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Parallel Memory Chapter 64 IvoryBow Enters

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Chapter 64 IvoryBow Enters

Different varieties of food were presented one after another with different types of wine. Dancer and musicians that were invited also started their performances.

While the people at the party were enjoying themselves, I was worried and terrified of Eleonore suddenly attacking me.

It was not like Eleonore to keep quiet after I have offended her. She would never forgive me until she have my revenge.

Luckily, Misha has agreed to stay with me for the entire party. I don't whether Eleonore will beat me now or not but in front of Misha, she wouldn't try to beat me or at least I hope that was the case.

The party continued and I talked with Misha for time being. The guest was praising the preparation of the hall and the amazing food that was being served.

Everyone was having a good time until an uninvited guest decided to show up.


There was a loud noise at the entrance of the banquet hall. Then came a group of men with a big man with a bushy beard leading them.

[ "Haha. It is so lively here. Even the guildmaster of Shiversong is here. Then why did you not invite me" ]

Father's expression changed from happy to frown. The one who blatantly entered the hall is the guildmaster of IvoryBow guild, Solomon Fuentes and he came with some of his guild members.

The music stopped playing and all guests started becoming tense. They all know that there is a conflict between the IvoryBow guild and Shadow Genesis guild.

IvoryBow guildmaster coming here could mean nothing but trouble. They all looked at Solomon.


He instantly jumped and came near my father's place. Solomon Fuentes arrogantly looks down at my father's face and sneered.

[ "This is our turf. How dare you come here" ]

Farhan Nash, one of the allies of Shadow Genesis was the one to tell Solomon. He was talking to Warren before Solomon made his entrance.

[ "Hmph! Who do you think you are" ]

Solomon released his mana and with a wave of his hand, he send Farhan flying to the wall. Before Farhan crashed onto the wall, a protective barrier made of wind enveloped him.

My mother made a barrier of wind around Farhan to protect him from crashing. My mother went to heal Farhan.

[ "It seems you are here to look for trouble." ]

[ "Hahaha... I am joking with you. Today is a big day for you. I am here to congratulate and give a good blessing." ]

Solomon said with sinister eyes. Though he might have said all those, nobody has believed him. IvoryBow guild was planning on shallowing the Shadow Genesis guild but now their guild master has broken through which means it will be tougher for them to do so.

They were definitely there to create a problem for the Shadow Genesis guild.

[ "I thought the guildmaster, Solomon is here to stir up a fight" ]

Eleonore's father, Diego came forward and said to Solomon. Solomon has reached Rank-A before Diego. He is more powerful than Warren and Diego but with two of them present, they would be able to deal with him.

[ "Do you think I am stupid. If I wanted to stir up a fight I would have chosen the time when you were not here." ]

[ "You came here uninvited and also injured one of my guests. I guess you are not here to talk." ]

[ "Hahaha. Of course not. I heard there are many outstanding young generations in your guild. I brought my son to try them." ]

Solomon said as his son made his way to them. Unlike the huge body size of Solomon, his son was small and thin. He appears to have a pale and slender body with shoulder-length black hair that looks unkempt, cold, and a proud demeanor.

Warren stayed silent. He finally understood why Solomon decided to show up when many people were present here.

He wanted to make our guild lose allies by making our young guild members lose against his son.

His son is a great talent at Knight Academy, one of the Top-5 Academy.

He is in his third year and has reached Rank-D. In the future, he might surpass his father and reach S-Rank.

The Shadow Genesis guild does not have such a talented young member. We have a person who is in Rank-C but that person is 7 years older than Tristan.

Other guild members of the same age are either in Rank-E or Rank-F . They were not a match for Tristan at all.

If We send Rank-C to the battle, then it would be a humiliation to our guild as we are sending some older guys to fight with the young boy. But if we send in a kid who is the same age as him then they will end up losing.

[ "..." ]

[ "What You are unwilling How would your guild grow with such a coward guildmaster. Your weakling guildmaster does have the guts to accept my challenges." ]

[ "Yes, yes, my dad is right. You scaredy cat should know your place and surrender to our guild. No one in your younger generation is my opponent. Sooner or later, your guild will fall into our hands." ]

[ "Ah! Looks like I was mistaken, your guild is so weak. How can your guild have someone who can compete with my son." ]

Solomon seeing the opportunity to put down his enemy started insulting Warren. He was trying to make Warren angry and also to make their allies lose confidence in Warren.

If Warren decides to reject, he will be seen as a coward and his authority will decrease. If he agrees and his guild loses the challenge, the guild's reputation will be damaged. Solomon knew, either way, he was going to gain something.

Solomon's son, Tristan also took the opportunity to mock the guild master of Shadow Genesis.

[ "Why do I hear two stray dogs barking" ]

Zero interrupted Solomon and his son. Zero voice was cold and filled with killing intent. The one thing that gets on Zero's nerve more than anything is others insulting his parents.

Zero lost all his cool when Solomon and his son started insulting his father. Zero would have killed the man if not for being weaker than him.

( This humiliation that my father has suffered, I am going to pay you back hundred times.)

Solomon stared at the young boy who was unafraid of him. He didn't believe his ears, no one has ever spoken to him in this way, not since he became Rank-A.

[ "I didn't know that we have invited over some dog to the party. Can you stop barking and disturbing others" ]

[ "Who are you Don't you know we are from IvoryBow guild Apologize while I am giving you a chance. Or else I will kill you." ]

Tristan threatens Zero. Tristan is short temper person and he couldn't handle someone insulting him.

But the threat of this level was nothing to Zero. It might even be amusing to Zero to see a Rank-D student threaten him.

[ "I will also give you a chance to apologize to my father. Don't be an idiot and take the chance that I gave you. " ]

[ "Yo-You. I will kill you. I will show you who truly is an idiot. You didn't apologize when I gave you a chance. Don't cry when I show no mercy." ]

[ "You can try if you want." ]

Tristan dashed towards Zero and attacked him with his fist. Zero easily dodged his attack and kicked him from his behind making him fall down in an embarrassing state.

[ "You!" ]

Tristan is certainly powerful, at least for an average Rank-E. His speed which is clearly in Rank-D would be difficult to dodge by lower rank humans but Zero's stats were high and he could easily dodge something like a straight punch.

[ "Ah, so this is the strength of IvoryBow guild. Today, you have really opened my eyes. This is the son you want us to fight with Isn't the level of difficulty too low" ]

Zero said it in a domineering voice. The guest was shocked by this small exchange. Tristan who is not only older than Zero but also more talented was put into an embarrassing state by Zero.

Most guest here was someone who knows Shadow Guild for many years. Naturally, they know about Zero too.

They heard he was admitted into Ace Academy but they knew he was average compared to other talented students.

They also know his personality well. He was not someone who was brave enough to come forward like that. They remembered him as a kid who doesn't show much emotion.

That's why they were stunned to see him argue with Solomon and his son.

Solomon was also stunned to see his son kicked by Zero. Solomon came there to flaunt his sons' talent and make Shadow Genesis lose their face. But unexpectedly it was his son and their guild who was humiliated.

Solomon could not contain his anger. The mocking smile that he had earlier all disappeared and his face darkened.

[ "You, who has not fully-grown hair behave so wildly. Looks like you need to be re-educated." ]


Solomon disappeared and reappeared before my face. I thought he hit me but my dad blocked his attack.

[ "How dare you tried to attack my son. Solomon, do you think you can do anything you want in our territory." ]

[ "Humph! Cowards, do you accept our challenge or you can just admit that you are a group of cowards. " ]

[ "Let me do it, Dad. Let us see how his son fares against me." ]

Before dad replied, I had accepted their challenge. It was easy for the current me to win against someone like Tristan.

With that, the fight between Tristan, the heir of IvoryBow guild, and me, the son of Shadow Genesis guild began.-

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