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Parallel Memory Chapter 80 Fight The Pretty Loli! [2]

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Chapter 80 Fight The Pretty Loli! [2]

*****On the Training Field*****

The audience became quiet as all their gazes were focused on two individuals on the big screen.

Many students have heard about Zero from the rumors. Many students and professors have been jealous of him as he was rumored to be dating Professor Mia, the most beautiful woman.

Most students didn't have a good impression of Zero because he didn't deserve a girl like Professor Mia. His rank was also low before Mid-term and there were lots of negative rumors about him.

He has been deemed as a coward as he would always try to run away from battles. He also enraged many boys by chasing Lisa who is admired by many boys. Zero is also rumored to be a playboy who would flirt with any girl he comes across.

Despite his feat of defeating Lucas and Rowan, many believed it is due to Hiro Ernest that Zero was able to defeat them. They could not believe that the previously coward Zero would stand against the Top-ranked student in the second year. They also know the Rank Zero was in and thought it was impossible for him to defeat Rank-E who had taken a berserk pill.

Many started calling him by the name 'Coward' while others mocked him by calling him 'Romeo'. Later, making it a title for Zero, "Coward Romeo".

However, as they eyed the young man who still maintained a calm and leisurely manner despite facing the strongest girl in the whole academy, some of the students felt a little awed in their hearts.

He was not like the coward that the rumor spoke of. They reckon that they would be yelling and running away in despair if they ever faced Lisanna. They would not be in a position to fight Lisanna. She was also releasing Rank-C mana aura which would be more than enough to make them kneel.

Therefore, they were shocked by Zero's attitude, who seems calm when facing a strong person like Lisanna. This attitude was not of someone that is rumored to be a coward and chase after girls.

The faces of students changed from pity and resentment to astonishment as Lisanna and Zero clashed for more than 5 minutes and Zero showed no sign of losing.

"Will Zero win"

Students began asking that question to their friends. If they asked them before the battle began, they would have said "absolutely not" but now they were not sure.

On the screen, Zero forces Lisanna to back off by pushing her using his sword.

Zero has then started to counterattack. It seems that Lisanna was having trouble blocking his fierce attack.

"Mrs. Lisanna is losing. I can't believe a first-year student is winning against the Ace Academy's strongest student."

"Does that not make Zero the strongest"

"Th-Th-This is …"

"Impossible! It is not possible for Zero to have this kind of strength"

The young masters who were in the same class as Zero could not believe their eyes. The same Zero that they have mocked and looked down on was displaying incredible power.

All kinds of discussions were taking place as the most thrilling and unexpected battle was unfolding in front of them. Zero displayed unbelievable power making many people confused. They could not believe that they were unaware of such a talented student.

Some started noting down the name as the potential recruitment for their guilds or for others, potential partners for raids.

As the battle went on some students were teleported out due to being eliminated and they also started watching the amazing battle.

They blamed their bad luck for encountering difficult opponents and being knocked out. They didn't expect a first-year to battle with Lisanna and still be able to hold his ground. They felt ashamed for making an excuse for being defeated.

The professor who was evaluating students also fell silent and focused on the battle between Zero and Lisanna. They thought no one would be able to fight against the one and only C Rank student of their school but unexpectedly there was one currently battling with Lisanna.

"Your students are too strong"

Professor Theo muttered. He was shocked enough to witness Hiro's strength and other students of the Alpha class. He didn't expect another monster to be hiding in the midst of all those talented students.

His class was also strong compared to the previous year but the difference between his and Professor Mia's class was like that of First-year and Third-year.

It was already unfair to have students like Hiro Ernest and Zion Maxwell in one class. Now somebody who might be their equal or someone who has surpassed their talent has appeared from her class.

Professor William stood horrified. He thought Zero would certainly be eliminated. But seeing Zero display such an impressive strength, he could not but doubt any student being capable enough to defeat him.

( This is not good! I need to get rid of him sooner. )

To let your enemy grow is your biggest mistake. There is already a grudge between Professor William and Zero. He knows that Zero will seek revenge after he gains enough strength. He might have a strong dad but he could only use his influence to get some favor and avoid some punishment.

When someone really wants to kill him, he can only rely on himself.

While Professor William was feeling despair, others were shocked but happy at the same time.

Getting another talent would mean that the chances of their Academy winning the Tournament would increase.

"Congratulation, Professor Mia! To be able to groom another talent. He will surely make a name for himself."

"Congratulations, Professor Mia! " ….

They were congratulating Professor Mia as Zero is from her class. But more than that, it is also because they also heard a rumor of Professor Mia going out with Zero. They are congratulating her because they know Zero would grow up to be Heroes or beyond that.

Hearing the praise, Professor Mia smiled back at her fellow colleague. She was initially stupefied to find that Zero was able to fight equally with Lisanna.

Then she became extremely excited to see Zero winning. She had never expected Zero to be so talented that he could fight on par with Rank-C while being at just Rank-D -.

( Looks like I need to increase his training intensity.)

Professor Mia happily thoughts so.

Whatever the outcome may be, the fight had made Students and professors alike to change their perception of Zero.

They concentrated on the match as the fight was about to reach its climax.-

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