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Parallel Memory Chapter 89 Zero Vs Lyon [2]

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Chapter 89 Zero Vs Lyon [2]

The second best in Ace Academy has been defeated by Zero.

They saw the whole thing but could not believe it.

Lyon's current strength was Rank-D peak. Since Zero defeated him, then… his strength was at least that of a Rank-D !!!!

As they thought of this possibility, the students immediately emitted the sound of heavy breathing as they inhaled more air to calm their minds.

"Winner! Zero Elea of the first year."

As the voice of the host fell on the students' ears, cheers came from all directions. Their gaze at Zero turned from curiosity to admiration and reverence.

At this moment, the name Zero Elea would be etched into the memory of everyone present there.

Only did they now believe the rumor of Zero Elea being as powerful as Lisanna.

At this age, to be able to reach Rank-D , it would make him the youngest person to reach Rank-D in the history of humanity.

Though it was all speculation since they never felt the mana aura of Rank-D from Zero. But even then, Zero power was equal to Rank-D or even Rank-C-.

The second strongest student at Ace Academy has just been replaced by Zero who is just in his first year.

"Very… Very Strong…"

Toby murmured. Among all the students, Toby knows Lyon's strength the most.

Even at the same rank, Lyon could easily dominate others. To be able to beat him, Toby could only say Zero was too strong.

He could not believe that someone could defeat Lyon so easily. The only other student to be able to do that would be Lisanna.

A first-year who could very well be the strongest student in Ace Academy. Toby shuddered at that thought.

The other participants also were equally shocked and upon realizing that they didn't have to fight Zero, they felt relieved and lucky.

The mouths of Professors in the VIP seat were wide open. Their faces were filled with shock as they watched the young man return to his seat.

Who could imagine that Lyon, whose rank was at Rank-D peak, was defeated easily by a junior who they sense is only at Rank-D -. This was in spite of Lyon taking the battle seriously and unleashing his strongest skill right from the start.

Originally, they were still discussing just how many rounds it would take for Lyon to defeat Zero.

However, their discussion had yet to come to an end when Zero had already told them the answer.

"His potential is really scary. If we groom him properly in these three months we might have a student who could defeat Omar Noel."

Professor Theo said. He had seen Zero's strength during the mid-term exam and thought Zero was talented just like Lisa and Hiro.

But the power he is displaying right now shows that Zero's talents might have even surpassed Hiro, who is said to be the most talented person.

"Yes, first-year students' potential is really terrifying this year. We already have seen two first years whose strength is on par with Third year Top-10."

Professor Delvin commented.

"Haha, no wonder Professor Mia has him in her heart. Only outstanding talent as Zero could manage to steal your heart."

Professor Veronica teased Professor Mia. Previously, many believed Professor Mia going out with Zero to be just a rumor ( Which is true) but seeing Zero's talent they think otherwise.

Previously, they could not believe it because of the disparity between the talent between Zero and Professor Mia and also because they were teachers and students.

But now it seemed that those rumors could not be entirely false. Outstanding people like Professor Mia are destined to be with monster talent like Zero.

"Ignoring the first sentence, I do think Zero is an outstanding talent. He could have been stronger if he decreased his time flirting with girls."

Professor Mia told them. While she was referring to the incident where Zero would always try to flirt with Lisa, the other professor thought otherwise.

'So, this is how Zero managed to capture Professor Mia's heart. Zero must have spent a lot of time courting Professor Mia.'

The other Professor thought Zero's flirting referred to him flirting with Professor Mia. There was no way they would know that Zero used to chase after Lisa.

"But this might be the first time a First-year managed to get into the Top-3 rank of Ace Academy."

Going back to the serious topic at hand. They discussed how Zero has managed to set a record.

Previously, many unexpected events occurred, but they weren't as crazy as this.

There has been an instance of a first-year student beating the Top-10 of third-year students. But it was the first time they had witnessed one of the Top-3 being defeated by the first year.

"I wonder who is stronger between Zero and Lisanna."

One of the professors curiously asked.

As a professor, they were able to sense that Zero didn't even use his full power. That means Zero didn't even need to be serious to take out someone as strong as Lyon.

That means that Zero might be as strong as Lisanna. They saw the battle between Zero and Lisanna. However, while they could vaguely see the destruction that Zero's attack contained, they were not able to sense his true power through the monitor.

They thought Lisanna might have been holding herself back at that time. But it looks like Lisanna truly didn't have enough power to defeat Zero.

It was good news for the Academy as they have someone who could be as strong as Lisanna as their participants.

Previously, the school management team was actually quite worried about this year's Tournament of Academies.

While Ace Academy has talented students like Lyon and Lisanna who could reach Rank-C - but Arcane Academy has someone who was at Rank-C.

They believed that this year they might have to lose their title as the Best Academy but unexpectedly there were lots of talented students from the First Year.

Lisa displayed power on par with her third-year students. Then there was Zero, who could be as powerful as their current Top student.

Not to mention that the selection was not complete and they still have many talented students like Hiro and Zion.

They expected similar performance from the two of them who are said to be more talented than Lisa.

The professor could not hide their happiness and discussed the plan to increase the power of students for the Tournament of Academies.

Zero left the stage amid all the discussion and applause and got back to his seat.

The students can only stare at him as he makes his way to his seat.

"WOW! Zero won against the second-best of our school."

"ZERO! He is truly a monster. I kind of get why his previous opponent surrendered. There was no way he could beat this monster even if practiced for 3 more years."

"Looks like an unparalleled genius has emerged from First-year."

The students were all praising and complimenting Zero.

However, the match had to go on and Lyon was to fight the previous opponent that Zero defeated.


"Zero of the first year and Lyon of the third year will be the participants from Group 5."

The host announced the result and with it, the Group 5 fight was over.

Then started the match of Group 6 where the winners were both from the Third year.

It marked the end of today's selection. The rest of the groups were to compete tomorrow.-

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