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Please Permit Me To Love You Forever Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: The Hurt Her Mother Caused (2)

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“Youre too scary. Youre not human at all.”

Rong Yan leaned against the mottled wall and gave a sneer. Blood ties were not the strongest bond in this world after all.

Her mother and sister would even sell her for money just to save themselves.

This was her family. There were five of them; two had blood ties with her, and yet they wanted to exchange her for money; while the remaining had no blood ties with her, and yet knew how to do justice for her.

Rong Yan sneered. Mother and daughter. Hmph... So in her mothers heart, she had a spot for her second daughter, Rong Jia, and yet none for Rong Yan. Only she and Rong Jia were mother and daughter.

What she didnt hear in her last life, she was hearing it all now.

Why was the treatment so different when they were both her daughters

A wave of unprecedented anger rose in Rong Yans heart. She hated all of them.

With a loud bang, Rong Yan kicked open the door and the room suddenly turned quiet. She glanced coldly at Yang Yans mean face.

Yang Yan shuddered. She didnt have a close bond with her eldest daughter since she was a child, and Yang Yan didnt like her because of her scheming personality.

Rong Nuo was stunned for a while before she hurriedly went to push Rong Yan outside. “Big Sister, go to work quickly. Dont come back anymore.”

Rong Yan patted Rong Nuos hand and asked her to move back. Taking out the bank card loaded with five hundred thousand dollars, she handed it to Rong Shenghai. “This is five hundred thousand dollars. Dad, pay your debts with it. Dont listen to peoples nonsense in the future and work properly. There is no free lunch in this world.”

Ignoring the surprised looks on their faces, she continued, “And... from today onwards, I wont enter this house again and I wont give you any more money. All of you have nothing to do with me.”

Rong Yan had enough. If she continued to stay in this house, her heartless mother would still eventually sell her off.

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At first, Yang Yan was happy that she was finally debt-free. But after hearing Rong Yans words, she screamed, “What do you mean youre not giving us any more money Did I raise you for nothing You ungrateful child! Did someone feed your heart to the dogs Im your mother and Jiajia is your sister. What do you want us to do”

Rong Yan smirked. “Mother Which mother would want to push her own daughter into the fire pit and sell her to a pervert Yang Yan, dont appear in front of me in the future. I havent taken a cent of this family ever since I was in high school. You should know in your heart how much money I have given you all these years. I have already paid back what I owed. And Rong Jia, I have nothing to do with her from today onwards. If you dont know what to do, then just die. Or maybe, you can sell Rong Jia off.”

Yang Yans face was red as she glared at Rong Yan. She wanted to open her mouth, but could not get a word out.

“Thats all I have to say. I have something on, so Ill get going.”

She had just stepped out of the door when she heard Yang Yans cries. “You heartless, ungrateful animal! What sins have I done in my past life to have a daughter like you”

Rong Yan looked up and went down the stairs with her chin raised. This time, she went from one darkness to another. When was she able to meet her salvation

“Sister, Big Sister...”

Rong Nuo came up from behind. Taking Rong Yans hand, she bit her lip, and tears brimmed in her eyes. “Big Sister, a-are you really not coming back to his house in the future”



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