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Parallel Memory Chapter 40 The Birthday Party

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Chapter 40 The Birthday Party

The next few days were the same as usual. I spend most of my time on training.

The WorldCraft game has been expanding rapidly. The user for WorldCraft has almost caught up to TwitFlick. Even though the game was out for only 4 days.

The users were mostly children. The community continued to grow bigger and bigger. We also had an official TwitFlick page for WorldCraft, already having 100,000 members.

WorldCraft doing well means that my wallet is also doing well. However, compared to truly rich people, I still lacked money. You should know that it takes billions of Ethan coins to buy a Rank-SS artifact if it ever got auctioned.

Rank-SS artifacts are extremely rare and only some individuals possess them. The last time it was auctioned was 3 years before.

If I wanted to be strong then I will need a Rank-SS artifact. I need to build sources for my money.

Setting aside the company matters, today was the day when I have to attend Sophia's birthday party as Professor Mia's partner.

Before going to the party, I needed to go to the beauty salon. Aiden said I need to go to the best beauty salon. The party will include a lot of people of high status. So he told me that I need to maintain my image.

Cappiello Salon is the name of the beauty parlor that was recommended by Aiden. He said that it was often visited by his former guildmaster. I had to have an appointment with them if I wanted to avail their service. I asked Glenn to make a reservation for me.

Glenn has been promoted to Rank-S and his reputation is at an all-time high right now. His word was more powerful than mine even though I was technically his boss.

[ "Welcome! Sir, Did you make a reservation for today" ]

[ "Ah! Yes, the name should be Zero Elea." ]

The clerk checked the list.

[ "Sir, Let me show me take you to the room." ]

Glenn's word was indeed effective. Normally, people had to wait for days after their reservation but I was able to get their service even though Glenn has asked them right now.

The building was already had great decoration, however, the interior room was especially luxurious. They said what I would like to do. They recommended doing cosmetic treatments, hair cut and others things that I don't understand.

[ "Just make me presentable for the Party." ]

I don't understand what I needed to do anyway. I would rather have experts do their job than me suggesting something wrong.

They started by cutting my hair. And then doing facials and manicures and a lot of other things.

After hours of beauty treatment, it was finally done. I put on my suit and went to look at the mirror.

[ "Wowww!" ]

I can't help but exclaim. They gave me a total makeover.

The green eyes which seems childish looked strangely mature now. The hair was changed from long and messy hair into short and trim hair. The Amethyst earring and Enchanted Frost Bracelet which is a weapon also looked like an ornament right now.

The slick black hair with the black suit was a great combination. If I took my picture right now and showed it to my yesterday self, he will be probably questioning who this handsome man is.

[ "Status" ].

With all those treatments that went to my beauty, my charm stats must have definitely increased.


Name: Zero Elea

Rank: E

Strength: D -

Speed: E

Stamina: E

Mana: D

Luck: B

Charm: A

- - > Skill:

[ Rank SS: Parallel Memory ]

A skill that enables the user to get memories of their alternative self from another world.

Side Effect: The user may sometimes be overwhelmed by the emotion and personality of the alternative self.

- - > Art:

[ LVL 3: Shadow Style proficiency: Proficient ]

Art that enables the user to use the sword as if the sword is a shadow. The sword slash will be faster and stronger than a normal swing. After mastering the Shadow Style, the user will be able to move and attack using the shadow.

[ LVL 9: Cryomancy: Practitioner ]

Magic Art is said to have been made by the strongest Ice mage in history after fighting the Ice dragon. The user will be able to use ice magic to freeze the enemy to death. The Ice related skill will be twice effective and the user will gain tolerance to Cold. After mastering the Cryomancy, the user may be able to freeze the world.

[LVL 6: Dual Art: Beginner ]

A unique Art created by Zero. The Art combines two Art into one. The power and effect depend on the Art that has been combined.

= = = = = = = =

Woah! I didn't expect my charm stat to increase by 2 Rank. The Cappiello Salon does deserve to be one of the best beauty parlors.


While I continued appreciating my beauty, suddenly, my phone rang. The name on the number was Professor Mia.

[ "Hello, Professor Mia!" ]

[ "Where are you right now I will come to pick you up." ]

[ "Cappiello Salon" ]

[ "Wait there! I will be in a minute." ]

After a few minutes, a car which is similar to Lamborghini Aventador stopped before me. This was an Explorer car; while having a similar function to a normal car, however, the material used to make these cars were very strong.

Even Rank-B monsters may find it is hard to destroy this car. You can already guess how high the price of this car is. It was already on par with Rank-A artifacts.

Professor Mia came out of the car.

I stared at her totally stupefied. Professor Mia's clothes were elegant and blue in color. Her exquisite small face which was already pretty was further enhanced by her red lipstick, displaying an image of Ice beauty. Her white hair was held in place by an attractive flower accessory.

She looked absolutely dazzling. If my charm was A , hers were definitely SS or maybe SSS. I was utterly mesmerized by her beauty.

[ "Zero are you here" ]

[ "Huh" ]

When I came to my sense, I realize that Professor Mia was staring at me.

[ "Sorry! I was just lost in thought!" ]

[ "Phew! I thought something happened to you. You were not responding when I was calling you earlier. Get in the car, we will go to the party straight away." ].

I got inside the car and Professor drove the car. I can't help but give some glance to Professor Mia.

[ "Professor Mia, What is your relationship with Sophia I don't think you are attending the party for fun." ]

[ "Of course not. Sophia was my best friend at Ace Academy. Also, don't call me Professor when you are with me at the party. It will sound weird." ]

(It will sound weird. Who would go to a party with a student as her partner )

It took around 15 minutes to reach the birthday venue. There were lots of people going inside the hall.

When Professor Mia came out of the car, everybody's attention was drawn towards jer.

The white-colored hair matched her blue-colored dress, causing her entire body to release a faint, cold disposition that repelled people such that they were thousands of meters away from her.

Everyone's gazes swept across us. The once noisy crowd fell into silence. Their eyes initially flashed with adoration that a man would have for a woman. However, there was also fear mixed in with that adoration.

Lots of guests were also from influential backgrounds, however, even they were a little afraid of this lady beside me. This showed how much fame and strength Professor Mia possessed.

Being the greatest talent of her time, many know her face. Before Hiro, she was the one who was assessed as possessing the potential to reach Rank-SSS.

She didn't disappoint them as she quickly rose in rank and became the youngest to reach Rank-A.

Being with this woman, the attention magnet, it was inevitable that they also got curious about me, her partner for the night.


I took a deep breath and prepared myself for whatever I might face at the party.

Nervousness Begone!-

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