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Parallel Memory Chapter 7 Attack

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Chapter 7 Attack

I went and sat in my seat. I could feel the stare of all the students. As I was thinking about what to do today.


A loud sound woke me up from my thoughts.


What... Who is this guy

[ "What" ]

[ "Huh. Did you not hear what I just said. I told you to follow me." ]

[ "Huh. Who the hell are you What do you want" ]

[ "Don't you know Flash Erwin. The 8 ranker of the first year." ], one of his friends replied.

[ "Hmph. Just follow us outside the class. It is not a request but an order." ]

[ "No" ]

I straight up rejected his order. What a rude fellow. You didn't explain anything to me and expect me to follow you like I am one of your lackeys.

[ "You bottom feeder dare to refuse a top ranker like me. HOW DARE YOU!" ]

[ " Are you a top ranker" ]

[ " YES, didn't you hear my men say I am 8th ranker in the first year." ]

[ "Then yes, I dare to refuse a top ranker." ]

[ "Y-YOU dare mock me. I am going to show you the power of a top ranker." ]

He imbued his fist with mana and was about to punch me. I readied my hand to block his attack when I suddenly felt cold mana. Flash Erwin was frozen on the spot.

[ "Silence. No unauthorized fights are allowed in the school. If you break this rule next time, you will be expelled." ]

The homeroom teacher Mia Frostine entered the class. She unfroze Flash Erwin and told him to stand in the hall.

[ "I don't want to see another one of you creating a disturbance in the class again. This Academy is for nurturing future heroes who will defend humanity. I hope you all practice and improve yourself rather than chasing girls." ]

As she said that she gave me a cold glare. Looks like yesterday's incident was heard by the teacher.

( What can I do. What do you expect me to do. It is the role bestowed by the god. It's not like I like to cause disturbance okay; annoying pests were just attracted by the job that I did yesterday.)

The attendance was taken and she left the class. Today there was one hour lecture by the teacher and the rest of the day was free training.

The professor was an old man who was introducing us to mana and its usage.

[ " Do you know why some people Art are more powerful even when it is same Art at same proficiency. It is because of mana control, people with more mana control will exhibit more power even if the Art is same." ]

Professor continued to explain different things about mana such as the importance of having good mana control and using mana more efficiently.

After one hour, we were allowed to go and train on our own as the teacher had a meeting. I was about to go to the magic venue when three boys step in front of me.

[ "Hey, Loser lets duel on the stage" ]

It was Flash again. He seems to be angry about receiving punishment. Well, not my fault. He invited me to duel on Stage; a Stage where authorized duel supervised by professors take place. It is meant for students to fight and learn from each other.

I ignored him.

[ "What Scared" ]

[ "Hmmm. What a coward." ]

[ "Hey, coward, get ready to have your spine broken in the upcoming combat exam. I'll disable you and ... " ]

I stopped listening and just continued walking. After Mrs. Frostine warning, it doesn't seem like he will attack me again. He will be expelled if he attacked me this time.

It seemed I became a target of bullying. I don't know why they have a problem with me chasing after a girl.

( If you like a girl then just court her yourself. Why are messing with me if you can't even court her yourself )

It seems they don't dare to go after Lisa because of their fear of Zion but when a person lower than themselves has done what they are scared of, they became angry. They vented their anger to me instead of Zion. They can't beat him but they think they can beat me.

(What a Chicken. They fear the strong but bullies the weak. )

The training venue was filled with people. some people who were not of the magic class were also there. They were practicing Magic Art; even if you have chosen different practical classes it was okay to practice in the different venues during free class.

Some people practice spear as the main weapon and bow as the secondary weapon. They needed a different venue while practicing Art of another type.

There I also saw Lisa with Slyvia. Guess I should play my role.


An arrogant blonde man stood by the side of the training venue. He was wearing an expensive dress and a golden watch, giving off the aura of an elite.

He was looking at the student then he turned around and asked.

[ "Anyone with good potential" ]

Staring at the student, the cold beauty who was Mia Frostine, looked around and said,

[ "Yes. This year is filled with students who can reach SS rank someday, especially Hiro Ernest, Zion Maxwell, Lisa Kyelpas, and Slyvia Mavis. One of them may even reach the legendary SSS rank." ]

Hearing the name, the man nodded and arrogantly said.

[ "Well, this is not surprising since they are from an elite background." ]

Frostine with no change in emotion replied.

[ "I agree. their background is impressive but that's not what made them strong. It's their dedication to their training and the hard work that they put in that made them this strong. Even if you have an elite background with a good bloodline and countless resources, if you don't work hard, you will never become strong." ]

[ "Hmm. Hard work without a noble bloodline is useless. A commoner can never surpass a noble. Anyways, I think we should check their background carefully especially since there is some commoner who took top rank by cheating." ]

[ "William. Don't take it too far. The exam was overseen by a 5 A rank professor. Do you want to say we can't see through tricks used by an E-rank student Hiro Ernest may not have an impressive background but his talent for sword and mana control is number one among the first year. I can confidently say that within 5 years he will be A rank." ]

Frostine said with an upset tone.

[ "Oh for Ice Enchantress to say so much for him He must be really talented. I hope that he can learn more in my class." ]

He spoke with coldness in his eye.

[ "Hmph. I just hope you teach students without discriminating them against their lineage. All students who are qualified to study in this academy are all talented and have worked very hard. They are spending most of their time training. "]

Professor William was admitted as a professor in Ace Academy in the same year as Mia Frostine. Using his father's connection, he was able to become a teacher at Ace Academy despite being less qualified than other candidates.

He is a talented person though being rank B despite being only 27 years old but the rank was below most teachers in Ace Academy.

William has been courting Mia Frostine ever since her first year of teaching with no success. She hates him for wasting her time and also for being a blood supremacist.

He is always pursuing her and not concentrating on improving his strength despite all the resources he got from his family. All in all, he is just a person that reached rank B with elixir in the eye of Frostine; Who has nothing but a background to show off.

[ "Y-You" ]

He was about to retort when he saw something.

[ "Pfff. Spend all their time only on the training. See that. I just see his dedication in chasing a girl." ]

Without hiding his laughter, he pointed in the direction where apparently a boy was presenting some flower and sweet-talking to a girl.

Taking out the tablet. William quickly checked the student information of the boy.

[ "Zero Elea. Rank 970. Son of Shadow Genesis guild master. The rank is F . Look what did I tell you, only the people with the elite background will have strength. People like him are destined to be the bottom feeder of the strong forever." ]

Even though Mia wanted to refute, she couldn't. She looked in the direction of Zero who was busy singing in the praise of Lisa.

( What kind of person is this. At least tell her that in private. Now, you embarrassed me in front of another professor. Looks like just my warning is not enough )

She coldly stared at the boy.-

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