fellow spy.

However, spectators were pleased that a referee of such caliber had been replaced.

On the stage, Adamscat and Jeremy released their mana aura. It was not like the previous match where they could afford to hold back.

[ "Frost Arrow" ]

Adamscat was the first one to make the move. As a mage, it was better for her to maintain the distance and attack from far away.

Many arrows containing ice energy formed and were aimed at Jeremy.


Jeremy immediately became alerted. He doesn't like Ice because he was smashed by Zero Ice magic which left a horrible memory about ice. So, seeing Ice, Jeremy involuntarily became a little tense.

[ "Reverberating Strike" ]

Jeremy took his giant hammer and destroyed the incoming attack. He then moved forward as he had to close the distance.

Adamscat's spell was not a strong one, and it was something she used for testing Jeremy's strength. She didn't expect her first spell to do anything to Jeremy.

[ "Acid Arrow" ]

Adamscat started to conjure more spells and shot at Jeremy. Jeremy concentrated on his defense and Adamscat repeatedly conjured these spells and tried to stop Jeremy from moving.

She was deliberately using a low-level spell as it cost less mana and can be used to distract Jeremy.


Adamscat's spells were practically useless as Jeremy could easily defend himself against them.

However, having the initiative taken away from him, he was in a dangerous situation if he continued to stay like that.

[ "Fury of Energy" ]

Jeremy's body was covered in a thick layer of energy. With that, he rushed toward Adamscat even when her attacks were coming toward him.

Jeremy ignored all the incoming attacks and without delay headed towards Adamscat.


All the attacks directly hit Jeremy but when he came out of the explosion, he was completely fine. It didn't look like the low-powered attacks were enough to penetrate Jeremy's defensive skill.

However, Adamscat was as calm as ever. She just waved her wand and then enchanted her spell.

[ "Deception of Vision" ]

Adamscat released some kind of fog.

Jeremy was initially concerned about the fog, but with his defensive skill, it didn't have any effect on him.

[ "Conjure Clone" ]

Adamscat conjured another spell.

Jeremy just continued to rush towards Adamscat but what he saw left him puzzled. In front of him, 10 Adamscat were there. He didn't know where to go.

However, Adamscat was not planning to wait for his decision.

[ "Frost Arrow" ]

Adamscat started attacking.

The attack came from his left, he immediately moved in that direction thinking that Adamscat's real body should be there.

[ "Acid Arrow" ]

But then other bodies also started to attack which further increased his confusion. He focused on his defense and took that time to think of a way.

He would then move to one body and attack it, only to find it was a fake. This happened for quite a bit and he could not find the real body.

Jeremy was like a rat being played by a cat. He was completely being played by Adamscat.

Just like that Jeremy's stamina continued to drop as time went on. Adamscat had also deployed many spells, but she was good at managing her mana as she usually only used low-level spells.


Jeremy was breathing heavily.

It had already been quite a while since Jeremy found himself in an unfavorable situation. Jeremy had already stopped using his skill and was concentrating on finding Adamscat's real body.

"I have got no choice but to use that!"

[ "EarthShattering Strike" ]

The hammer grew larger as Jeremy gripped it, and he used all of his strength to strike the ground.


The whole stage started shaking as the powerful wave started to ripple throughout the ring.

"Found you!"

Jeremy shouted excitedly.

His attack destroyed every other fake clone and what was left was the real Adamscat who was using her barrier to protect herself from Jeremy's attack.

However, Adamscat grinned when Jeremy rushed toward her.

Jeremy was already exhausted earlier and this attack took a toll on both his body and his mana. Adamscat has already seen through that and has started gathering mana for a big move.

Jeremy quickly rushed towards Adamscat as he only had a few minutes before he collapsed. He was readying the strongest attack that he had.

[ "Sunlight Explosion" ]

However, Adamscat had already finished gathering mana for her spell and used her strongest attack.


She already knew that with Jeremy's condition, he would not be able to defend against such a powerful attack.

[ "Guardian Shield" ]

Jeremy was not the one to give up easily. His shield was fortified with mana, and he held it tightly. It seemed that even if the earth shook, he would not move.

However, the incoming attack was not a weak one. The Adamscat's attack collided with Jeremy's shield.


All the spectators eagerly awaited the result. Right now, the stage was covered in smoke, and they could not see whether Jeremy had withstood the attack. After a few seconds, the smoke slowly went away.

Adamscat was standing with a smile on her face. From her smile, anyone would guess that she had won but they still had to wait for the smoke in Jeremy's area to clear.

Then the smoke faded away showing the body of Jeremy who was still standing. People thought that he was able to withstand the attack.

But then he collapsed. Jeremy was unconscious.

"Winner! Adamscat of Britelts Academy!"

The referee announced.


"AMAZING! Adamscat is so powerful!"


"Britelts Academy!" …

Jeremy tried his best but he was no match for Adamscat who had taken control of the match from the start. He had exhausted his power and was not able to show the real power of his defensive skill in the end.

Jeremy was carried on a stretcher as the stage was rebuilt for the next match. Rebuilding the stage was easy as people with earth magic could instantly make another one.

Then the next match started.

"Good Luck, Hiro!"

"Do your best, Lisanna!"

First-year students supported Hiro, while second-year students and third-year students supported Lisanna.

Both of them stepped onto the stage. They were both sword users and people expected a thrilling sword fight.

"On the left, we have Hiro Ernest and on the right, we have Lisanna Lockser. They are both from Ace Academy."



People excitedly shouted the name of the person that they were supporting. This match was the one that most of them were waiting for. It was the most unpredictable match. Both Lisanna and Hiro showed power beyond what most students could display.

In this fateful confrontation, the two would find out who was the stronger of the two. This might even be considered the match that decides the winner.


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