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Chapter 15: Summoning (5)

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Rong Yan knew her position very well. A mistress was a mistress, a third party that should never be acknowledged in public.

She needed to know self-consciousness and not think about things she shouldnt think about.

Her only goal was to satisfy her sugar daddy and get more money from him.

She only wanted money. Everything else had nothing to do with her.

Rong Yans red lips curled up as she blew at the cheque.

“You can rest easy. As a mistress, I know my place. When I see her, Ill walk around her with my head bowed and never look her in the eye. Mr. Liancheng, dont worry. Im a paid professional after all.”

Liancheng Yazhi suddenly asked, “Rong Yan, do you not want to become the Liancheng familys young mistress”

Liancheng Yazhi stared at Rong Yan through the thin smoke. She was smiling at the cheque like a little fox that stole a farm chicken, her expression filled with mischievousness, happiness, and even contentment...

He never thought that he would be able to maintain his under the table relationship with Rong Yan for nearly three months. But he still hated and despised this woman who had schemed to sleep with him for money.

Their relationship was very simple. It was a straight-forward and simple sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship.

However, Rong Yan was not like the other women who had looked at him with greedy and scheming eyes.

This woman was very simple. She only wanted money and only recognized money. She was an unbearably vulgar woman.

However, spending time with her was extremely simple. They enter the room, do it, and he would give her money.

Once they were out of the room, Rong Yan didnt know a man called Liancheng Yazhi and never ever made trouble for him.

That was why the extremely picky Liancheng Yazhi didnt want to end this relationship too quickly either.

After all, there werent a lot of women who simply wanted money.

She was extremely careful when facing him at first, but later on, she became flexible and controlled herself rather well. The change was notably big, and she felt like a rather interesting person.

Besides, she was in her most beautiful and youthful age, while he had unlimited money for her to spend. This was a perfect transaction where they both got what they wanted. So, what was there against it

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Rong Yan put the cheque into her bag like she was holding a precious item. She then smiled coyly as she jumped off the bed and ran bare-footed towards Liancheng Yazhi to sit on his lap. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pouted and coyly said, “I do. Why wont I But I know myself. I know the meaning of one being unable to get both the fish and the bear paw at the same time. Besides, as the bear paw, Mr. Liancheng is already a very powerful person. I dont want to end up with nothing in the end.”

She faked a sad sigh. “With others, speaking about money will hurt the relationship. But with you, speaking about feelings will hurt the money. Sigh. This is really hard.”

Rong Yan rolled her eyes in her mind.Hmph, Liancheng familys Young Mistress Even if every woman in this world died, it will never be hers.

She wasnt foolish enough to play tricks to keep Liancheng Yazhi, for he doesnt belong to any woman. This man was heartless. Even if it was Song Rouran, it was only because he needed a fiancée that he could show off to the public, and Song Rouran fit the role.

Things that dont belong to you will never belong to you no matter how hard you try. This truth was something Rong Yan only understood in her previous life.

Besides... their beginning started in a dirty way.

Everyone started with a dark scheme and transaction. There wasnt any addition of sunlight, so... A legendary love flower would never bloom between them.

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