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Parallel Memory Chapter 37 Fight With A Rank-A

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Chapter 37 Fight With A Rank-A

[ "Sir, are you serious Even with his power sealed, his experience and mastery of mana are incomparable to yours." ]

[ "No worries. It's not like we are fighting to the death." ]

Because of Aiden's concerns, I reassured him. I also need to see my full capabilities of Rank-E. And NightShade's guild master was the perfect opponent.

[ "Let's change the place. Aiden, find a suitable place." ]

Prior to Aiden's reply, Glenn spoke up.

[ "Let's go to our guild fighting arena." ]

We went in the car of NightShade guildmaster. The guild was nearby and only took 2 minutes to reach.

What a perfect guild for our company, I thought. The NightShade headquarters was near the company which makes it easy for them to help us in case something happens to the company.

[ "This is our guild headquarter." ]

What an ugly place. It was a large square with a squarish building in the center. Aging chipped walls and uneven ground. I was really disappointed to see the condition of the building.

However, I was wrong to judge the guild by its cover. We entered the building and I was really impressed. The interior of the building was clean and well-maintained. The interior had a very high ceiling and a modern elevator.

It was a stark contrast to the exterior of the building. I can say that the interior of the building is worth 100 times more than the exterior.

The elevator stopped on the third floor of the building. The place was quite spacious. I was surprised by the view on the third floor.

The fighting stage was at the center of the third floor. The stage was a large circular area, the edges were elevated seats for the audience. It was an enclosed area but it had a ceiling that was very high in the center.

[ "Wow! This is amazing!" ]

[ "I am not surprised. It is a Gold-graded guild. It must be less amazing compared to your former workplace." ]

Aiden was formerly an employee of a Diamond-graded guild. Surely that had to be more impressive than this.

[ "Boss! You might not know but we non-combatants are not allowed to visit places such as this. It is a privilege given only to high-ranked members." ]

Aiden spoke to me with a tone that was full of envy. If a person is not a combatant and not a member of the guild, then he or she is not allowed to visit this kind of place in the guild.

It is a rule in every guild. If a person is not part of the guild, he or she is not allowed to enter most rooms that are kept for Explorers.

[ "This is my first time seeing this kind of arena. I could only visit the public arena and it was not this big." ]

[ "This is also my first time visiting a Gold-graded guild. It's impressive indeed." ]

I looked at the arena. Two people fought in the arena. One was using a sword and the other was using a spear. They both were in Rank-C.

The dancing blades and spear thrusts looked very beautiful. The sword user had the upper hand on the spear user.

[ "Welcome!" ]

A big guy came to us. He had a tall and huge build. He was in charge of training NightShade newbies. Glenn introduced us to each other.

[ "So, why are you here guild master I thought you went to negotiate with a company." ]

[ "He is that company's boss. We are here to borrow the arena." ]

[ "Oh… Understood Guildmaster!" ]

He bowed to Glenn and left. He explained the situation to the fighters and halt the fight. Everybody's eyes were focused on us.

[ "It's the Guildmaster. I wonder whether that kid is the new recruit." ]

[ "Is Guildmaster going to fight" ]

[ "Let's take a video." ] …

Guildmaster Glenn seems to be highly respected by them. They step aside to make way for us.

I stepped onto the center of the stage and then Glenn followed up. We stood in the arena, opposite to each other.

[ "In this match, I will limit my power to Rank-E. Let's begin.'" ]

Putting his hand out, he smiled. Probably he is a Fist user, or maybe he is being lenient. Regardless, I will use my full power. I pulled out my sword.

There were some whispers among the crowd.

[ "Is Guildmaster planning to fight with that kid" ]

[ "Don't tell me he is also a Rank-A." ]

[ "Psssh! Don't talk nonsense. Don't you see Guildmaster emitting Rank-E aura Guildmaster is obviously being easy on him." ]

[ "The difference of power between Rank-A and Rank-E is 10000 times. Even with his power limited to Rank-E, Guildmaster is still more powerful than a Rank-E. How much longer do you think the fight will last" ]

[ "I think 10 seconds." ]

[ "Nah! I say 3 seconds." ]

[ "What a shame. I wanted to watch Guildmaster fight longer." ] …

I stand still at the center of the stage, waiting for Glenn. I need to be wary of his attack.

Contrary to my expectation, the attack never came. I thought that to avoid being hit, he would relentlessly attack me.

Apparently, he is underestimating me. However, I will not hold back.

[ "Shadow Style: Shadow Slash" ]

Glenn stood still. There was no way he could dodge my attack now. I am disappointed that the fight will be ending in such a way.

However, the next thing that happened was the attack never hit Glenn. The attack was shattered before it reached his body.

[ "This is our guild's defensive Art. Battle Barrier. Your attack can never penetrate this unless you use an extremely strong attack." ]

Glenn proudly said with his hand on his waist. There was a yellow glow surrounding Glenn's body.

I was stunned. I didn't expect my attack to be blocked like that. Till now, I didn't encounter any opponent who had blocked my Shadow Slash completely.

Even with Battle Barrier, it would have been near impossible to destroy my attack like that. However, I know Glenn has just used Rank-E power.

I wanted to know how he had blocked my attack. So, I used my attack again.

[ "Shadow Style: Shadow Slash" ]

This time I carefully observed Glenn. He was still nonchalantly standing like a statue.

[ "Battle Barrier: Golden Bell" ]


[ "Oh!" ]

I understood how Glenn was able to block my attack easily. He used the skill with mana condensed on where my attack would hit, making the barrier many times stronger.

The fact that Glenn could condense the mana to that degree shows his great mana control. And also his vast fighting experience as he could do it right before my attack hit him.

[ "Kid, I am coming!" ]

Glenn came near me and threw his fist. His hand was wrapped in a green aura. He is a fist user. It won't be easy to block the blow.

I can only rely on my speed to avoid the attacks. I avoided his blow and tried to hit his body but he was quicker than me. He moved to the side of me and delivered another blow.

I must admit that he has a great deal of fighting experience. He can easily dodge my attacks like he knew where I would attack.

I had no choice but to back off. Glenn showed no mercy. He threw many punches at a fast pace. I have to use my sword to defend most of the time.

Glenn's fierce attacks forced me to retreat. I can feel the damage every time I am hit. I have no choice but to focus on defense.

[ "This is the end kid!" ]

Glenn raised his fist to deliver a final blow. I can't block it. I could feel that this time he was exerting his maximum strength.

I would lose if I tried to defend the attack with my sword.

[ "Hah! And here I thought I could win just by relying on my Sword Art. I seriously underestimated a Rank-A fighter. In the end, I have to rely on my Cryomancy Art." ]

I lifted my hand and gathered my Ice energy.

[ "Ice Wall" ]-

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