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Chapter 18: Hate (1)

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She exuded an abstinent beauty from head to toe. When people saw her, their hearts would itch in desire from being able to see her, but unable to touch her.

It was Liancheng Yazhis first time seeing Rong Yan dressed that way. The moment he saw her, he had all his attention on her only.

Slightly frustrated, he thought that this woman was indeed a little vixen.

When Rong Yan turned around, she saw her sugar daddy standing in the gloomy night. She sauntered over to Liangcheng Yazhi with small steps and immediately hugged his arm intimately. She pulled a charming smile at him. “Mr. Liancheng Yazhi, when did you arrive Why didnt you call me You made me wait here for so long.”

Even if her sugar daddy might change after that night, Rong Yan still had to do her last shift properly and responsibly before anything happened. She needed to be a professional mistress.

Liancheng Yazhi wasnt in the least pleased as he reached out to take the documents Assistant Gao was holding and pushed them into Rong Yans arms.

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“I just arrived... This is the information of the customer today. Read it now. Dont cause any problems.”

“Dont worry. There definitely wouldnt be any issues. Oh right, is this counted as a part-time job” Rong Yan suppressed the bitterness growing within her as she waved the document and smiled carelessly.

Liancheng Yazhi said a word stingily “Yes.”

Rong Yan bargained, “Then Mr. Liancheng must give me a salary.”

There was a hint of ridicule in Liancheng Yazhis smile, and he moved his hand to grab Rong Yans chin. “What can you think of apart from money”

“Apart from money... I cant seem to talk about any other things with you. Didnt I say two days ago that talking about money with others will hurt the relationship, but talking about feelings with you will hurt the money Im not so foolish.”

She was always straightforward with him that she only wanted him for the money and not for him as a person.

This made Liancheng Yazhi feel rather... helpless.

He had always hated those types of women, but a woman like Rong Yan gave him... the desire to conquer her. He suddenly wanted to see Rong Yan crawl at his feet like any other woman who liked him.

This sudden thought immensely surprised Liancheng Yazhi. He immediately collected his thoughts and said coldly, “Ive never seen such a materialistic woman like you.”

With that said, Liancheng Yazhi casually threw a necklace at Rong Yan. It was as if he was throwing a cheap necklace sold in the streets that only had dozens of dollars worth.

It wasnt enclosed in an exquisite packaging or box, but then again, that wasnt important. What was, though, was that the necklace was definitely worth at least five million. Just the red ruby sitting at the center of the necklace was already a rare and fine item.

Rong Yan instantly narrowed her eyes and then pulled a bright smile. And as the same as any materialistic woman, she exclaimed, “Wow, thank you Mr. Liancheng. Ive been eying this necklace for a long time, but since its too expensive, I couldnt bring myself to buy it. Youre a really nice guy.”

Rong Yan ignored his attitude as she instantly and happily stood on her toes after seeing that diamond necklace. She pecked at the corner of Liancheng Yazhis lips to express her gratitude.


The woman only smiled like this when she saw money and jewelry. She was really a materialistic woman blinded by money. Liancheng Yazhi hummed coldly as he rested his hand on Rong Yans waist and pinched it intimately.

Rong Yan wriggled her waist with a soft gasp. “Annoying... Were outside.”

Her coy voice made Liancheng Yazhi even more unhappy. He even had the urge to take her away.

He wanted to grab Rong Yan and kiss her ruthlessly.



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