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Chapter 13: Summoning (3)

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Rong Yan was very conscientious. When she came close to the man, her body turned soft like a snake. She snuggled into his arms in a well-behaved manner.

After being with Liancheng Yazhi for some time, Rong Yan found out that he liked obedient and sensible women. So, for the sake of his... money, she did not mind pretending. Having lived two lives, she did not have to think too much about these kinds of things.

Liancheng Yazhis hand slid along Rong Yans soft waist and that nice feeling made him feel slightly satisfied. It was just that he was slightly unhappy with her words. “Hmm”

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Rong Yan felt his displeasure and immediately said, “You are my financier and within the period that Im with you, I wont have any contact with any man other than you.”

Liancheng Yazhi frowned. “Whats that smell on you”

“Its perfume. You dont like it Ill wash it off right away...” Rong Yan quickly stood up and ran into the bathroom. To be a good mistress, she had to learn about his preferences in the dark since this man was difficult to serve. For example, she found that he hated women who had any artificial fragrance on themselves.

Rong Yan took a quick bath. It was only after she had bathed that she realized she had no spare clothes to change into. She could only wrap a bath towel around her chest and the area above her buttocks and went out with her hair dripping wet!

After their interaction in the past few days, Rong Yan already knew how to quickly arouse Liancheng Yazhis interest towards her. He liked to see her well-behaved but a little bit cunning; and also wanted her to be pure and charming as well.

She coyly called out to him, “Mr. Liancheng...”

Liancheng Yazhi turned around and his eyes that fell on her suddenly darkened.

He picked up Rong Yan in a rough manner, and he threw her onto the bed under her surprised cry.

Rong Yan knew that Liancheng Yazhi wanted women to serve him, so he was very stingy regarding being gentle during sex. But he was even stingier about his feelings. He would not give women any extra glance and attention.

All throughout, Rong Yan had suffered a lot, but she also gradually gained experience from being taken advantage of. When faced with Liancheng Yazhi in the long run, she would try to make herself relax, so she would suffer less.

But this time, Liancheng Yazhi pulled the bath towel off her body, put his hands on both sides of her head, and just stared at her. He did not do anything else.

This surprised Rong Yan. In the past, Liancheng Yazhi would get to business within ten minutes. He was also very stingy about his time.

Women were his playthings and they were dispensable condiments in his life. It would be a waste if he were to give them more of his time.

But what was wrong with him today

“Mr. Liancheng...” Rong Yan was very uncomfortable being stared at so she tried to call out.

Perhaps it was because of nervousness, her voice trembled a little and her soft voice sounded crisp, like a hand stroking his heart.

Liancheng Yazhi slightly narrowed his eyes. After enduring for such a long time, he broke because of her words. Damn it.

His originally still body suddenly bent down and kissed Rong Yans eyes, and it was like a super typhoon that had swept Rong Yans body in an instant.

After the storm, the air was full of a languid and gorgeous scent.

Rong Yan laid on the huge bed, wrapped loosely in a mens shirt that just covered her buttocks. Her fair legs were shaking as she raised the cheque in her hand to ask Liancheng Yazhi.

“Mr. Liancheng, is this a severance payment, or an extra bonus especially given for my good service”

“You dont want it”



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