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Parallel Memory Chapter 56 Summer Vacation

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Chapter 56 Summer Vacation

The students' expressions turned from elation to misery. They thought they would win when they saw Zero cutting off the Wyvern's leader wing.

But they soon realized that they were wrong. Although Wyvern's leader's wing was cut off but it still have enough strength to kill everyone.

They thought Zero who was able to cut the Wyvern leader's wings would be able to kill the Wyvern's leader.

But Zero was not moving a muscle and Wyvern's leader was approaching Zero who had collapsed.

They knew something was wrong and they knew it was related to that powerful attack of his.

There was no way a Rank-E could release such an attack without suffering any backlashes.

The Wyvern leader opened its mouth to bite Zero. Zero watched as the Wyvern leader opened his mouth showing its sharp teeth.

He closed his eyes and tightened his muscles and waited for the pain that was about to come.

But before the Wyvern leader could bite Zero to death, his body turned into light particles and started disappearing.


[ "Exam concluded! 52 students survived!" ]

I slowly opened my eyes after hearing a sound. I thought I was eliminated and got teleported back to the training ground.

The next moment I saw myself on the training ground of Ace Academy. But I was not the only person there.

I looked around and saw that other students were also lying around me. They were in a daze like they had just woken up from a dream.

I realized it is not that I died in the mouth of Wyvern's leader but that the exam has ended just before I was killed by the Wyvern leader.

I was astonished at my own luck. If it had been one second later, I would have turned into food for the Wyvern leader.

But I was lucky that the exam ended and thanks to that I was able to survive.

Before long students came back to their senses and started to chatter.

[ "What happened Did we survive" ]

[ "Have the exam ended I don't think I was killed." ]

[ "I was still fighting when I saw my body turned into light particles." ]

[ "Sshhhh! Professors are coming!" ]


The professor made their appearances one by one on the training ground including Professor Mia and Professor William.

[ "The practical exam has ended. Congratulations to all the students that survived!" ]

Professor Theo then went and welcomed Vice-principal to give a speech.

The Vice-Principal stood in front of us on the podium and opened his mouth.

[ "Ahem... You all have done a great job surviving in the dungeon for five days. We had been observing your action in the dungeon for five days and I must say we are all impressed by the level of power you all have shown." ]

The speech went on and Vice-Principal praised us and explained the need for such an exam. He also elaborated on the responsibility that each one of us carries and told us to work harder.

The Vice-principal speech ended in half an hour but this was not the last thing we need to do. Our homeroom teacher was to give us feedback on how we did on the exam.

We had to go to the office of the respective homeroom teacher and receive our results.

I followed Professor Mia with other students in my class including Hiro Ernest, Zion Maxwell, Lisa Kyelpas, and Sylvia Mavis.

The remaining students from our class were about 10. Others might have been eliminated previously.

The total strength of our class is around 100 students but only 10 percent remained. Most students were eliminated during the fight with the Wyverns.

While walking, Lisa came toward me.

[ "Umm. Zero, I would like to thank you once again for your help with the exam. If you ever need my help, I will do my best to help you." ]

[ "Haha... It is my honor to help the goddess." ]

[ "Ahh. Please don't address me as a goddess. It is embarrassing." ]

Lisa blushed as she said. It made me want to tease her more.

But before I replied, I felt a threatening glare from Professor Mia which made me stop.

( Please stop glaring. I was just teasing for a bit. It would not hurt anyone if I tease her a little. Would it )

I was silent the whole time before arriving at the office.

The result was given to the students privately. The students went to the office one after another and finally, my turn came.

[ "Zero Elea, your point in the practical exam is 183. You did quite well and you are among top-3 in this exam." ]

I was shocked to hear about my scores. And even more so to hear my rank. Number 3 in the entire first year, to say number 3 among the Golden generation. It was more than I hoped for.

[ "I must say you are going great compared to your entrance exam. However, you could have done more. You would have gotten first place if you had worked harder." ]

Professor Mia praised me and also gave me feedback on how I could have done better.

[ "Your point increased due to you killing and assisting other students in killing Wyverns. If not for that you might not have made it to Top-3 with your previous score." ]

Professor Mia took out the result sheet and gave it to me.

[ "Your final rank is 7. I hope you work on your schoolwork. Your written exam rank is only 26 due to which your final rank dropped quite a lot. I hope you concentrate more on class from now on." ]

Rank-26!!! Rather than saying it was bad, it was beyond my expectation. It would have been already a miracle for me to get into Top-50 in the written exam.

But now I managed to get into Top-30 which is very good. And I also managed to get Rank-7 among all the first-year.

[ "My eyes truly didn't deceive me. With your current progress, you might reach Rank-D before the Tournament of Academies. It will be enough for you to get in as a participant." ]

Professor Mia reminded Zero about the promise they had. She hoped Zero could help their academy secure the trophy in the Tournament of Academies.

[ "From tomorrow, summer vacation starts. I hope that you don't get complacent and train harder." ]

[ "Yes, I will! Have a nice vacation Professor Mia!" ]

I told her and left the office building. I looked at the exam result again and confirm that I was indeed in the Top-10.

Professor Mia might have told me that it was low but from my point of view, it is truly high. Imagine a student going from 900s rank to Top-10 in one term, it is incredible progress.

After that, I quickly went to the dorm. I sat on the bed and thought for a while.

From tomorrow, we have one month's holiday and I planned to go back to my home. We can stay here if we want but I planned to go back to meet my parents and also help them get stronger.

Now that I have money, a lot of money that is, I can help my parents to become stronger and also support their guild financially.

I have to buy my dad and mom a Rank-up potion to Rank-A which would usually cost around one million Ethan coins.

I set the plan to go home after two days. Before leaving I needed to discuss some projects with the company.

Since I have money, I decided to create an online shopping this time.

[ "Hehe... It's time to exploit my employee. Just kidding." ]-

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