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Parallel Memory Chapter 86 Lisa Vs Sylvia

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Chapter 86 Lisa Vs Sylvia

The first biggest upset of the selection had happened. Top-10 ranker who is expected to definitely qualify as a participant has just been knocked out in the first round of the second group.

Nobody has seen this coming. Lisa was talented but Velma was also a talented student in her third year.

Velma was getting carried in a stretcher. Despite her kindness, Lisa didn't show mercy to her opponent.

And Velma was powerful and she had to give her all or risk losing. But Velma had become weaker and at her weakest point, Lisa used her powerful attack which she could not take.

Amid all the excitement, disappointment, and astonishment, the second round has already begun.

The match continued but nothing of that caliber had been shown. Only Sylvia was left that could give Lisa a run for her money.

Sylvia has also equally attracted the boy's attention. The cheers for Sylvia were so strong that I began to feel sorry for her opponent.

He was treated as air and nobody was paying attention to him at all.

Her opponent was a fellow first-year who seemed to be in just Rank-E.

He was nervous about facing Sylvia as expected. Sylvia was like Velma to third-year students.

Rather than fearing Lisanna and other top-10 students of third-year, first-year students were more scared of facing Sylvia and Lisa because they know their power.

While they might have heard that Top-10 third years are powerful, they didn't know how powerful they were.

But they had certainly seen the power of Sylvia and Lisa who could defeat Rank-D - the Boss monster.

The opponent knew how Sylvia fights and tried to close the distance immediately after the match started.

Sylvia easily took care of her enemy without giving him the chance to close the distance between them.

The match continued with Lisa dominating on one side and Sylvia on another until they were to face each other.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Now for the fight that many of us have been waiting for. Two of the most dazzling, beautiful, and talented students in Ace Academy are going to face each other in this fight."

The host voice resounded in the stadium. The host seemed even more pumped up than usual.

Similar was the case for the crowds who cheered loudly. Whether it be the excitement to watch two beauty fights or be it the fight between two of the most talented students in the Ace Academy, they were undoubtedly thrilled to watch the upcoming fight.

Lisa was able to showcase her strength which made many students believe that she will easily win against Sylvia.

Sylvia didn't particularly meet any tough opponents and had quickly finished off all her previous opponents.

This led to many believing that the Sylvia limit was just that. Lisa had previously exhibited the power that was similar to Rank-D - while Sylvia was only showing Rank-E power.

Both fighters made their way to the stage. A battle between a Mage and an Archer, both of who are long-range attackers.

( Did something like this happen in the novel )

I thought to myself. If I remember correctly, Lisa and Sylvia would not be in the same group.

But I could care less about that now. I had long since stopped relying on the novel to tell what will happen.

It might have been more useful if I was Hiro as most of the thing in the novel is about him.

I stared at Lisa and Sylvia standing on the stage. It was a good opportunity to learn about how powerful MC comrades were.

Lisa has already shown the power that has exceeded my expectations. The MC and his friend seem to be growing at a fast pace that seems to be higher than what is written in the novel.

But like I said, MC and his growing stronger is good news for me and the world.

"Today, our position will change. I will defeat you."

Sylvia said to Lisa like a rival. Though she was not bitter about losing to Lisa, it didn't mean she liked it.

As a student, friend, and girl who is above her in rank, Sylvia considered Lisa her rival more than Zion and Hiro.

She had lost in the Entrance exam and also in Mid-term but it didn't mean she will keep on losing.


Lisa didn't react to Sylvia's provocation. She was already in her battle mode and she didn't concentrate on anything other than beating her opponent.

"You are seriously not cute when fighting."

Sylvia said in a friendly manner. Even when Sylvia was her friend, Lisa seemed to give the same attention as she gave to others.

Both of them took out their weapons and took their battle position.

"The final match of the second group will now begin!"

Sylvia aimed her bow at Lisa and immediately fired her arrows.


Her arrow flew out at lightning speed. Lisa raised her staff and quickly deployed her skill.

[ "Soteria Blessing: Goddess Protection" ]

Lisa's shield blocked all her arrows.

[ "Plasma Discharge" ]

Lisa used the skill that made Velma lose. But unlike Velma, Sylvia didn't underestimate Lisa and she had already seen what Lisa's skill does.

[ "Multiple Shot: Dazzling Light" ]

Rather than trying to dodge, Sylvia shot down the balls.

[ "Phoenix Flame Shot" ]

Sylvia used her skill to break Lisa's shield. But the shield didn't break. It was easily able to withstand her attacks.

Facing each other, neither side had even the tiniest panic on their face. They had been friends as well as practice partners.

Both sides knew that the fight was not going to be easy and that they needed to exert all their power in order to secure the win.

They concealed their openings while searching for their opponent's openings.

Sylvia continued firing a barrage of arrows while Lisa maintained her shield and used her skill whenever she had a chance.

The crowd continued to cheer and applaud. Their respective fan club members had started to shout.

"Goddess Lisa, you can do it."

"Sylvia-chan, you are doing great. Beat her down."

"Mrs. Lisa, show us your true power." …

The fight was equally becoming more and more fierce as it continued.

The fight continued and slowly Sylvia was getting hurt bit by bit.

While Lisa has her shield protecting her from every attack, Sylvia relied on dodging and canceling out Lisa's attack with her arrows.

But some attacks had managed to escape from her arrows and hit her.

"Looks like I can't hold back anymore."

Sylvia's strategy was simple at the beginning. It was to exhaust Lisa's mana and knock her out after that.

Lisa would always rely on her shield for protection. It would constantly eat her mana.

But Sylvia was getting hurt and Lisa showed no sign of her mana being exhausted. Even when Lisa deployed her shield, it seemed hard to exhaust her mana as she has a ridiculously high mana stat.

Sylvia gathered a huge amount of mana and channeled it into her bow.

[ "Moonlight Radiant Arrows" ]

Sylvia used the strongest attack that she could muster in her current state.


[ "Soteria Blessing: Goddess Protection" ]

Lisa still relied on her shield to stop the Sylvia attack.


Sylvia's attack was more powerful than what her shield can handle and a crack soon appeared on her shield.


And finally, Sylvia managed to break her shield. Sylvia smiled as it seemed that her victory was in her hand.

However, Lisa didn't show any sign of nervousness and was even smiling a little while looking at the attack.

[ "Violet Flash" ]

Lisa immediately used her skill to dodge the attack or so many of the audience thought but unexpectedly Lisa appeared in front of Sylvia.


Sylvia was surprised by Lisa's action. Though she understands using Violet Flash to escape her attack but to come closer was not a good choice.

While Sylvia was an archer and her opponent getting closer was dangerous to her but only when her opponent was a close ranger fighter.

Lisa was a mage and her closing distance didn't make sense. It would not give any advantage to Lisa.

Therefore, Sylvia didn't panic and just focused on attacking Lisa again.

( Since you want to do it, then let's do it. )

Sylvia thought that Lisa wanted to finish this match. She didn't understand what Lisa wanted to do but knew Lisa was going for the kill.

[ "Violet Flash" ]

Unexpectedly Lisa used her skill consecutively. It could put an extra burden on your body if you are not strong enough.

It was not an Art that is used consecutively and heavy side-effects would be felt by Lisa.

But Lisa was determined to finish the match with her next move.

Catching Sylvia off guard, she used another skill.

[ "Bolting Torpedo" ]

Unexpectedly the Art was of close combat type. Lisa contrate her lightning energy on her palm and blasted Sylvia.


Lisa's attack had enough power, not to mention she caught Sylvia off guard and was in very close proximity, to send Sylvia off the stage.

No need to wait for the result as Sylvia has been thrown off the stage.

There was silence in the stadium. It had only been a few seconds when Sylvia used an astronomical mana to fire off a strong attack.

But instead of Sylvia winning, Lisa in a blink of an eye had sent Sylvia flying off the stage before the audience could even finish their excitement of seeing such a powerful attack by Sylvia.

Amid the silence, the host announced the result.

"Second group winner, Lisa Kyelpas of First-year."-

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