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Parallel Memory Chapter 241 Devils Attack!

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Chapter 241 Devils Attack!


"Evacuate the students! We will hold them off!"

Several Rank-A professors came forward to fight with the Devil Contractors, and those who were Rank-B professors were tasked with evacuating the students.

However, even those Rank-A professors could not stop the Devil Contractors from slipping through their defense.

As a result of the large number of Devil Contractors, the people were unable to escape. Which meant that everyone on the training ground was trapped inside that place unless they defeated the enemies.

"Set up a defensive formation! Students! Be ready to run whenever the chance comes!"

The professors gave their commands to the first-year students. First-year students were afraid, but not as much as when they were in the presence of the Devil.

Moreover, they had already faced a similar kind of situation in the BloodyWolf forest. When dealing with Devil Contractors, they showed more courage than most people.

Right now, the professor's priority was to protect the student while making an opportunity for students to escape.

[ "Multiple Fireball" ]

However, the Devil Contractors were not going to wait for the professors to think. They had already begun attacking.

The mage of devil Contractors started launching their fireball attack which was aimed at the students. Some professors stayed behind to maintain the formation and also to protect the students if the devil attacked from another direction.

The remaining professors proceeded to kill the enemies. Without taking out the enemies, they would be just sitting ducks.

They had to reduce their numbers and hope that students would be able to escape when the Devil Contractors were busy fighting with the professors.

However, the chance of that happening seems very less as more and more Devil Contractors join the fight. They were seriously outnumbered right now.


While most of the students followed other professors and ran away with other students, Zero didn't really follow them.

Not only was he capable of running away if the situation called for it, but he was also worried about Professor Mia who was fighting with the Devil.

Seeing that the devil was so confident, Zero assumed that he had something to back that confidence. It could be his strength or some kind of trick that he has to deal with Professor Mia.

Whatever the reason, Zero stayed behind. With all the chaos no one was even there to reprimand Zero.


Zero watched Professor Mia and Professor Theo take on the Devil.

In the confrontation between those three, it was obvious that Professor Mi and Professor Theo were going to win. The Devil at most had the same strength as Professor Mia.

With Professor Theos' help, it didn't seem like the devil had any chance of winning at all. The most logical choice for the Devil would be to call for an ally for help or to retreat, both of which he didn't do.

Zero continued observing the fight but it was not like he was being ignored by the Devil Contractors. They were just trending more cautiously because they had seen Zero fight in the tournament and had a general idea about his strength.

Therefore, the group of Devil Contractors who were in Rank-C was a little hesitant to attack. However, it didn't last for long and they rushed towards Zero because they had an advantage in numbers and believed that they could take him out.

Zero had already noticed those Devil Contractors but because they were only at Rank-Cs, he ignored them as they were not his threat. Rank-Bs and Rank-As Devil Contractors seemed to be busy with the Professors right now.

Therefore, for capturing the students, it seems that only Rank-Cs Devil Contractors were sent.

Zero had no intention of fighting with those Rank-C Devil Contractors. However, Devil Contractors themselves were coming to attack him even though he left them alone.

He raised his sword in the air and gathered the mana.

"Shadow Slash"

Zero launched his skill at the approaching enemies. To his enemies, he held no mercy and didn't care whether they would die or not.


The devil Contractors who were rushing towards Zero were slain by Zero in one move. Those who survived weren't in any better state with their bodies in tatters.

The remaining Devil Contractors who were behind sweated and gulped. If it was them who rushed first, they knew that they would have ended up in the same state.

The Devil Contractors came to a halt and didn't move. They were waiting for Zero to make a move but Zero didn't move from his previous position like he didn't care about the remaining Devil Contractors.

Normally, they would have become angry for being underestimated, however, faced with such a strong enemy, the Devil Contractors were relieved that Zero didn't come after them.

They also stood there for a few minutes. They didn't have the courage to attack Zero and they were also afraid that Zero might attack them from behind.

So, they stood there with their guards up.

Zero just glanced at them and then looked in the sky where Professor Mia and the Devil were fighting. Professor Theo was supporting her from behind using his bow which was his main weapon.

Unlike in the practical exam where he used his sword, Professor Theo's power was quite different when he used a bow. Professor Shot many deadly arrows which could instantly destroy a building. However, the Devil blocked those attacks like it was nothing.

"Huh What the f**k are you doing"

Suddenly on the scene, a new Devil Contractor came. He seemed pissed judging by his voice.

The Devil Contractors that were there turned their heads and shivered a little when the new Devil Contractors came.

From the mana aura emitted by that guy, the new Devil Contractor rank should be around Rank-B.

"Why have you not captured that brat You all are standing here like an idiot while we are doing all the work."

The new Devil Contractor angrily bellowed.

If one observes him carefully, then one will notice the bruise and cuts on his body. It seems that he was fighting with the Ace Academy professor and had run away from it.

That might explain his bad mood and his dissatisfaction with the Devil Contractors who were not doing anything but standing there.

"Sir, the student ahead is Zero and he has taken out many of our comrades. We fear that our strength is not enough to defeat him."

One of the Devil Contractors explained.

"Humph! EXCUSES!"

The Rank-B Devil Contractor angrily bellowed again.

He was already pissed off by the fact that he had to flee from the Ace Academy Professor and now this group of Devil Contractors said that they can't take care of one student, which made him really angry.

In his perspective, the moment that he gained new power after becoming the Devil Contractor, he always felt that he was superior to humans and even the elite school Ace Academy would not be able to fight against him.

But he was beaten up easily and had to flee which was his greatest humiliation. Now, 5 or so Devil Contractors say that they can't beat a student who is in the same rank.

Which meant that humans are superior to Devil Contractors. Zero, showed that humans were far stronger than a typical Devil Contractor. For the Rank-B Devil Contractors who believe in Devil Contractors' superiority, this was unacceptable.

"Follow me! I will show you how it is done."

The Rank-B Devil Contractor took control of that group of Rank-Cs Devil Contractors and once again those Devil Contractors were led by the Rank-B Devil Contractor to attack Zero.

They were a little hesitant because they had seen Zero's power and didn't think that they could defeat Zero. However, with Rank-B Devil Contractor, they believed that they would be able to do so.

Or more like they had to believe in him as they had no choice but to follow Rank-B Devil Contractor order as he was ranked higher than them.

Once again the Devil Contractors rushed towards Zero and the Rank-B Devil Contractors released his mana aura and bloodlust. To remove his humiliation and to regain the pride of Devil Contractors, having Zero suppressed would be the best option.

He believed that Zero would not be able to move under his pressure. However, contrary to his belief Zero was still standing and looking at him uninterested.

The Rank-B Devil Contractor felt looked down by Zero which further angered him. He swore that he would kill Zero with his own hands after he had given him to the Devils.

"Surround him! Don't let him escape!"

He gave his command to the Devil Contractors who were following behind him. At a very high speed, he charged alone towards Zero.

He thought that he didn't need support from others to deal with a Rank-C student. He believed that the reason the other Devil Contractors died was simply that they were trash.

Unlike them, he believed that he was a true Elite.-

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