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Chapter 16: Summoning (6)

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That was why... The safest thing in this world that was with no expiration date would only be money. She was a materialistic and opportunistic woman. She didnt want a man or love, because she only wanted... money.

Liancheng Yazhi casually pressed the cigarette bud in the ashtray as undeniable ridicule appeared on his expression.

People liked intelligent women, but sometimes, they were rather annoying.

“Rong Yan, youre indeed a woman with self-consciousness.”

Liancheng Yazhi rarely called Rong Yan by her name because she didnt deserve it. However, he had accidentally blurted out her name from time to time, especially when he was angry, like he was right now.

But whenever her name leaves his mouth, it would sound very sentimental, as if he was the only one worthy of calling her name.

Rong Yan rested her head on Liancheng Yazhis shoulder and pulled a coy look. One of her hands playful tapped his shoulder as if she was playing the piano.

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She leaned closer towards Liancheng Yazhis ear and blew into it. “That is why Mr. Liancheng must not give me hope. I also am greedy. What if one day, I suddenly want to grab a rich man like you and do something I shouldnt do What will happen then”

Liancheng Yazhi narrowed his eyes as heat surged in his black, sparkling eyes. However, his expression remained as calm as ever.

If she hadnt spent some time with this man and found out about his changes and habits, Rong Yan would really think that he was not attracted to her at all.

Rong Yan blinked at first. She then pulled an innocent, doe-eye look at him as she complained softly.

“Mr. Liancheng, how can you be like this Weve already played past our allotted time for tonight. Im exhausted too, so I should get off work now.”

However, what she didnt know was the more she acted that way, the more the man wanted to ravish her crazily and shatter her naivety.

Liancheng Yazhi never understood why Rong Yans eyes could remain so innocent and clean when she had such a greedy heart filled with money and gold.

Liancheng Yazhi grabbed her chin, putting some force as his lips curled into a cruel, cold smile. “You will have a lot of rest time after today.”

It meant that after that night, he would not summon her again for a long time. Hence, there was no need for her to rest at the time being and they would only end their playdate after it completely satisfied him.

Rong Yans skin was great. It was fairer and smoother than most people. She also exuded a faint fragrance. It was not a man-made fragrance, but a fragrance that exuded from within her. This was something Liancheng Yazhi could never get sick of.

He enjoyed leaving red mark after mark on Rong Yans skin, like he was branding them on.

After he had done branding, she was his.

Rong Yans last memory of that day was that she was so sleepy that her eyelids couldnt even open anymore. However, mentally, she was extremely conscious.

She heard Liancheng Yazhi lean down and inched near her ear to say, “Rong Yan, youre a vixen.”

Hearing this, a smile appeared on Rong Yans lips before she blacked out and fell asleep.

Actually, she wanted to tell Liancheng Yazhi these:

Darling, if I wasnt a vixen, how would I be able to trick you

If I wasnt a vixen, how would I be able to climb into your bed

If I wasnt a vixen, how would I be able to do such a lowly thing

Haha... She was just a vixen, a woman bad to the core and would go down to hell after she died.

No. She had already died once, but she didnt go to hell. The heavens must be blind to let her come back and ruin another...



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