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Please Permit Me To Love You Forever Chapter 1

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1  Prologue: Reborn

On a cold winter's night of 2013, the land fell into complete silence as the piercing wind blew across it.

At that moment, the night slowly enveloped the already cold world and left no traces of life anywhere.

It was already after two in the morning. And on the barren street, only a strikingly icy wind blew across. There were no signs of vehicles around either!

However, almost suddenly, a black van came from a distance and it stopped at the bank of the river.

Two people got down from the car, and they carefully looked at their surroundings before quickly dragging something out from the van.

One man urged, "Stop dawdling! Boss said to get rid of this woman as quickly as possible."

The other man forlornly said, "Tsk… It's a pity for us to drown such a good-looking one, don't you think so, Third Brother"

"Don't think that I don't know what you want to do. Put away your lustful heart for now. Move quickly and throw her down. After we've finished this job and get the money, you can have all the women you want."

"Okay, okay. Don't rush me, I know. Third Brother… The person who wanted her dead… is r—really… her fiancé"

"Are you looking for a beating Don't ask what you shouldn't ask. Hurry, put her in the sack, and tie it up with the stones!"

"Ah, understood…"

Rong Yan's face and body were soft and weak, but her consciousness was wide awake. She could hear the men's conversation, but her body could not move.

Their conversation made her feel like she had fallen into an ice cave…




An hour ago, she was still in the bar with her 'fiancé' and best friend to celebrate their marriage that was supposed to take place a week after. She was incredibly elated at the thought that she could finally be with the person she loved.

A little while later, her best friend accompanied her to the bathroom… and from then on, she did not know what had happened next.

After she had regained her consciousness, her last moments' thoughts… revolved around how she felt desolation and despair after the world betrayed her.

Rong Yan did not understand. What happened to the love they had before and the love they had now… Why did she end up in such a predicament

Rong Yan felt her body being put into a rough sack, and next, she felt a rope being wrapped all around her with stones tied on each end.

They then hoisted her into the air, with the stones weighing her down. The two men shouted, "One… Two… Three. Throw!"

With a heave, they threw the sack into the icy river water and it made a huge splash. The piercing icy water slowly overwhelmed Rong Yan; it gushed into her mouth, nose, and ears… the breath of death enveloped her and the darkness grew heavier.

Rong Yan thought that she would die this time.

But, after the long darkness, she opened her eyes again.

She was lying in a shabby rented house. Looking around, the place she was at looked both familiar and unfamiliar. Rong Yan pinched herself hard. Wasn't this the house she rented two years ago

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Why was she here

There was a desk calendar on the table at the head of the bed. The date on it was March 2011…

A thought flashed past Rong Yan's mind. She survived… She came back from the dead and returned to two years ago…

Rong Yan sat on the single bed and was in a daze for a long time.

She suddenly burst out laughing, but as she laughed, tears fell from her eyes.

With tears seeping from it, her eyes held a cruel and cold gaze. It was even colder than the river, like an evil spirit climbing out of Hell. That reckless madness was for what was coming next—


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