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Chapter 468 – Be A Good Boy And Let Me Have My Fill!

Lin Xiao couldn’t believe that Claire would protect him like that.

What was she thinking Was there something wrong with her

Did she think that she would be able to block his black dragon fist with her pitiful strength and frail body

Stop it, even if she used her own body as a meat shield, she wouldn’t be able to stop her, not only will he open a hole in her, Lin Xiao who was in her embrace would also suffer!

Please, her chest may feel like a steel plate, but she isn’t as hard as one!

Also, did Claire forget that Lin Xiao was much stronger than her Lin Xiao should be the one in front, not her.

It couldn’t be helped, even if he was held by her, he still had to think of a way to stop Hardy’s attack.


In an instant, a milky white light shone and Hardy never expected Lin Xiao to react so quickly.

He actually instantly constructed a magic shield and its glow and rigidity was far stronger than any other magic shield he has seen before!

Could it be that this kid wasn’t just good at talking but also strong

The experienced Hardy sensed the danger and in that instant he suddenly understood! Why Claire was so concerned with Lin Xiao and why he was unaffected by Barrett’s aura, the reason was that he wasn’t weaker than Barrett!

But how is that possible He was just a youngster, why did he have such terrifying power

Hardy realized that not only was he being played with by Lin Xiao during the meeting, but even his strength was also completely surpassed… it seems like he was destined to fail today.

But since he already decided, he can’t go back!

No matter how strong Lin Xiao is, Hardy doesn’t believe that he can block his attack! If one punch won’t work, then two punches, if two punches won’t work, then he’ll punch and kick! Since Lin Xiao was held down by Claire, neither of them can go anywhere!

Hardy knew he had no way out, even if he stopped now he would be imprisoned, so he would rather take his chances and bring Lin Xiao down to hell with him!


Barrett couldn’t react in time and could only watch as the princess was hugging Lin Xiao and about to eat Hardy’s punch!

Damn! Not only Lin Xiao would die, but even Claire would be involved, if anything happened to Claire, then Gotham Kingdom would fall into chaos!


Everyone cried out and knew that Hardy’s punch would surely crush the two of them and they all shut their eyes in despair, but the expected didn’t come and what came was a loud collision sound.

That explosion shattered their eardrums and was even louder than when Barrett and Hardy collided, even Barrett who was standing near the door could feel the impact.

Taike who was close by was sent flying back onto the meeting table.

“What It was blocked”

After the impact passed, they were all shocked to see that the magic shield easily blocked the punch, not only was Lin Xiao not injured, the collision injured Hardy.

On the other side, the other two were in a strange way.

Because Claire was too excited and hugged Lin Xiao tightly to save him and because she was flat as a board, there was zero distance between them and they lost their balance under the impact and fell to the floor.

It wasn’t just falling, it was how they fell! Because Claire was around the same height as Lin Xiao, when she was hugging him, her lips were right next to his, so when they fell, their lips also collided.


This may not be the first time she was intimate with Lin Xiao since she kissed his cheeks last time, but it was the first time on the lips! Wait… if she isn’t wrong, this should be her first kiss!

Although Claire may be treated like a guy, but she was still a girl, so she’s often dreamed about a romantic first kiss and the man who steals her first kiss will surely be a manly man!

But… why is it Lin Xiao Although he’s also strong and mature, he’s completely different from the muscly tough guy that she imagined!

Perhaps this is fate.

If Lin Xiao is really her destiny then she doesn’t have much to complain about.

After all, the strategy and dominance he displayed throughout this meeting was awe-inspiring.

Not only was he eloquent, but he was also courageous and resourceful.

Other than not being muscular, he fulfilled all of Claire’s conditions and now that Lin Xiao took her first kiss, she could accept it.

No! Not just as simple as accepting it.

Claire was more proactive and avid then any other woman that Lin Xiao had ever met before.

When the accident happened, she already silently accepted Lin Xiao and saw this accident as fate.

Since they were about to die, she might as well be honest with her feelings!

At that time she didn’t know that Hardy was already sent flying by Lin Xiao’s magic shield so she hugged him even tighter and forcibly coiled herself around him and pressed him down and did something that Lin Xiao would have never expected!

“Claire, what are you doing You… mhmm! @&#!%…”

Lin Xiao wanted to tell Claire to get off him, and not to delay the fight between him and Hardy.

Even if Claire blocked his mouth he was still struggling, but her next fierce attack stopped him in his tracks!

“Claire, s…stop… I-I…”

“Mhmm… Lin Xiao… Lin Xiao!!!”

Lin Xiao wanted to say something, but Claire noticed he was struggling and attacked even more crazily.

Unlike ShenDai Ying’s gentleness or Elena’s shyness, Claire carried frenzy and straightforwardness.

“Claire! … Hardy… Hardy is coming… I have to finish him!”

“No, I haven’t had enough yet… don’t even think about running!”

“Hm… stop… stop… ah! Don’t bite me! … Ah, owww!”

“Mhmm… Lin Xiao… I can’t control myself anymore… since we’re going to die anyways, then just let me get enough of it!”

“Who said we were going to die! I haven’t lived enough yet, I don’t want to die!”

“Then stop speaking and just enjoy it!”

“What I… mhm! @&#!%…”

As a gentleman (pervert) it has always been him teasing the women, not the other way around!

What has gone wrong in this world

Originally Lin Xiao had no interest in this tomboy.

Although she was quite charming after putting on makeup and dressing up, but… but…

Oh my god, what was he doing He was actually forcibly kissed by the tomboy And even worse, he… actually was pretty happy

Lin Xiao may have been rejecting it on the inside, but his body honestly accepted it! He could have easily just pushed Claire off, but he never did anything and made it look like he was being forced and then immersed himself in the pleasure.

Perhaps this is what they mean by an eye for an eye

Lin Xiao once bullied Elena like this and this time it was his turn to experience it!

“Princess! Why are you still lying down on the floor! Hurry up and get up!!”

Barrett got anxious when he saw that they were still on the floor and called out to them!


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